Thursday, May 31, 2012

What The Frack - Happy Edition

I had an epiphany today.   I am a firm believer in not everyone has things that bother them, drive them nuts, and makes them want to hurt people.  So today, I have decided to do a "things that make me happy" frack post.  It can be up to you, you can get mad things off your chest, or cool happy things.  I just really want you to link up.  Every week will be your option.  Combine happy and mad if you want.  

I have two reality shows that I HAVE to watch.  My all time favorite is The Amazing Race, because they have to win.  No one votes them out.  I call that a pretty fair game.  These were the Kentucky Boys from the just finished up season.  I wanted them to win soooooo bad.  They mad the whole season.   

The other that I have to watch is So You Think You Can Dance.  I have zero, zilch, nada dancing skills.  I watch this show and I'm in awe.  I've even been known to be in tears after some of the routines.  I also like how they have gotten away from showing all the dumb, stupid and bad dancers.  They do show a few of them, but most of the time they just promote the best.  

Last week there was a mother that tried out.  She was a really good dancer, and was sent through to the Vegas Round.  Her daughter is a future dancer.  She wanted it to be her turn, so they cued up some music and let her dance.  

Another thing that made me happy this week was this

(photo taken with MY CAMERA, out of the People Magazine THAT I BOUGHT)

Color me stupid, but I had no idea that Thor and Gale (The Hunger Games) were brothers.  Can you say hubba-bubba.  They have the same eye color.  I'm going with Thor as the better looking one.  Just wow.

I would be remiss if I didn't include, my boyfriend (and not yours, or yours, or yours) mine, Mr., I'm going to my happy place, Shemar Moore.
Ladies, and Mark
I included Mark because, well he thinks that I should be overcome with rapture when I see photo's of him on his blog.    I promised him, that he will always be my second boyfriend.  Cuz I'm nice like that.

There you have it.  My happy fracken post.  I liked it.  I think it's going to be a fun new adventure doing both mad and happy.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Spy - Electric


Oh my, it's time for I Spy.  Hosted by the ever popular and titillating Christy with her Mad Mind, and myself.  *taking off hat, bowing*

Grab that there camera you have, snap some photo's of the prompts that we give you, and link on up.   The prompts this week are ELECTRIC and YOUR CHOICE.  What you say?  Your choice is always a prompt.  Why yes, yes it is.  How much easier can this photo meme be.  In the words of the hillbilly boys on this seasons Amazing Race, Get Er Done.  (gosh, I wanted them to win)


Mr. Dazee has a vast collection of Vinyl Albums, 45's, 8 Track Tapes, and CD's.  He also has every kind of recording device there is.  Ok, maybe not like the big boys, but wow, to me, massive.

This Mixer Unit thingy always intrigues me.  Scary thing is, he knows what all those knobs and stuff mean.  

The greatest invention in my kitchen.  Being the extremely lucky woman with carpal tunnel that I am, opening jars is not a fun experience.  One year, my youngest son got me this electric lid opener for Christmas.  Love, love, love it.

My Choice

Miss L just had her dance recital.  Sorry some of the photo's aren't super wonderful like some of yours are (and you all know who you are), but I only have a point and shoot camera, which I love and adore, so I can only get so close to the action.  Yes, I'm a super proud grammie.

Now it's your turn.  Please join on up.  It is so much fun to see what everyone comes up with.  I know some of you are scared, but I have faith that you can do it.  I want to see what you've got.

Next Weeks Prompts
House(s) 6/7/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Macro 6/14/12
On the wall 6/21/12
Crank 6/28/12
Fuel 7/5/12

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Those Fracking Pleasant People

I have to put this out there.  Some people think I am always mad.  I'm not.  I'm a very happy go lucky kind of person.   This is my way of staying happy go lucky, and not internalizing the hate.  See, its a public service to each and every one of you.

Please link up with all your frustrations of the week.  I promise, you will feel better.

Dear McDonald's
Once upon a time you could claim that the Mac was Big.  I think nowadays it is false advertising.  I'm thinking you should change it to the fracken Small Mac.  Just sayin.

Dear Cashier at Krogers 
(I just looked up cashier on google, that's why she has a star face)
Thank you sooooo much for making my shopping experience last week such a joyous occasion.  I could tell from the moment I started putting stuff on the belt, you were just so dang excited to see me.  The way you treated me when I went to pay, and you couldn't get the card to read right, was downright mean.  I NEVER use a card if there isn't money on it.  Your accusations were unfounded.  You went out of your way to make me look bad to the customers standing in line.  I have had bad days at work.  But I can guarantee you, I never would have made a customer feel like a piece of dog poop because of it.   Wishing I was going to be around when the big ole fracken Karma Bus stops to see you.  

Dear Unified Police Officer Sitting At The 4 Way Stop
What the frack dude.  You were the first car there.  You therefore SHOULD HAVE BEEN the first one to go.  But no, you wanted to see what the rest of us would do.  Lucky for me, I turned left and you were going straight.  In like straight behind me.  I will go the speed limit.  I will play your game.  I have cop radar.  I can spot you before I get to you.  I can not tho stop my heart from racing like you are going to pull me over anytime for some unfounded offense.  Next time obey the rules of the road.  You, my dear, are still just a human being.  No better than the rest of us.

Dear Woman Walking Into Home Depot
Honestly lady, you are not the only person walking in and out of the store.  I had to laugh when you were  I especially enjoyed how your stared down the driver that was waiting for you to get across to the doors.  Guess what.  Your farts stink just like the rest of ours.  (well except for mine, because I don't do that stuff)  :)  Again, get over your fracking self.  No one is any better than anyone else.   In today's world you just don't dare someone to hit you.  They might  take you up on the offer.

That feels so liberating.  Get your frack on.  You might just like it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Spy - Clouds


***sneaking around doorway***
Hey, shhhh, you, yes you there.  Listen closely.
It's time to link up to this weeks edition of 
I Spy.
****looking around anxiously****
The spy masters, Christy with her Mad Mind, and Dazee with her craziness, want you to know the rules.
**stepping closer**
They give you 2 prompts.  One changes weekly.  The other, is the same.  This week they are CLOUDS and YOUR CHOICE.  Use whatever type of camera you want, and play along.  
**salutes and runs off**


I was sitting in the car waiting for Mr. Dazee a couple of weeks ago while he tried to find more trees and plants that the deer could eat he could plant, and the clouds were so big and white.  They begged me to take their photo, so I did.

Last week we had a storm rumble through.  

This is the mountain behind us.  I loved how the clouds were rolling down it.

Sunday, May 20th, there was an eclipse of the sun.  Rumor had it that those of us in Utah were going to get the best look at it.  I waited, and waited for 6 PM to come.  Mother Nature, being the witch that she is, decided that some of us really didn't want to see it badly enough.  No clouds all day long, and then, poof.  As you can see, they were dark clouds.  I really do need to have a little yell fest talk with that woman.


Last Saturday, I went on a road trip with my blogging pal, Vicki at Just Call Me Jake.  We went up to a little town in Utah called Midway.  We stopped at this cute restaurant and had some pizza.  I know, those of you that know me, know I'm not a huge pizza fan.  But I have to say, the veggie pizza we got was so good, I was ready to buy another one to eat later.  But I digest.  (haha, get it, digest, ok, moving on)
If you also know me, you know that I will see something and make people do a "photo op".  I couldn't pass this one up.
Do Not Climb Or Sit On Rock Wall
Don't worry, I just had her squat.  Didn't want Andy and Barney coming after me.  

Next Weeks Prompts
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Your Choice

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Macro 6/14/12

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

OMG.......It Can't Be

I will be the first to admit,  I'm addicted to the case of missing mother Susan Cox Powell.

Here's the thing.  I'm sure you have all heard about Josh Powell and his missing wife, "that he didn't have anything to do with her becoming missing".  Then he just couldn't go on because his kids were taken away because his father is a sick and wrong voyeur.   So he used an ax on his sons and blew up his house, killing them all.  

The newest news is that his voyeuristic father has been found guilty of said crime.  He can get up to 70 years for his behavior.  I just know that the judge will take pity on him and probably give him 5 years or something.  

Did you hear he wrote a song to his missing and presumed dead daughter-in-law?  It's called, I'm Missing You.  Here is the chorus.

I can love you in a secret way.
I can love you each and every day.
There is nothing I can't see
There is nothing You can't be.
It's not perfect, but I'm missing you!

If you want to hear the sicko sing some of the song, click this link.  Go over to the left hand side and there is a little snippet for you.  I'm pretty sure Bubba is going to be singing this to Steven a lot.  hahahaha, ok, one can wish.  I have to admit, I came up with my own verses that Bubba or Steven will be singing to each other.   You're a little scared of me now, aren't you.

Here is the next scary thing about the Powell family.  On the news the other night they had a story about Josh's sister Alina.  She is delusional in thinking that her dad and brother have done nothing wrong.  She is trying to prove that Susan Cox got along just fine with her dad.  

They showed a photo of her.  

Alina Powell

I don't know about you, but she reminds me of.... 
Kathy Bates in Misery

Hmmmm, makes you kind of wonder where Josh got the idea about using the ax on his kids.........

Kind of scary, isn't it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Held Hostage By The Fracking HOA

Are you ready to get your frack on?  If you are, grab the little purple haired lady over there on the right side, and come back and link up.  Let it out, let it alllllllll out.

Dear Home Owners Association

What the frack dudes!  Your little rules and regulations regarding what we can and can't put up on our own lot is starting to make me want to pull out the voodoo doll in your favor.    After having to replace numerous trees, bushes and flowers because of the "beloved deer population", we sent you a letter, as required by your board, to ask about putting up a horse mesh type fencing in an area of our back yard that we weren't able to fence, because the pack of thieves deer are able to get into our back yard and poop, eat our vegetation, and drop deer ticks.  We have spent over a thousand dollars replacing said vegetation in our front yard, and now in the back, this year alone.

Proof of Thieves In The Neighbor Behind Us Yard.
Don't you love how the one deer is looking at me like, "what, I'm not eating anything"

What the Frack is up with your response.  

"Many neighbors are in the same situation. I personally replaced sixteen trees before fencing my back yard. Now the deer concentrate on my front yard. I have found a couple of products sold at Lowe's that will deter the deer from eating your foliage--One is a spray product called
Repels All and the other is a disk that mounts on a wire that is raised and sets in your flower beds and it's called Sweeney's Deer Repel-ant.. 
Both products work very well"

We beg to differ, Mr. HOA Board Member.  The repels do nothing but kill your trees, and the deer-resistant trees, bushes and flowers are a sham.  Did you know that the deer can't read the little "all about this tree" thing.   Its true.  Somewhere in their schooling they didn't get the memo.  

We have fenced both sides of our back yard.  As you can see from the above photo of the deer, there is a rock wall.  Well, you can't see it really well, but trust me, it's there.  We can not fence there because if we did, all kinds of things could get stuck behind the fence, and cause a stink if they were to die.  Oh, it would be nice if everyone was supposed to fence their backyards.  

You know what I fracking think?  I think all deer should have to be fitted with one of those electric dog collar things.  Then all the owners could put up the electric fence to keep the deer from coming on to their property.  Hey, they find a way to put tags to track other animals.  

So, HOA or as I'm going to call you from now on, HOH (holding owners hostage), you have won the What The Frack award of the week.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Spy - Nostalgic


It was a cold and blustery night, when the doors were flung open by a force unknown to man.  Whatever could it have be.  Oh my, it was Christy and Her Mad Mind arriving to exclaim to the world that it was the eve of the I Spy maddness.  

As she flew around the room, she informed all those around that they needed to grab their cameras, look in the book of magic, and gaze upon what was this weeks prompts.  I gathered my courage, glanced at the page, to see that the prompts for the week were NOSTALGIC and YOUR CHOICE.   At last, something a wee lass like myself could handle.  With a surprisingly forceful scream, she left as fast as she had come.  The door slammed behind her.  How did she do that?

(Que Barbara Streisand singing Memories)


See that cute little Mary?  My daughter.  The little shepherd on the right hand side with the red robe, my oldest son.  The tiny baby Jesus.  My youngest son.   At least I think it was my baby son.  Long term memory, not so good.  

Back when I was a young mother, money was pretty tight in our household.  Ok, it's always been tight, but yeah, tight like it can only be when you have little kids.  Therefore, on Halloween, you don't go out an buy a fancy shmancy costume.  You make due with what you have hanging around the house.  My daughter, the hobo, wearing a flannel shirt of her dads, and his fine and dandy budweiser hat.  The bandana was mine.  Beard and mustache, coffee grinds and vaseline.  My oldest son,  his overalls, a shirt we picked up at the thrift store, and let me tell you, back then they were only like 25 cents.   Another of my bandana's and a cowboy hat we had hanging around the house.  

Kids and their little projects at school.  Take a guess what the holiday was this time.  No, not another Halloween.  My pilgrim, indian, and just a little smiley boy they found to invite to dinner.  We'll call him Christopher Columbus.  :)

Mr. Dazee getting the side yard ready for something.  Probably the fence.  My youngest son, was always his helper.  I looked and looked for the photo of him and his little red wheelbarrow just like his dads.  It was so cute seeing them out there having his dad fill his with dirt and then dumping it in the field.  I guarantee you he was out there jabbering and smiling the whole time.

Now the grandkids are Mr. Dazee's helpers.  When he gets the ground ready for cover, first he pulls all the weeds, puts down weed block, pours his ground cover onto them.  He then stamps them down with his feet.  Here are Miss O and Miss A helping with the stamping.  They were such good little stampers.

I so hope that you all will join in this week.  I know you have old photo's that you can show off.  If not, you better watch out for those cold and blustery days.  Just sayin.

Next Weeks Prompts
Clouds 5/24/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Electric 5/31/12
House 6/7/12
Macro 6/14/12

Monday, May 14, 2012

What In The Freak Is That???????

Have you ever pulled up behind a car at a light, looked at the head hanging out the window and remarked   screamed out to your husband. WHAT THE FREAKING HELL IS THAT!!!!

Mr. Dazee thought
Harry Henderson

While scrambling to get my camera out of my purse, I'm yelling
 "its a bison"

Here it is

People, it was the scariest looking thing I have ever been behind.  My friend Christy thought maybe it was a mastiff dog.  Having no dog knowledge, I looked it up.

Here is a harry one.

But "the thing" had tons of hair, and a did not look like a dog.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How Well Do They Really Know Us?

This picture cracked me up big time.  How many times have you thought, or said, the same thing.  

While trying to come up with something special for Mothers Day, I remembered seeing 
these questions on Sunshine and Peanuts blog.  I sent off emails to Mr. Dazee, My sons and my son-in-law.  Some of their answers, I must admit cracked me up.

Then I got the bright idea to send the same questions to their wives to see how close they were.  I loved how honest the girls were with their answers.

Happy Mothers Day
Mindi, Amy and Lizzie
 all you other mothers, women who aren't mothers, or have a mother you want to celebrate.

1.  She’s sitting in front of the TV.  What’s on the screen?
Mr. Dazee:  Criminal Minds  (yuppers, Hi boyfriend)
David:  Grey’s Anatomy.  This is the only 40 min break she gets all day, but she doesn’t even do it every day… (correct)
Justin:  Some sort of cooking show.  She doesn’t really watch TV though  (Kids Shows)
Brandon:  How I Met Your Mother, Intervention, some sort of Vampire show… (Netflix)

2.  You’re out to eat.  What kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
MD:  Blue Cheese (correct)
D:  Ranch, on the side.  Outback Steak House is her favorite (correct)
J:  Probably that god awful blue cheese  (Ranch)
B:  Ranch (correct)

3.  What’s one food she doesn’t like?
MD:  Pizza (I will eat vegetarian, but anything with meat, ick)
D:  Not many..She at least will try almost anything, but she doesn’t like relish on her hot dogs or raw onion (Red Onion)
J:  Steak!!! (correct)
B:  Tuna (Tuna Helper)

4.  You go out to eat and have a drink.  What does she order?
MD:  Margarita (yes please)
D:  Margarita on the rocks with salt on the rim  (correct)
J:  Large Diet Coke (correct)
B:  Dr. Pepper or water.  Or… (water.  sidebar.  right now only because she is pregnant)

5.  What shirt size does she have?
MD:  Large  (this is why I love him)
D:  This is a tricky question.  It depends on the shirt.  I am glad I am not a girl.  Each manufacture makes their clothes different for women.  But usually a Medium/Small (correct)
J:  I’m not gonna say because I enjoy peace in our household  (correct)
B:  Not sure, she steals mine when we’re at home… (who knows now, see question 4)

6.  What shoe size does she have?
MD:  4?  (a 4, hahahaha, 7 to 7-1/2)
D:  7 - at least this is more unified (correct)
J:  Er, ah, 7? (8)
B:  Again….V?  No idea…Same size as mine (9)

7.  What’s her favorite type of sandwich?
MD:  Grinders Pepper Steak (omg, loaded with grilled onions, tomatoes, mayo and hot peppers)
D:  Honey smoked turkey with avocado.  She also likes BLT’s (correct)
J:  Spicy guacamole chicken sandwich (Turkey Avocado Panini)
B:  Turkey bacon avocado on focaccia….from Kneaders (correct)

8.  What would she eat everyday if she could?
MD:  Ice Cream (coffee flavored)
D: Coffee!! Ok, I know you can’t eat coffee, so Salmon  (Brownies)
J:  Fancy shmancy vegetarian stuff (Cafe Rio Pork Salad)
B:  CafĂ© Rio (Halibut)

9.  What is her favorite cereal?
MD:  Multi Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios (addicted)
D: Cheerios with grapes (green grapes)
J:  Honey Nut Cheerios (correct)
B:  She hates cereal…. (not a cereal person)

10.  What would she never wear?
MD:  Bikini (and the world thanks me for it)
D:  My underwear!!  She hates to wear swimming suits in public places (Dave's beer shirt)
J:  A Bikini (Stiletto heels)
B:  ….um….a Hat (BYU Stuff)

11.  What is her favorite sports team?
MD:  RSL Salt Lake  (there are some hot guys on that team)
D:  Utah Jazz.  John Stockton got her hooked (correct)
J:  Utah Jazz (correct)
B:  Philadelphia Eagles!!!!! (correct)

12.  What is something she does that you wish she wouldn’t do?
MD:  Snores (what?  me?  Snore?)
D:  Being so hard on herself.  She has extreme super human expectations of herself and she achieves almost all of it, but she still feels that it isn’t enough at times.  (Too hard on myself)
J:  Worries about being judged by stupid people (I'm insecure and second guess myself all of the time)
B:  No comment……. (NAG!)

13.  What is her heritage?
MD:  English (and Welch)
D:  Awesomeness!  English? (correct)
J:  Croatian.  (English, Croatian, Swedish, Danish, German)
B:  German! (I'm a mutt)

14.  You bake her a cake.  What kind is it?
MD:  German Chocolate (correct)
D:  Strawberry Short Cake.  She also likes Ice Cream cake.  (Chocolate or Carrot)
J:  If I baked her a cake it would resemble something more like three day old tuna casserole (chocolate)
B:  Red Velvet (correct)

15.  Did she play sports in high school?
MD:  No way!!!!!!!!!! (what?  I was drill mistress of the pep squad.  Doesn't that count?)
D:  If you call HOT a sport.  Then Yes!!  She did do some track.  (Sprinter)
J:  No (correct)
B:  Don’t think so….. (correct)

16.  What could she spend hours doing?
MD:  Reading (he knows me so well)
D:  Crafting wit the kids, planning parties, cooking, reading.  (Reading)
J:  Oh god, talking about feelings and sh…stuff like that (gardening)
B:  Looking dreamingly into my eyes….;) (sleeping)

17.  What is a unique talent that she has?
MD:  Singing  (he's making fun of me here, because I usually just sing off key to him,  but I have sung in groups)
D:  Her unsurpassable talent is being an incredible mother/wife.  It is a lot of hard work and determination and she ROCKS!! She is amazing in the kitchen.  She can make anything taste to die for.  Even homemade chocolate (Multitasking)
J:  Her ability to handle stressful situations with our daughter (I can lift one eyebrow)
B:  She puts up with me! (crocheting)

18.  What is her type of coffee?
MD:  Mini-cups flavored (I think he's trying to say K-cups)
D:  She is a regular coffee girl.  With vanilla or carmel creamer.  Unless it is Christmas time, and then she like the Peppermint Mocha's. (Medium Breakfast Blend)
J:  Black Organic (any flavor of coffee with Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer)
B:  Something fancy from Starbucks….. (anything with caramel)

Now, I'm off for some coffee, ice cream, salad with blue cheese, and a grinders pepper steak sandwich.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

You Don't Stock It? What The Frack!!!

It time once again for me to go off on the unsuspecting world.  Wait, you expect it.  Duh me.

I just have a couple this week.  I haven't been out much, so, well, you know, road rage isn't part of it.  Shocker, huh.

Dear Dazee's Subconscious Mind

Please, for the love of Pete, stop dreaming every single night of the week, that you are back to your former place of employment.   And by all means, if I hear/see/sense in my dream that this is said, "we're just kidding, you still have your job", throw my head against a wall.  
If you are wondering, that is a photo of the owner.  Yes, it's true.  I don't want him in my brain anymore.  Remember how I supposedly "hated" my job.   Not so much, just dislike him a lot right now.

Dear Del Monte, Makers Of Contadina Sweet & Sour Sauce
I hearby request, that you get your sales rep in the state of Utah to get the hell on the job, and get this item back on shelves.  This is the only sauce I will use.  I used to buy it 8 cans at a time, just to have it when I needed it.  
Thank you for at least answering my email in a timely manner.  I think it sucks that there is no grocery chain within a 100 miles of me that stocks this product.  
Thank you for at least giving me the UPC code so I could request it to be brought in to Walmart.  We all know that the only way they will consider bringing something in is if they have the UPC just to know what it is you requested.
Also, be advised, I was being truthful about being unemployed, and would certainly take on a Sales Rep position in the State.    Despite what "some country bumpkins" think, I do not hate my job, I love them, I help them grow, and usually become the "mom" of the company.  

Now, that wasn't too bad.  

Link on up if you have some ranting to do.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Spy - Opposite Patterns


Are you ready for some fun times.  I know that I am.  

We give you 2 prompts, this weeks are Opposite Patterns, and Your Choice.  The second prompt will ALWAYS be your choice.   You can use any type of camera, and do anything you want to them, just join on up and show us what you have.

Now, I have to say, sometimes Miss Christy's Mad Mind, comes up with some doosies.  Like Opposite patterns.  You know it's bad if I'm looking up on the internet to see what she means.  But that is why I love her so much.  She makes me reach deep inside and forces me to become a better photographer.  

This week, I went into a photography site that Joey from Joey's Pad turned me on to.  It is called PhotoFunia.  It is a fun site to make your photo's just a smidge different.  Lets get started.

Opposite Patterns

Miss L and Miss A.  Facing opposite ways.  

Mr. C giving us the thumbs up and thumbs down.  Two opposing patterns.

Miss O and Miss A laying in opposite directions.

My Choice

I love to go to Dollar Tree.  You just never know what bargains you are going to find week after week.  I got a huge kick out of this section of the store.  You have all your feminine needs, plus, just in case you have a marijuana problem, you can pick up a test for that too.  Because I don't know about you, but when I'm trying to think like the store manager, I always think to myself, yes, people will totally check the vagi-cure aisle for their drug test.   (bottom right hand side if you don't believe that that is what it really is)

There you have it.  Another weird week of my thoughts in photo's.  This has just got to prove to you that anything is open for interpretation.  

Next Weeks Prompts
Nostalgic 5/17/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Clouds  5/24/12
Electric 5/31/12

Monday, May 7, 2012

OMG, There's Dinosaurs In My House

May 6

Big day in our family. 
My Mother-in-law, Myself, and My Daughter each gave birth on that day.  
You know, when you say it that way, I see 3 women, going through labor, and then laying in a bed holding a newborn baby.  All 3 were boys.  All 3 were the second born child.  All 3 have the same personality.   And I love them all to pieces.

Mr. C is all about dinosaurs.  Has been since he was just little.  He can tell you things that you would never know about them.  He can name them all.  All he wanted for his birthday was for his family, both sides to come to his house for a party.  My daughter is the best ever at parties.  (no, she didn't get it from me).  We had dinosaurs everywhere.  


Happy birthday to my husband, son and grandson.