Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Victoria's Secret

Today my dear friends, Is a very special Dear...... Letter day.  In my neverending quest of world domination standing up for all Plus Size Women, I embarked on an email to the store of the beautiful small body women, Victoria's Secret.
Here is the email that I sent them...some things have been changed to protect the innocent me.

--Original Message--
From: dazeedreamer@xxxxxxxxxxx.com
Date: 4/27/2011 3:21:02 PM
Subject: Comments, Questions or Suggestions
From: Dazee Dreamer
Email: dazeedreamer@xxxxxxxxxxx.com
Order Number:  There is no order number, duh

Comments: I wish that you had a Victoria Secrets Plus Size store. I would love to buy your bra's and underwear, and sleepwear. Heck I would love to buy it all. Just because I wear a Size ? Bra doesn't mean I don't like the frilly stuff. I think you are losing a ton of money because you only like the small women. Please think about it. Thanks

Guess what?  They replied.  I was dazed and shocked.  Here is their reply.  Read it and Weep

Dear Dazee,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding our selection of sizes.  We apologize for any disappointment this may have caused.

At this time there are no plans to extend our size range beyond 16 or XL.  However, we assure you that your specific comments have been forwarded to the proper department.  We appreciate your comments and take them seriously.  In fact, customer suggestions and comments often provide direction for changes in future merchandise and services.

If we can assist you further, please reply to this e-mail or call anytime.

Dazee, we thank you for your interest in Victoria’s Secret.  We hope you will grant us the opportunity to serve you in the future.

Indea L.
VictoriasSecret.com Customer Service

Visit http://www.victoriassecret.com/
Phone 1.800.475.1935 or (outside the U.S. and Canada) 1.937.438.4197
Fax 1.937.438.4290

And as further rejection they send this little thing at the bottom of the email.
(those rats)
Gorgeous was meant for you! Our New! Gorgeous Push-Up Bra is padded for extreme lift and can be worn 4 different ways. With super soft padding, peek-a-boo cutouts, and a hint of eye-catching sheen, comfort never looked so good! Get Gorgeous with us by clicking on the link below or by 'copying and pasting' into the address line of your browser.
I clicked said browser and these were the cute bra's not meant for me.

I didn't reply back, but now, in the true style of Dazee's Dear..... Letters, here is how I would reply. 

Dear Victoria's Secret.  Thank you for replying to my email.  I have come up with a great name for your new Plus Size store.  Are you ready?
Victoria's Other Secret
I am a very successful blogger with thousands of followers small time blogger, but I think with my willpower and determination, I could send out the battle cry

Love, Dazee

Seize the moment and email Victoria's Secret. 
Now, believe me, if their new store name gets out, and I don't get paid for it, I will know that you all are trying to take the credit.  When you call or email them, be sure to tell them Dazee sent you. :)


  1. You crack me up! Good luck with your campaign!!

  2. May I serve as your Seargent of Arms? I could really use one of their push-up bras...a bra that would push my boobs up from my waist to the center of my chest...where they are supposed to be!

    Great post! Kudos for writing to them!

  3. OH I could not agree more.. VIctoria's Secret needs to upgrade their sizes

  4. It's a bitch when our secrets are bigger than Victoria's.

  5. I'll tell you this, if I don't get off my ass and lose soem weight, I'm going to be wearing one of those cute little bras soon.
    Good luck with your campaigning! Love the letter. m.

  6. Good for you kiddo! I think they should do that very thing. It's a big market- no pun intended.

  7. Haha - I love that you did this....

  8. I love it, but my children may lose their minds when mama comes home with a demi push up in leopard!

  9. You go girl! And those garments don't fit anyone except size 2 to zero. Ridiculous. Most of the time, it's us older, fatter versions of hotness that have all the money anyway.

  10. Yeah! Go girl! And do their stores all have to smell so good too?!...

    er...not that I smell.


    Damn them.

  11. I agree: bloggers unite! I went shopping with my mom at Lulu Lemon. She wanted to buy one of their cute hoodies. They only make them up to a size 12!!! Really? Because Size 14 and above want to wear hoodies too! I say we take these MOFOs down! I just read somewhere that bloggers have an influence in the brand popularity!

  12. I love this. Just read a bunch of your Dear... letters and am cracking up!

  13. I looove all you're 'Dear... Letters' they make my day. This one is a personal fave.

    I have a different problem... I'm too big for a B and too small for a C... I want a store for in between boobs! It could be called "Just a Smidge" and make cute and comfy bras especially for women that don't have traditional boobage or need sizes like a 38A 32D or 34C <--hardest sizes to find EVER.

  14. Victoria's Other Secret is the perfect name. I am cheering you on, Dazee. Go get 'em!!!

  15. Great letter! Us big girls with big girls need some pretty stuff too. It should be called Victoria's BIG Secret :)

  16. Go you Dazee!! You show them!!