Monday, January 30, 2012

Dazee's Dreamfest - Du-Du-Du-Du Edition

You guys are in for a real, ummmm, crazy dream post.  Twilight Zone type dreams I tell ya.  Read on at your own risk.  bwaa-ha-ha

You Can Do What?
Lets begin with the most recent.  I headed to the pharmacy department in a huge mall/college type place.  I ask the pharmacist if she has any GARLIC CLOVES.  She gives me a strange look and then goes to her shelf, comes back to me bringing some honeycomb type things in a jar.  She says she doesn't have the ones I'm looking for, but will make me some up.  What the?  Over at her "mixing" area, she takes out a witches type "drink the blood out of the scary looking metal drinking glass" and puts the said items into it first.  Next she adds some "special ingredients" and sparks start shooting out of the thing.  All the while she is stirring it with her magic wand.  

My Analysis
I was looking for Garlic Cloves yesterday while shopping for groceries.  Plus, the night before, I was watching Wizards of Waverly Place (shut up)  Could not find the cloves.  Brain was having a hard time comprehending this.

Hey, Whose That?
One night I dreamed that I was getting off the freeway.  I was sitting in the line waiting for the light to turn green.  All of the sudden, my daughter-in-law drove by in the other turn lane in my son's car.  He was right behind her in a car that I didn't recognize.  All of the sudden, I see my son jump out of his car, with a gas can in his hand and he is RUNNING to the closest gas station, leaving his car just sitting there.  I text the D-I-L asking what is going on.  She tells me that her car just all of the sudden stopped running.  I said to her, "why didn't he just push your car off the freeway with his car".  No idea.

My Analysis
Two days later, I get a text from my D-I-L that my son's car is totally broken down and so they have to get her car fixed (they have just been driving his to save money). It will be cheaper to get hers fixed than getting his car fixed.  Her brother-in-law is going to fix her car, but while he is, HE HAS LENT THEM HIS CAR TO DRIVE UNTIL IT GETS DONE.  
Remember, he was driving a car in my dream that I had never seen before. 
Yeah, I know.

Get Out Of Here!!!!! 
By far the scariest dream I've had in the last few weeks is this one.  My kids were little, and all of the sudden they were screaming.  It woke me up and I went tearing into their room to find out what was wrong.  They were holding each other, and crying and saying, "there is a ghost in our room".  I was like, no there isn't.  They start pointing and say screaming, "then what is that", pointing behind me.  I turn around, and there is a dark, ghostly apparition behind me.  I start screaming at it to leave my kids alone.  The thing starts to approach me.  It grabs on to my arms and pushes me down on the bed, holding me down, and not letting go.  

I actually woke myself up by screaming for Mr. Dazee
I didn't want to open my eyes for fear of what I might see.  I look over at my clock and it is 2:37 am.  I then get really weirded out because I've watched Paranormal State and they are always saying that between 3 and 4 am is the "witching hour".  I wouldn't even get out of bed to use the bathroom, even tho I had to go badly, for fear of the unknown.

My Analysis
I believe there is good and bad spirits around.  I just don't want them in my house.  To even make this a more Du-du-du-du- moment is this past saturday night, a few nights after this dream, Miss L and Miss A were having a sleepover, even tho they live downstairs.  I sent Miss L down to get their jammies.  When she came back up, she sat down next to me and said, "Grammie, when I was going down the stairs, I heard someone laughing".  
I just said, maybe it was someone on the TV, trying to think of what we were watching. 

As I've said before, when I have dreams that I remember, I think back to what I was doing that day to figure out what my sub-conscience is trying to reconcile.   Sometimes, I know they are trying to tell me things, to prepare me.  It's happened one too many times.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Unknown

Jenny Matlock

I'm finally getting back to linking up with Jenny Matlocks Saturday Centus.  She gives us a prompt,  of which I put in blue, and tells us how many words we can use.  This week we get 100, plus the 8 in the prompt.    Also this week, Nonna, one of the ever faithful Centus people supplied the prompt, since Jenny thinks she has to move and stuff.  


Caitlin and Seth had just walked through the old cemetery.  “We need to find out about some of these unknown grave markers”, Caitlin said.  “Whatever you say”, Seth grumbled, as they walked to the Caretakers office.

We know where all the bodies are buried”, Caitlin told him, “but is there any way we can find out who they might be”?

The Caretaker grunted as he pulled out the old, dusty ledgers.

They both got busy looking through the ledgers when Seth heard Caitlin take in a sharp breath.  With a pale face she looked at Seth and said, “you will never guess who I just found”.......

What a great week for Nonna to come up with that prompt.  I took this photo at an old cemetery just a couple of weeks ago.  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frack, I Might Have To Hurt Someone

Are you ready?  I know that I am.  Grab the Frack button over there and come on back and link up your gripes.  Should be a good time for all.

Dear Teenage Rodeo Champion Dude At Walmart.

Gosh, it was so nice that you ventured up to the Big City.  You and your girlfriend were mighty cute.  Can I just mention one little tiny thing?  NEXT TIME LEAVE YOUR MOM AND DAD AT HOME!!!!  Your dad was fracken obnoxious.  Talking so loud in his pretend British accent.  We could hear him all over the store.  I understand he was so proud of his baby, but really, leave him home.

Speaking of People of Walmart

Dear Mom with your little clicky boots.
What the frack girl.  Walking heel to toe so you could hear the "clicking" of your boots.  Are you still in high school.  Stop it.  Your daughter was embarrassed.  Get over yourself.

Dear Order Takers Everywhere.
I know you are doing your job.  I know that you watched me come in, WITH NO ONE ELSE.  I ordered 6 dollar items and a large fry.  I DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING TO DRINK.  Please, for the love of frack, don't ask me if this is to stay or to go.  You are giving me a complex.  I might look like I can eat all of that, but in reality, no, no I can't.  And if I were going to STAY THERE AND EAT IT, don't you think I would need a beverage to wash it all down.  Sheesh

Dear El Fatto Matto.
I double fracken hate you.  That is all.
(name changed to protect the non-innocent)

Now, on to a really super sad frack.  

Dear Readers
On December 24, 2011, Christmas Eve, this adorable family was hit by a driver that decided to reach down and pick up his cell phone.  Mom and dad were hurt critically, older son had cuts and bruises, and the baby.  Well, he didn't make it.  The media has not mentioned the fracken idiots name that hit them.  I think they fear someone will hunt him down and hurt him.  

I have been following the mom's blog.  She has been writing about everything that has happened, starting with the day of the accident.  My heart goes out to this family.  Here is the link to the first post of the accident.  If you go read it, Please start with this link and work your way through NEWER POSTS.  

Now, I am including the following link that the site that posts about fundraisers and updates of the family started.  

Warning, this shows parts of the funeral of little Colum.  His mom and dad could not leave the hospital due to all their injuries, so it was held in the chapel at the hospital.  It is very powerful, and I have never seen anything like it.  I just thought I would include it so people will realize that when they are driving, they need to know, if they happen to be a stupid fracken idiot, they can and will kill precious little lives.  

Please, always let your loved ones know how much you love them and appreciate them every day of your lives.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Spy - Date(s)

Welcome to my nightmare joy, the time that me and Christy's Mad Minds get together to show off our photos and HOPEFULLY see yours.  

Our super hard meme is as follows.  We give you 2 prompts every week.  This weeks prompts are Date(s) and Your Choice.  No really, that's all.  You can take them with whatever type of camera you want.  All we ask is that you please join our little meme fun.   Also, remember, let your imagination go wild.  Dates can mean anything, calendars or a date you went on.  Try to think like my crazy mind.  It will be terrifying but also lots of fun.


Remember when I went with Vicki on our Road Trip.   Well, there were so many old, old grave markers that I was going clicking happy.  

This one is of a 2 year old boy

The saying at the bottom is kind of hard to read but it says
"Earth has one pure spirit less
Heaven one inmate more"

This one was so awesome.  Look at the date on it.

In one of the ghost towns she drove me through, we happened upon this hospital site marker.

Also in the cemetery there were all these grave markers.  They marked where people are buried, but no names or dates.  I found that incredibly sad.  They were all over the place.


Last Sunday, January 22, 2012, We had a snow storm.  Much to our surprise, it didn't hit the whole city.  We drove approximately 5 miles from our street and this is what it looked like.

Now, take a gander at our home. 

And we wonder why the weather people can never get it right.  hmmmmm

Next weeks prompts

Glass(s) 2/2/12
Your Choice

Future prompts
Road(s)  2/9/12
Shadows 2/16/12
Frozen 2/23/12

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh No She Di'int

Friends, Romans Enemies & Countrymen, lend me your eyes.  

My mind is all a'twitter with thoughts today.  So, being the kind, generous, thoughtful soul that I am, I will be sharing them with you.  

First of all, you really need to go check out Opto-Mom's Unvirtual Reality.  She just started a new blog where she will tell us in her own words all about what is happening in the Reality World.  Right now she is discussing The Bachelor.  I don't watch this show, because well, he makes out with everyone.  Ick.  I don't want to watch that.  But I am IN THE KNOW because I read her blog.  She freaking cracks me up.  Go on over and check her out.  The link I made is for last weeks show.  oh my.  Be ready to LOL.

Moving on
Last summer I took this shot of a cake at our local Smiths (Kroger).  My daughter-in-law was with me and we both gave each other that "look of WTH"?
Whatever it is, I sent it off to the Cake Wrecks website and I'm still hoping they use it.  Because really, there is nothing like a bikini with whip cream and a cherry on top that begs to be eaten.  

Lastly, but certainly the biggest travesty of the day is boyfriend.  Did you know he was on Ellen yesterday.  Did you know that I emailed Ellen begging for her to just have him call me and say, "Hey Baby Girl".  Do you think she did?  NO!  But, oh, he was on her show yesterday.  He came out dancing and pulled his shirt up (be still my beating heart) and then, then, *big sigh* a studio audience beotch woman got to come on down and do a guessing game.  Here it is for you to feast your eyes on.
OMG, did you see that kissing?  I hate her.  OK, hate is a strong word.  Just because she was lucky enough to be in the audience, I'm so, so sad.  *big, huge, tears*

I will forgive you this one time Shemar.  I'm sure Ellen made you do it.  I know you told her "I can't do that to Dazee", but it's her show so her rules.

Just a reminder.  
I Spy is Thursday, with the prompts Date(s) and Your Choice.
What The Frack is Friday.  
Come on over and link on up.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stupid, Dumb, Captains

I really want to go on a cruise, but I'm thinking I better find out about the captain first.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What The Frack!

I've been kind of missing my chance to sound off about those things that have made me shout out "What The Frack".  So I'm going to start doing a little meme where you can join along, or not.  Just know that it is there.

Here we go with this weeks entries

Dear Foot

What the frack was up with you deciding to have a little itch fest last night that just wouldn't go away with no amount of scratching.  I was trying to go to sleep.  We were not good friends!!!

Dear Drivers Going Through Construction Zones

We are having a little problem that needs to be discussed.   I, like the rest of you, get tired of the never ending construction season.  I even understand that anymore the cones are put in designs that make you feel like you are driving on an amusement park ride.  What I don't understand, is why you have to almost come to a fracking stop when you are going through said cones.  If you've seen one, you've seen them all.  Not to mention you have seen the workers, their trucks and their porta potties.  Honestly, get a clue.

Dear Cry Baby Sissy Face Manufacturer Rep
I don't have concrete proof, but I think you had a part in getting me fired.  Why do I think that?  Because I stopped being nice to you, when I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were a lying piece of dog poop.  Your WIDDLE feelings got hurt.  Boo-hoo-hoo.  How else can I tell?  Seems rather a coincidence that you took the owner and 2 managers back to a factory, and that weekend I'm fired.  FOR HATING MY JOB.  Guess what fracker, what goes around comes around.  Oh, did I mention that YOUR BOSS loves me.  Maybe I should be sending a little email his way.

Dear Criminal Minds
I don't know what was wrong with your writers on this weeks episode, but what the frack man?  There was only like two whole minutes of my boyfriend.  You really made me super mad.  Honestly, if you aren't going to give him any lines to romance me with, at least have him just do his, no one walks the way I do, walk.  Throughout the whole show.   
*drooling*  I mean really peeps, have you seen him walk.  W.O.W.

Ok, remember, if you feel like joining in, go ahead.  The link will be open through Tuesday Night

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Spy - Rusted

Well, hello there.  So nice of you to drop in to see what the Lovely Christy and myself are up to this week.  

We are once again begging, pleading, asking you to join on up with our photo meme and show us what you got.  Easy rules, we give you 2 prompts every week.
One prompt is something we want you to get photo's of.
The other is Your Choice.  Now how hard can that be.  Not hard at all.  Grab whatever kind of camera you have, snap a photo, and then come on back and link up.  We've even made it easier by giving you a heads-up on what is coming 4 weeks in advance.  We are so nice that way.

This weeks prompt is


This is a photo that I took on my road trip the other day.  It was part of an abandoned mine.

Mr. Dazee and I bought this Chevy Luv in 1979.  That was the year we were married.  You will not believe the stuff he has moved in this thing.  It was his baby.  We had this truck longer than we have had our children.  Crazy
We finally had to put it to sleep.  It just couldn't pass inspection anymore.  And I don't think it had anything to do with the vice grips that were holding the clutch on.  hahaha, that Mr. Dazee, he is such a crafty fella.

It was parked at the place of hell,  oops, I mean the place of my last employment.  We had to have it come towed away.  
Notice on the tow truck it says, "We Buy Junk Cars".  Hey, we made $200 bucks off of it.  It was still a sad moment.  tear, tear

Now on to

I know that some of you get tired of seeing my grandkids.  (and certain trees).  But honestly, I had to snap this shot with my phone.  Miss A was playing around on the couch and her hair was so full of static.  I went to my favorite "fix my photo's" site, Picnik, and chose the "HDR-ish" effect.  It really brought out how staticy (yeah, its a word) it was.

There you have it.  My photo's of the week.  
Next weeks prompts
Remember, I love thinking outside the box, so let your imagination be your guide.

Future Prompts

Dates 1/26/12
Glasses 2/2/12
Road 2/9/12
Shadow 2/16/12

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Road Trip

Today I met up with my blogging buddy Vicki.  We were just going to meet and have lunch, but then she asked if I would like to take a road trip with her.  Of course, I was ready, willing and able.  Plus, I know that if I go places I might find blogging opportunities.  

Was There Ever!!!

She decided to take me to her old stomping grounds.  It's a small town here in Utah.  I had never been there so I was up for it.  Let me tell you something.  Vicki has not led a boring life.  Oh no.  But that's for her to tell, not me.  

We drove into town and she was pointing out old boarded up houses that she had lived in.  We got to the other end of town and came upon the cemetery.  We pull in and the first thing I see is this.
That was the name the towns people called the guy that is buried there.  He worked in a mine, didn't have a wife or kids, and one day didn't show up to the bar or work, I can't remember which she told me.  The men in town pooled all their money, buried him and had that grave marker made.  I thought that was awesome.

Then we headed up a road.  She pulls in front of a plot.  She says to me, "now you know why I wanted to go on a road trip".  I had already known that she had lost 2 of her children.  We get out of the car and this is what I see.
Today was the anniversary of the death of her daughter.  I was so honored to share such a moment with her today.  She is one, brave, awesome woman.  I can't even fathom burying one child, let alone two.  We talked for a little bit, and then we went driving around some more.  She knew so many people there, and had stories to tell me about them.

I also learned that if you go over a grate when entering a cemetery, you are supposed to honk, because the trolls are hanging onto the grates, and if you don't honk, you will drive over their fingers.  Ummm, I think, don't honk, and hurt the things.  They are kind of icky.  In my honest opinion. :)

She showed me some ghost towns, and a ghost mine that they are starting to mine again with a skeleton crew.  I couldn't help but say to her, "well, yeah, it makes sense to have a skeleton crew working a ghost mine".  bwaa-haa-haa.

We finally made our way into Provo, and decided that since we had been out for 5 hours, it was time to eat.  We stopped at Sizzler because, well, they have an awesome salad bar.  We get our food, are having more conversation about our lives and a family came in with a older mentally handicapped child.  They were sitting in a far off corner, away from the salad bar.  This man/child was roaming around, making flying noises.  That didn't bother me.  I just kept thinking, where is his mom.  I know with young children, when they get antsy, you have to keep an eye on them, go and get them and bring them back to the table.  His mom never did that.  

Vicki and I were sitting rather close to the salad bar.  I was the lucky one that was facing the salad bar/soup and dessert bar/opening to the kitchen area.  All of the sudden I look up and see this.
Notice where his arms and hands are.  I know the photo isn't the best, but you know, hurry and shoot with your phone camera.  What is he doing?  Oh-m-gee.  He is scratching his butt.  Not once, not twice, not three times.  No, he stood there for a good 10-15 minutes scratching.  

But, that wasn't all he was doing.  
Hold on to your dinner.  
He would pull his hands out and proceed to do, the finger smell............
(the finger smell is portrayed by Dazee)
Yes, it was sick and wrong.  Sick and fracking wrong people. 

He was standing by the open salad bar.  Out of the sight of his mom.  I kept trying to look away.  I slid all the way to the side of the table so I didn't have to see.  I kept thinking he would finish his business.  

I might not be able to go to a Sizzler for a while.  That's just a memory I don't want in my brain.

Oh, yeah, sorry.  I've just put the image in your brain.

You're Welcome.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Dollar Tree Weirdo's

Dear Dollar Tree Weird Couple(s)

While attempting to walk up and down the aisles on Thursday at the Dollar Tree you so nicely granted your appearance at, I noticed a few things that I needed to bring to your attention.

First of all.  Couple Number 1 (not pictured)
The male persuasion of you both,  was tall and dressed oh so debonair, in his dark blue pants and blazer, and his red sweater underneath.  I really expected him to pull out his monogrammed hanky and honk his horn.    His studying of all the little dollar gadgets was just weird.  I think you were a robot.  You had no emotion on your face.  
You weirded me out.  
The female persuasion, well, you were just as weird, when we would try to walk by, that was when you needed to bend down and stick your butt in our way.  I think you are spies.  You didn't belong in a dollar store.  Just sayin.

Couple Number 2 (pictured, well the back of the male because that's the only photo I got)
Who the frack taught you people to shop?  Were you raised in a jungle?  What?  You want evidence of my rant.

Ok, how about when you are down an aisle that has a support beam in the way, I really appreciated how the male left the cart right there so no one could get through.  Where did you go?  Oh, I don't know, up to look at the drinks.  Female cohort was squatting looking through make up brushes like they were going out of style.  Did she not see said male leave the scene of the crime.  I think not.  She asked him a question, he didn't answer, looked around saw he wasn't there and went back to her brushes.  Did you mother never tell you that it is nice to move your damn cart so others can get through.  
*insert monkey chatter*

Continuing on
Lets move on to another row, shall we.  Thanks.  Oh, I see your cart is right in the middle of the aisle.  Where are you both?  Oh, there you are, at the back of the store, in the freezer section, having a discussion of major importance.  Why oh why, didn't I just start running like a mad woman, crash my cart into your cart, and go all banshee on you.    You aren't the only ones in the store, Tarzan and Jane.

But then
You get to the check out line, right in front of us.  I understand that people forget things.  Really, I do.  But hell, you are in the DOLLAR store.  You don't have to keep seeing things that you want.  Why must you have kept adding.  The cashier is done with you.  Waiting for you to pay, there is a line here.  Oh wait, Tarzan wants another drink.  Jane tells him, it's ok, just go get it, but I guess you will have to stand in line.  No shit sherlock.  

And Breathe

Made a quick stop at Home Depot.  
Greeter at the door
"Hi, can I help you with anything"
First say no, then turn around innocently and say, 
"Do you have hand baskets"
Her head starts turning all ways, smoke is coming out of her eyes, 
"I do not compute hand baskets you are asking for"
Never mind.  Maybe you shouldn't be a greeter.

Couple number one has followed us there.  
Going down the same aisles as us.  
Spies, I tell ya, spies.

Shoes Glorious Shoes

Time to show the shoes I have picked for the week that would break my bones, but oh, if only I could buy and wear.  

First up, in my favorite color, heaven help me, I'm in love.

How about this sweet pair for Valentines Day.  
Little black dress anyone

Spring, please come soon

Oh my

Hold me......

*wiping drool*

Tune in next week for my fresh picks.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Spy - Remembrance(s)


I have been so excited for this weeks I Spy.  From the moment Christy and I decided remembrances was going to be a prompt, I knew exactly what I was going to do.

First of all, please link up.  It's so easy.  And we've even made it easier by putting future prompts on our pages so you can take photo's earlier if you happen to run into them.  We are so sweet, I can't even stand us sometimes.  :)


In the early 90's,  Richard Paul Evans, wrote this book.  I of course read it, and cried my eyes out.  It was so touching.  He is from Salt Lake where I live.  Because of this book, they decided to put an angel in the Salt Lake City Cemetery where people that have lost children could go and put remembrances of them.  I remember the first time I saw it, I was overcome.  There were so many letters, and pictures on it.  I went up there this past week to capture the essence of it.

The saying on the front is hard to read through this photo, but it says
Our Little Angel

I took this one from a bench they have so you can sit and reflect.  

While we were driving through the cemetery, I spotted another grave marker that I had to stop and see up close.  

This is the grave of a 20 year old boy.  He has a fishing pole, and his dog.  As you can tell, he is reading a piece of mail.

 There is actually old mail in the mailbox.  I love how his loved ones gussied him all up for Christmas.

I know many of you have lost children, and I just want to say, my heart goes out to you.  I can't even imagine the pain that is causes.  


This is a horrible photo, but it was shot spur of the moment, from my car, through a sort of dirty window, from my phone, and the driver was starting to move.  
Look closely
It says

Once in my life, I just want to walk in to a boss, and tell them
"I Quit" while playing the song "Take This Job And Shove It".   
Oh yeah, a girl can dream.

Ok, your turn.  Show us what you got.

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GLASS(S)     2/2/12
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