Monday, April 8, 2013

And Then I Ended Up In The ER

My, what a lovely shot of my feet.

Have you ever been going along fine in your life, take a nap, and then wake up with a pain in your right side like you have trapped gas?  What?  You don't.  Ok, never mind.

I am not one to just go to a doctor.  I figure if it's "trapped gas", it will work itself out sooner or later.  I got said gas on a Tuesday.  Dealt with it,  sometimes it was worse other times it was better.  Friday comes along.  My darling daughter comes to talk to me.  I'm having a bad moment.  She of course is all concerned (gosh, I raised her well), and asks me if I'm ok.  I said I was fine.  Then she says the words I will never in my life forget.....

"I'm going to go tell dad"

Noooooooooooo.   She is pulling the I'm telling dad card on me!!!!!!  What the!!!!  They make me call my doctor, who tells me to "get yourself to the emergency room honey bunny".  Yeah, cuz she is cool like that.

This is where the fun and excitement begins.  Mr Dazee decides that I deserve to be taken to the newest hospital in the city.  They have like 100 emergency rooms.  The problem is, I don't think they have that many doctors.  But I digress.  We get there at 5:30 pm.  They take my name and tell us to wait.  We go into the crowded room and wait, and wait, and wait.  Lady sits down next to us and continues to barf.  Joy.  They finally call my name.  Get me registered and tell us to go sit in the other part of the waiting area.  Another person calls me in and gets all the info, "why are you here", blah, blah, blah.  Sends us back out to the waiting room.  Eight o'clock comes.  We are still sitting in the waiting area.  A nurse comes out and says, it could be another 2 hour wait.  What the......  Mr Dazee calls the hospital, THAT IS CLOSEST TO OUR HOUSE, and is also pretty new.  Much to our surprise, there is no one in the waiting room.  

Needless to say, we go there, I get right in.  We are put into the room, where I'm asked to get rid of my clothes, because, well, I think they just like naked bodies, and we wait.  FINALLY, Doogie Howser, the doctor comes into the room.  He is going to come back and do an ultrasound of my gallbladder.  S.a.w.e.e.t.....  We wait.  

Now, when you are having a pain in the whole right side of your body, and they stick the ultrasound thingy on your body, it hurts.  Damn him.  Finally gets done and says, "well you have some "old" gallstones, but when I push on your gallbladder you don't have pain.  It's in a different area.  We are going to have to send you in for a CT Scan".  I at this time start seeing and hearing the money machine start to cha-ching.  Get all that done, wait for Doogie to come back in and tell us all the results.

I have some issues peeps.  My liver thinks it has been an alcohlic or intravenous drug user.  But alas, having diabetes also causes your liver to think that way.  Apparently, I'm going to need a biopsy to see what is really going on.  Oh, and as Doogie said when he walked in the room, you have a small cyst on your kidney.  Whilst thinking small as in maybe the size of a quarter, he shows us with his hand the a shape like an avacado.  Small my butt.  Even the CT report that we got a copy of from the Radiologist called it a large cyst.  Oh Doogie, you are a silly, silly man.  

So all in all, I guess my daughter "telling" on me was good.  Except now, my family doesn't believe me when I say I'm feeling good.  I get the "what is your pain level" question everyday from each of them.  

I usually don't like people to know what ails me.  But I promised a reason behind the photo.  

Now, I'm on my way to have a word with mother nature.  It was raining, but alas it has now turned to snow.  The witch.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Questions That Really Make You Think

I know, I know.  I've been away much too long.  There is a reason for that, but I will tell you about that later.

While getting caught up on my blog reading, I came across these questions that Joey at Joey's Pad had posted on his blog.  They weren't your normal, what is your favorite color questions, they were ones that really made you think about life.  Thanks for the questions Joey.

Are you proud of your country, if so why and if not why?
I am glad that I live in the United States.  Some things I'm proud of, and others I'm not.  I'm glad that I have the freedom to think and do what I want.  I'm not proud of the fact that others don't think that I have a voice, or because of certain situations, I'm a "lazy, good for nothing" person taking advantage of the government.  I believe that people have the right to own guns, but I don't think that massive assault weapons should be allowed to be sold or owned.  There, I said it.  Hate me if you want.

What have you given back to the world you live in and/or what do you intend to give in your life time?
Wow, this is an intense question.  I would say that I've given people the shoulder they need to cry on, and laughter.  Oh wait, what have I given the world.  I'm but a tiny speck of dust in the world.  I would love to say that I have made a difference to the world, but I haven't.

Are you afraid of death?
I would be lying if I said I wasn't afraid of death.  Most of the time, I'm ok with it, but then  I read things, and it makes me think more and more.  I do believe that there is life after death, and I will be with loved ones again.  I just can't seem to wrap my head around that when we die, we are gone forever.  I guess I'm not making sense here.  With all the billions and billions of people in this world and others, are we just spirits for ever, or is there really reincarnation, where we keep coming back.  If you really sit and think about it, it gets too heavy.

If you were to meet God in real life what would you do?
I would ask why there are so many rotten murderers, child molesters, thieves, abusive men and women, allowed to just keep getting away with their crimes.  I'm over the whole "we will not be given more than we can handle" saying.  You can't tell me that a 2 year old that is being sexually abused is being "tested".  Nope, nada.  Not in my lifetime.

Would you want to make the future not mysterious?
Not necessarily.  I want to look forward to things.  It makes it more exciting.

Will you stand up for banning capital punishment, if not why?
I believe in capital punishment.  I don't believe that someone that has murdered someone, without question, should have 15 years of appeals.  I'm sure their victims appealed for their life, but not for years.  I believe that they should be given one appeal, within, oh maybe 6 months, and then if it doesn't go through, out they go.  I don't want my taxes to go to keep someone in prison for the rest of their life, with 3 meals a day, free college education, and laughing at everyone that they have hurt.

What would you like to be if given a choice - king, an elected ruler or a fascist?
Hmmmm.   I would love to be queen, but only because I would get to be very rich, without having to earn it, and ride around waving at people all day.  I would never be an elected leader.  Everyone thinks they would be so much better than you.  If they are so much better, run for the office and put your money where your mouth is.  Fascist?  No freaking way, by definition of it is,
Extreme right-wing authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.
In what I can see running rampant around this county, there are too many of these types of people.

Would you like to be like somebody?  If so why and if not why?
Not really.  I'm good with who I am, and what I represent.

Do you think emotions are for weaklings?  If not why?
I do not think that emotions are for weaklings.  If you have them, you are a real person.  If you don't, get out of my face.  Don't be judging me for mine.

What in your opinion is the reason for the misery in the world?
I hate to say it but I think religion plays a lot in the misery of the world.  "my religion is better then your religion".  NO....IT.....ISN'T.....!!!!!  So many political wars going on in the world.  Why?  Aren't we all human?  You can't come through the Gaza Strip because you are not the right religion?  Get over yourselves.  As long as you are doing good and charitable things, who cares what God you believe in, or if you don't believe in a higher power.

If there is another life, what would you want to be, male or female?
Hmmmm, interesting question.  I think I would still want to be a female.  There is nothing like feeling a little human being doing flip flops in your belly.  Or being able to cry during a sad movie, jumping up and down for joy when you hear exciting news from your children.  Who knows tho, maybe in my next life I will come back as a man.  You never know.

I hope that these questions got you thinking.  I would love to see what your answers would be.  We are all different, and have our own ideals, but just remember.  WE ARE ALL ALLOWED TO THINK WHAT WE THINK, AND NOT BE BROUGHT DOWN FOR THOSE SAME IDEALS.

Oh, and just to wet your whistle, here is a picture of me.  From a couple of weeks ago.
I know, the suspense is going to kill you.  mwaa-haa-haa