Thursday, July 26, 2012

You Want To Fracking What??

Another week has gone by.   As I told the interviewer at our local unemployment center  today, when she asked how my day was, I so kindly replied, "another day, another NO dollar".  hahahaha, ok, maybe you had to be there, or be unemployed to get the humor in that one. 

What do you say I stop mumbling and get my frack on.  

Dear Google Reader

I sincerely appreciate the ease of reading the blogs that I follow.  Even tho, sometimes you do weird things that make it so I can't.  But I do have a little something I would like to bring up to you.  I LOVE COMMENTS.  I guess I just want to know that I'm not wasting my time by doing a post, and having someone not read it.  but most of all, I think because you have made it so easy to read, that people just read and don't go into the actual post to comment.  Honestly, if you want to make it a nicer place, add some code in your program that brings up the comment part of bloggers post too, so people can do it all in one shot.  capeesh?

Dear Mayor Bloomberg
Really?  You have brought up a law to ban the size of a soda that I want to buy?  Are you fracking kidding me!!!!!  You are treating people as if they are imbeciles.  What are you going to propose next.  The size of pillow I can sleep with at night?  The type of toilet paper I can use to wipe my butt?  Hey, how about how much vegetables I can have.  Yeah.  There ya go.  
 I remember the good ole days when we were able to make our own decisions.  If we wanted a real coke, we could have one.  Whatever size we wanted.  I do not like the taste of diet soda.  I am a Coke Zero fan.  
I understand that there is an obesity problem.  I am not a size zero.  Hell, I'm not even a size 12.  But I know what size of drink I want, and by damn, if I want a 20 oz size, I have the RIGHT to buy one.  At least by me having my 20 oz coke, I'm not taking away A LIFE by having the right to own a gun.  I am hurting myself, not other INNOCENT people. (and yes, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the senseless shooting in Colorado)
You can get whatever size milkshake you want.  hmmmm, no calories or sugar in that one.  Or the size of an alcoholic drink.   Yeah, give me a 20 oz strawberry daiquiri please.  No harm in that drink.  I'm pretty sure you might put water up there on your list next.  Because there are people that drink too much of that.  

Last I checked, I didn't live in North Korea.  Stop treating me like I do!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Spy - Creepy Crawlies

Time for the I Spy challenge, that must be a very hard challenge as people are not clamouring to join in the fun.  Christy's Mad Mind is running rampid right now with thoughts of traveling the nation and hooking you all up.  Ok, I lied a little bit there, but yeah, it's a thought.

This weeks yukky fun photo prompts are CREEPY CRAWLIES and YOUR CHOICE.  I'll have you know, that I swallowed my fear of big huge gross things, just to show them off to you.  Yeah.  because I'm cool like that.


This is a wonderful Wolf Spider.  It was on the outside wall by my daughters apartment door.  I know it doesn't look big and scary here, but in reality, it was as big as my hand.  

Just another LARGE crawler.  

Imagine my shock when I was walking down the stairs into my garage at 11:30 at night to almost put my hand on this wolf guy.  And yes, I took time out from taking my cousin back to her in-laws house to capture the moment, while she stood on the landing shaking in fear.  I think I had a moment of temporary insanity.

Just ick

This is a moth.  I was shocked.  I've only ever seen moths that are maybe a 1/2" in length.    Mr. Dazee found him in front of the garage door.  As you can see, his right wing is injured.   He was huge.  And pretty.  Never thought I would say that about a moth.

Remember when I was doing the rain dance in the video I posted a week ago.  This cute little newborn tiny pony was at the petting zoo.  So freaking cute.  The tiny ponies are little anyway, but their babies are no bigger than a medium size dog.  

Mom looking over to her baby.  

This little one was even more of a newborn.  I had to keep looking to make sure he was breathing.

Next Weeks Prompts
Eye Candy 8/2/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Favorite Food 8/9/12
Plants 8/16/12

Anything can be eye candy.  Something that gets your heart beating.  I might have to fly to California and look up boyfriend.  Ok, I won't.  Now, I also could go to a bakery.  hmmmm, now that is eye candy right there.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fracking Aggravating People

I'm back.  Took a little break last week from speaking my mind.  I know you all were worried.  I'm fine.  I just didn't have any fracking problems to discuss.  What?  Why are you laughing uncontrollably?  

Lets get this thing started, shall we.  

Dear Dude Sitting Behind Me At Red Lobster On Sunday

No, I'm nowhere in this crowd.  This was on google.
You were extremely loud while talking to your family.  I use the term talking loosely.  You were actually speaking loudly and not saying very nice things to your kids.   Please remember where you are in the future.  You were not in an outdoor park.  Or McDonalds.  You were in a nicer place.  I appreciate that you want your kids to do well in school.  I don't appreciate you telling them off about their grades and skipping school, and how they will not become anything good in life.  Yes, I heard e.v.e.r.y.f.r.a.c.k.i.n.g.w.o.r.d of mean things that sprouted out of your mouth, even tho you were sitting a bench and table behind me.  I was embarrassed for your kids.   You are very, very lucky that Mr. Dazee restrained me from turning around, snapping your picture, and telling you off.  

Now, for your viewing pleasure, another fine drawing from yours truly.  Yes, I pretty much suck at Draw Something, but hey, I try.

Dear Body Builder Dude In The Grocery Store Parking Lot
Listen, I understand that your muscles are probably tired from lifting weights all day.  You had two whole bags of groceries to put in your car.  YOUR CAR WAS RIGHT NEXT TO THE CART RETURN.  I was across the way and down a few cars and still made the journey to put my cart in the return.  I truly did not appreciate you putting your cart at the end of the return, facing the way in the drawing, and then getting in your car.  I had to move your cart for you just to get my cart in because the other side was blocked off for carts coming in from the other side.  I shouldn't have moved it.  I should have parked my cart right behind your sweet a.. car.  I would have laughed hysterically either watching you have to get out to move it, or backing out into both carts.  
By the way.  I asked Mr. Dazee if he thought I could take you.   He said I would have been the winner.  Oh Yeah.

Dear El Fatto Matto
You are becoming a frequent visitor to my dream world.  Please cess and desist doing so.  Every time I get a rejection letter from a company that I have applied to, or had a bad interview, there you are, coming into my subconscious world and firing me again.  I'm tired of it.  You are the biggest rat bastard around.  I'm sorry I can't be nice, but you have played a number on my soul.  Especially when learning that you STILL keep a drug addict who leaves work and comes back high around, because he is "valuable", but I HATED MY JOB, so I'm fired.  I was a valuable employee.  Every interview I have had has told me I have great skills and personality.  But, because someone tells you I hate my job, (not true) which believe it or not, a lot of people don't love their jobs every day of their lives, I'm fired. 

PS:  I know some of you are thinking I just need to get over it.  I've been without a job for 9 months.  I could have grown a baby and delivered by now.  I'm trying to get over it.  But I tell you what.  Whoever decides that I am the employee for them is going to get the best darn employee they have ever had.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Phew, I must have had some built up anger over that one.  

So, how was your week?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Spy - Heirloom

This week started off pretty good.  The weather has been pleasant, we have even had some afternoon rain showers.  I was tiptoeing through the tulips even.  Oh wait, IF we had tulips, the lovely horrible, rotten, no good, very bad deer would eat them all.  So yeah.

Remember when I told you that Christy and her Mad Mind always came up with the hard prompts.  Well Heirloom is one of them for me.  I wracked my brain on this one.  I even tried "thinking outside the box", maybe I could have some hair looming in on someone.  But no, I realized I do have an awesome heirloom so you are in luck.  


This is a quilt that my mom made for me when I had my daughter.  (31 years ago)  The story behind the fabric used for the southern women is that my dad was on a mission for our church in North Carolina.  While he was there, he picked up all the different fabrics for my mom.

My mom hand quilted every single inch of this quilt.  Back then they didn't have the fancy dancy sewing machines that would do all the hard work for you.   

This is a close up of all the minute details of the stitches


On Saturday there was a little festival in a small city by where I live.  I didn't take this picture, but it was taken with my camera so it counts.  Plus, I'm one of the hosts so I can do what I want.  I kid, I kid.  
I know, this is where you all think I should be.  I did quiet my cellmate into submission tho.  

And just to prove how wild and crazy I can get, when I'm not taking the shots, please enjoy the following video.
F.Y.I.  I would never have made it as someone living in the 1800's.  

Now come on.  Link up.  It's fun

Next Weeks Prompts
Creepy Crawlies 7/26/12
Your Choice

I'm so excited about next weeks prompt that I can hardly stand it.

Future  Prompts
Eye Candy 8/2/12
Favorite Food 8/9/12
Plants 8/16/12

Monday, July 16, 2012

People Watching At The Chevron

I love to people watch.  I admit, I do it.  At airports, on the trax train, at Chevron.  Not that I'm usually just hanging out in my car at The Chevron.  That would be wrong.  But, when you have to wait for over an hour for someone to meet you there (April), you can get a lot of stuff done.  

Of course, I don't know about you, but I have little conversations about what is going on in THEIR heads at the time.   My part of the conversation is in the red.
It is going to reach 100 degrees today.  Right now it is close to 90.  Here comes a gal in her car with her beanie on.  I'm sure this was what she was thinking
"gonna be a hot one today, better wear my beanie"

Big man comes in driving a little car.  I'm talking huge head, little car. 
Honestly, what are they thinking while buying a car  
"why yes, my head is too big for my car, they will never notice"

Another man comes out of the store.  Puts his purchases in the drivers seat.  Walks around and opens his trunk.  Looks in and closes it back up.  OMG, I'm sure this is what he was thinking
"better make sure that dead girl is still dead.  Yup, she is"

Now we are going to move on to the fashion statements.  

"What?  My clothes don't match.  

Speaking of which

Some men shouldn't be allowed to wear shorts.  Ever!!!!!!
Just sayin

I wonder where that lady bought her shirt.  I really like it.  
I almost got out of my car to ask her.

I am totally going to have to design some decent bike shorts.

Ick, throwing up, washing my eyes out.  Moving on, hurry, hurry.
Dear bike riding dudes.  I DO NOT ever, ever, in a million years, want to see your packagea.  Its bad enough some of you decide that you want to wear a speedo whilst swimming.

Now, feast your eyes on the best thing that happened while I was sweltering in the heat waiting.
My Dream Car
Oh my, the only thing that would have made this car any better looking would be if boyfriend was sitting in the drivers seat.  aaaaahhhhhh
Red Convertible Mercedes.  
Jim Croce has it right
"Moving me down the highway, moving me down the high-a-way, moving ahead so life won't pass me by"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Spy - Fan(s)


(sung to, If You're Happy And You Know It)
If you're hot and you know it, clap your hands
If you're sweating and you know it, clap your hands
If you're miserable and you know it
then your face will surely show it
If you're hot, sweaty and miserable, clap your hands.
(clapping wildly)

What a great week for our I Spy prompt to be Fans.  It has been over 100 degrees and this old body is boycotting the outdoors.  It's true.  I've been finding the nearest register, positioning myself over it, letting the cool air travel up my body.  Oops, was that too much of a visual for you.  So Sorry.  NOT

Please join in with Christy's Mad Mind and myself.  Here are the rules, for all of you that just can't remember.  Grab your camera, take a photo of the 2 prompts we give you.  This week is FAN(S) and YOUR CHOICE.  Really, it's like only having one prompt and the other is a "show off anything you want" prompt.  How much easier could it get?  

Enough of my babble.  On with the show.


This is one of the fans we have hanging in our house.  Honestly, I could not sleep right now at night if I didn't have a fan above the bed.  Yes, even with the air conditioning going.

How many of you remember being little and making a fan out of paper?  I used to make these all of the time with the programs at church.  Question, why do churches always seem so hot?   

How about a different type of fan?  This photo is one I took when my good friend Machaelle and I went to see Josh Groban last summer.  See all his "fans".  See how far up one of his biggest fans, me, was in the arena.  Yeah, nosebleed section.

Last Saturday was my birthday.   I have to say, this was one of my BEST, BIRTHDAYS, EVER!!!!  You are about to see why.

My daughter made me her homemade Strawberry Cheese Cake.  Rich and creamy and  all mine.   This is one of my top three favorite desserts.

Sunday we had our family get together.  My daughter-in-law Lizzie made me homemade Eclairs.  You read that right, homemade!!!  Also in the top three favorite desserts.  

Being the nice, wonderful, mother and grandmother I am.  I didn't hide them from others and actually let them help me eat both desserts.  It was a sacrifice, but I knuckled under and let them go.  **tear, tear**

I guess you could say, I'm a huge FAN of those desserts.  Oh, I so think outside of the box.  

Next Weeks Prompts
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Your Choice

Future Prompts
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Salt Meet Pepper And Other Things

  Have you ever just gone on a little field trip to Pier 1?  I could spend hours there.  Of course, when I'm spending it with my cousin April, well, it's a lively adventure.  I love their supply of Salt and Pepper Shakers.  According to the saleswoman there, they change all the time, so I can go there year round.  Wouldn't it be great if Pier 1 was to give me some of their shakers for my collection?  Hint, Hint.  

Moving on.  Let's check out what I found this time.  

Remember, I'm not a professional photographer.  Just little ole me with my point and shoot camera.  

Shaken Not Stirred.  How cute is this

Flower in a vase.   

Strawberries.  These were so cute I just wanted to eat them. 

Cup O Tea anyone 

A dog and his throne.  Look at his little face

A couple of parakeets.  Looks like they were having a little squabble.  

The Tortoise and the Hare.  Love 

Two Frogs on a Lily Pad.  April actually bought these because she is on a everything frog kick

Now for just a few things that I thought were cool

A condiment holder.  The hamburger opens up so you can put relish or something else in there.  

Huge utensils.  They also had a spatula.  Modeled by our lovely April

How cute are these dust pans?   I want the Leopard one.

Remember that I Spy is coming up on Thursday.  The prompts are Fans and Your Choice.  Think outside the box.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What The Frack - I didn't Start The Fire - Part 3

What a week it has been.   If you aren't aware of what has gone on check out
I Didn't Start The Fire - Part 1
I Didn't Start The Fire - Part 2

And now, in the words of Paul Harvey
The Rest Of The Story

Friday Night, June 29, 2012, after our power was shutoff,  went off because someone dug up some buried electrical wire, at exactly 9:00 PM when it starts getting dark, **wink wink**, Mr. Dazee and I decided to go sit out on our deck to catch the smoke filled breeze.  

We are sitting out there, chatting, when Mr. Dazee gets very quiet.  "What's that?"  He asks me.  I told him I didn't hear anything.  He jumps up from his chair and goes and stands by the stairs.  He shines his flashlight around the back yard.  All of the sudden he is yelling out, "Whose There?".  Again, I don't hear anything.  "Who Are You?", he says, shining the flashlight in somebodies face.  "What are you doing?"

There is a younger man, in the scrub oak at the side of our yard.  The side of the yard where there is no gate.   To say he was a smidge drunk would be an understatement.  He told us that he was evacuated, by the cops, that didn't even knock on his door and just came inside his home.  He became a little belligerent with them and they said he could evacuate by himself or they would evacuate him in handcuffs.  I don't know about you, but if the cops knew he was drinking, do you think they would have just let him DRIVE HIS TRUCK OUT OF HERE, or would they maybe have driven him to the evacuation center.  

He said he was parked at the Park across the street, but was trying to sneak back into his house.  Apparently he made it home, and realized he had left his keys in the truck.  (Yeah, I'm not believing it either).  He just wanted to jump over our fence and get back over there to get them.  We told him to go to the side of the house where there was a gate.  "I can't do that, they will see me".  He'll just jump the fence, thank you very much.

After we decided to go to bed, Mr. Dazee was doing his walk around the house, to make sure all was well, when he spotted a group of people talking at the side of our house.  There were about a dozen of them.  He went out our back door and did the whole "shine the flashlight in the leaders face" thing.  They were yet another group of people that were trying to sneak back into their homes.  They had their pets with them, and since we had all gone through this 2 years earlier, they just wanted to be in their homes.  They just wanted to sneak up to the neighbors behind us house, and get onto the next street.  They even sent a few scouts to make sure there weren't any cops on that street.  One lady even asked if we could watch her Ferret.  No thanks.  

Saturday night comes, and we are still without power.  The evacuation order has been lifted, so we can come and go.  We wait until 9 PM, then decide we better go pick up some ice to put our food in.  We go to Walmart, WHICH I WILL NEVER, EVER, IN MY LIFE DO AGAIN ON A SATURDAY NIGHT, grab 7 bags of ice and some flashlights.  We head to the cashiers and this is what we see
Only there are 10 lines open and every single one of them is this long.  We pick the 20 items or less line, thinking it will move faster.  Oh, joyous rapture, there are 2 guys in front of us, that are of the "we are going to talk to each other and pretend we don't see the line moving forward"  Talk about tunnel vision.  

I was in no fracking mood for their little game.  I was getting irate.  Mr. Dazee was warning me to be nice.  It got to the point where the person in front of them was paying for their stuff, and these guys still hadn't moved up to the thing you put your items on, and were still talking.  Finally I couldn't stand it any longer.  

In my not so very nice Dazee voice, I said
"Are you guys going to move up or what??"

For a minute they ignored me, then, as if a little bird flew over their heads and told them to look, they looked ahead and said, sorry.  

Sorry?  I've been without power and air conditioning for well over 24 hours, I'm tired, I smell like I've been sitting around a camp fire all week, I don't want to be around a bunch of nincompoops, I want to get home, get out of my bra, and relax.   Just move your fracken butts and get out of my way!!!!!!

Then, in all things Murphy's Law, the power came on just as we were unloading our fridge into the coolers.  

I might just need to hurt someone!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Spy - Fuel


I Spy a few people that are full and tired.  Am I right, or am I right.  

I have this good friend, her name is Christy.  She has a little blog that she likes to call, 
My Mad Mind

(Just a little picture that I made for her, so when we talk on the phone, I see this)

We have this fun photo meme that we do every week.  We give you 2 prompts, one of which always is YOUR CHOICE, and a harder choice.  This week it is FUEL.  Show us what you have this week.  Come on, I triple dog dare you.


Fuel for our vehicles

Fuel for horses

Fuel for Dazee.  
Smothered chile verde burrito, with rice, beans and taco.  

Fuel for the fires. 
 Trees and dry grass.  
This fire started yesterday across the valley from me, in a town called Alpine.  Last I heard it was heading up American Fork Canyon


More fuel for Dazee
Hot Fudge Sundae Brownie From Chili's
Got free with a coupon they sent me for my spaacial day.

Next weeks prompts
Fans 7/12/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Heirloom 7/19/12
Creepy Crawlies 7/26/12
Eye Candy 8/2/12

As always, my words of wisdom to you are, think outside of the box.  Let your imagination be your guide, and keep your arms and legs inside and have fun.