Friday, September 30, 2011

Time For Sensible Shoes, Unless You Are Heading In To Spring

A Daft Scots Lass

Oh Gillian.  I told you to not fret.  This weeks Friday Shoegasm deserved a whole post of it's own.  

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are in Fall and heading towards Winter.  Therefore, the shoes of this post are going to reflect that.  If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, well, just enjoy.

All the following were found on .  I will be showing the ones that I bought for a better deal than I post.

Let the oogling begin.
Carlos Santana $128.99
IF, I could wear heels, how freaking cute are these.

Fergie $168.99

Report $79.99

Zodiac $199.00

Fergalicious $64.99
Dr. Scholls $58.99
I have this pair, but I bought the knock offs from Tar-gette'
I think they were like $19.99 :)
Report $30.00
This is the pair I just bought.  Me and the D.I.L. both bought a different pair of boots that were already at a half price, plus free shipping.  Yeah, we rock like that.

Report $50.00
So, so, cute

There you have it.  Some priced for those that have the money, others priced for those, like me, that don't.  

Dear Fracking Sports Figures

September is drawing to a close, and besides it being month end today at work, it is also time for my weekly link up with Christy and Boobies.   I'm still a little miffed that Boobies has such a cool name, but I'm not going to flip her off this week.  I do have my nice moments.

Dear Fracking, Wah Baby, Sports Figures 
Get back to fracking work.  You poor things.  You are all bent out of shape because the owners need a bigger percentage of profits.  Well, I would hope to shout they do.  They are paying your fracking salaries, the utility bills, the other workers wages, and all so you can make, 12 million or more.  Give me a break.  The normal people of the world would love to make your money.  We get up, go to work everyday.  Shut up about how much so and so is making.  Oh, I can go over to Europe and play basketball.  Good, go over there.  I hope you pull an Achilles tendon or something.  Would serve you right.

Thank goodness I was able to witness the karma bus stop at the house of Steven Powell, father of Josh Powell, the "person of interest" in the case of his missing wife Susan. 
You are a weirdo.  You are a pedophile.  You are a peeping tom and a sick pig.  Who the frack needs 15 computers in their home?  How can you be so delusional as to think that your daughter-in-law was sexually attracted to you.  I hope that you get a really cool and awesome cell mate.  I realize I shouldn't judge, but really, taking photos of your next door neighbors little 7 and 10 year old girls while going to the bathroom and taking a bath.   Please justice system, give this guy a good long sentence.  That is all I ask.  
One other thing, please do not let the Casey Anthony jury people be on his jury.   

That's all I got for this week.  Shocker I know.  The most surprising thing, no pictures of stupid drivers.  It must have been a good week.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

X-actly What I Mean

It has come to my attention, that you have giving your students a very hard report to do this week.  Dazee begged me to tell you that 
a) she's very sick
b) the dog ate her homework
c) she's visiting relatives out of State.
I sat that girl down and made her do her report.
Please give me a call or email if she gives you any more trouble
Mrs. Dreamer

The Letter X

A report by

Dazee Dreamer
4th Period Writing

Long ago, in a far off land, there lived dinosaurs.  They roamed the earth, scaring all those in sight.  

Of those dinosaurs lived the fiercest of them all
The Xenosaurus

*slender-bodied Mexican lizards having the upper surface covered with tiny granules and tubercles*
Wait.   What?  Little tiny lizards.  I would have thought that with the name of Xenosaurus, they would have been of the stegosaurus family.  That's what I get for thinking.

Well then, lets try this one

*A house for the reception of strangers*
*In the middle ages, a room in a monastery for the reception and entertainment of strangers and pilgrims, and for the relief of paupers.*
Ok.  so let me get this straight.  You put the lime in the coconut, you mix them all together......oops.
The monks are going about their silent business.  A big neon flashing sign is welcoming all the strangers, pilgrims and paupers.  They are holding a reception that icky awful yummy looking food like in Sister Act 2.  There is going to be some type of entertainment, which includes, singing of the monk hymns and such.   

The scary one, the "relief" of paupers.  Just what kind of relief are they seeking?  Oh, my bad, they are seeking the food and entertainment and maybe even the bathroom facilities.  What?  They are seeking "relief".  

As you have learned by now.  I tend to steer away from the normal.   I couldn't bring myself to talk about Xanax, X-Rays, or Xanadu.  

And I totally got this turned in before the end of class.  I so rock.

I'm Being Featured

Wow you guys
check this out

I'm being featured over at

Click on over and check me out.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Spy 9.29.11


September is almost over.   Where has the month gone?

Time once again to join Christy with Her Mad Mind, and myself for our photo meme, I Spy.

I am so excited to see what you all have come up with today.  Because you see, I have faith, faith, faith (done in my best George Michaels singing voice) that we are going to get more link up's every week.  

So grab the code over there for the I Spy button and lets get ready to rumble.

We love your photo's.  We love that you don't do this for a living.  Or if you do and you are linking up, awesome.  But mostly, we want you to just show us what you got.  You can use any type of camera.  You can spruce them up or you can just upload and post.   

I love to let my imagine be my guide.  

My Piano Bench

My Angel.  He has his own bench.  
(he is not attached to it, therefore it's a bench)

Miss A on her 4th birthday.  I caught her "I'm Embarrassed" face.
Her mom made her cake, and oh man, delicious

Now show us what you got.

Next weeks prompts:

Sign (s)
Your Choice

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shhhhh, I'm Pretending To Work

Nope, not in the mood to work today.  I know, and this is different because?

First question of the day

Well, does it?

I'm good to you guys.  No really I am.  I am helping you with your "pretending to work". Yeah, you will be looking at your computer screen, boss will never know.  
You're welcome.

Do you need some Christmas present idea's?  Here is the site for you
Why did you buy me that?

I know some of you get all hot and bothered over Tom Selleck.  He never did much for me.  But, if you want to see how his moustache would look on other well known people, check this out.
How would anyone else look in Tom Selleck's Moustache

This last one is by far my favorite.  I might just have to do this a lot today.  What?  I told you, not in the mood to work.  Just don't tell my boss.  It's our little secret.....

Last question of the day
Have you been taking photo's for this weeks

Bloggers Choice

Let your imagination be your guide.  Benches come in all shapes and forms.  They call the houses up on the east side that are nestled against the mountain, The Bench.  See I could take a photo of that.  But I won't.  Just trying to give you ideas.  Christy and I are just two average gals giving you all a chance to show off what you got.  Judging from photo's I've seen on all your blogs, you all do a great job.

The meme is every Thursday.  Be there or be square.  Or maybe I will just kick you square on the butt........ your choice. mmmwwwwaaaaahaaaahaaaaa

Monday, September 26, 2011

Give Me A Effing Break!!!!

Just opened up our new medical insurance packet.  To say that I am pissed is an understatement.  I realize that a lot of you don't even have medical insurance.  But hey, lets keep paying for the wars, cuz that is far more important than helping american's with health insurance.  

We got the new and improved awful insurance that is all the rage this year.  I would drop my medical insurance here at work if I could.  But being Type 1 diabetic, I need it to be able to AFFORD to get my insurance, oh and to say, STAY ALIVE.  But hey, you need to come up with $3000 out of pocket first.  

But, GOOD NEWS.  Got our newest insurance packet in the mail on friday.  Which, rant, Insurance and IRS shit always arrives on friday so you can't call and get all pissed off over the weekend.  They are hoping that you will calm down by Monday.  

On to the good news, it is now $3900.  Can they change it in the middle of the year like that?  Does anyone even care?  

A lot of republicans could give a rats ass.  Make sure we get our bombs, and shit, but to hell with you that need something TO KEEP YOU ALIVE!!!!

Calgon Take Me Away

Oh and guess what else.  Remember the post I did about my mom and dad being taken to the cleaners on their house.  They just got notice they have to be out in 2 to 3 days.

What a freaking crock of shit!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Room

Oh dear, Jenny is mad at someone.   Last week, 32 words in song form.  This week, DIALOG ONLY.  Did you just see that?  I will say it again, DIALOG ONLY.  Good heavens, whichever one of you have spit in her cheerios, I promise to hunt you down, and hurt you.  Oh yes I will.

So, she's given us a few more words to work with.  Jenny, that was just way too kind of you.  And I'm saying that in a, don't get pissed at me like you are pissed at someone else kind of way.  I'm grateful.  

We get 150 words plus the 6 word prompt (156 words) for our little story.  The prompt is in blue.  


 “I can’t believe Jonah just told us he has a secret room in his house?”

 “I suspect he is just trying to get us to visit him there.”  

 “I would never go there, haven’t you heard about his missing wife?”

 “What are you talking about?”

 “Well, just a minute.   Joe, one more please”

  “Are you seriously ordering another martini?

  “If I’m going to tell you about his wife I am.  One day while I was visiting, Jonah called and said he was on his way home.  She got the oddest look on her face and asked me to please leave before he got there”.


 “She said he got really mad about people being over there and would take it out on her.”

 “What? How?”

  “All she said was that he had a ‘special room’ where he took her when she didn’t follow the rules”.......

I admit, I love everything murder mystery.  I do not do well with dialog, so Jenny making us do this week was a stretch for me.  I hope she has a better week so we can do something normal.  *said with a big smile looking right in Jenny's direction*

Jenny Matlock

Friday, September 23, 2011

Please, Get Off The Road

Friday means two things.  Sleeping in tomorrow, and, getting some things off my chest.  I don't know what I would do with Christy and Boobies to make this happen.  Ok, I would just write this stuff anyway.  But come on, I know how it feels to have a photo meme that you want people to link up to, but they are scared.  Scared I tell you.  Well, fine.  You know, imaginations and photo's are the bomb-diggity.

Whilst (my new favorite word) driving home from work on Wednesday, we (my carpool buddy and myself) had just exited I-15 and were heading west.  The car in front of me needed to get over because they were going to turn left at the next light.  Said light was red, so traffic was stopped.  See Miss "I'm too sexy for my sunglasses" over there.  Well, She was just too fracking "important" to let a mere other car scoot in front of her to get closer to the left turn lane.  Wait, what else happened you ask?  Well, there was so much traffic that Miss I.T.S.F.M.S. didn't even make the green light.  Had to sit through another red with the rest of us peons.  I asked my carpool buddy to snap a photo of her sexiness.  Fracking Witch

Further down the road was this fine piece of womanhood.  There was a huge ole, slow moving semi in my lane.  I decided to move to the next lane.  Put my blinker on, look over my shoulder, should have plenty of room.  Until Miss "I Need To Get Where I'm Going" decided that she would SPEED UP so I couldn't move over. Not a good day for Dazee on the roads.  Rage was ensuing.  (shocked I know)

Frack you to a certain male (not related to me at all) that is a controlling poophead.  A big ole bloody diarrhea poophead.  I know for a fact the Karma bus is on its way.  You are lucky you live across the country from me.  Nuff said.

Now, on a serious note.  

My dear friend, Noelle at Because Nice Matters,  needs all the thoughts and prayers for her little baby Emily.  She was born with a bad heart valve, and had surgery a week after she was born.  Here are Noelle's own words. 

(her 4 year old cousin has called her Elimy since before she was born)

Miss Elimy has an infection in her incision.
A serious one.
One that has most likely been growing ever since her surgery, and just in the last week presented itself so that I could see it.
The infection is deep, going all the way to her still healing sternum.
 After being at Primary Children's for just two hours Emily was taken into surgery, where they opened her up and cleaned out the infection.
Her incision was left open, and tomorrow and the day after that, and probably the day after that, they will clean her incision and give her continuous antibiotics.
Thank you guys.  I know Noelle and her family would appreciate all the support they can get.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Jenny Matlock

Welcome one and all to

Jenny Matlock's Carnival of Wonder

We have rides, we have funnel cakes, and we have games.

Step on up and try you luck at


Is that never-ending season of Road Construction getting you down?
Are the kid's constant fighting getting on your last nerve?
Did that one last bill just send you over the edge?
How about the aggravating co-worker that just will not shut up?

Guaranteed to make you feel better as you pound away at those stresses in your life.  

I Spy.....Lamps


Time again for our Thursday Photo Challenge, I SPY.  Hosted by Christy at My Mad Mind, Ange at Names Will Not Be Changed, and myself.  So get your groove on, grab the little I SPY button over there------------- >
and link up your fabulous photos.

Remember, we are not professionals.  We are just normal people, that love to use our cameras.  My secret.  I love .  It makes my photo's look like someone other than me took them.  So don't let not thinking you are good enough stop you.  I mean it.  If I have to come hunt each and every one of you down, to get you to link up, I will.  Got it?  Good.

Up First


Yeah, I kept telling you, let your imagination be your guide.  I went to Lowe's last weekend with Mr. Dazee and took photo's of their "lamps".  I included the cute butterfly and flower outside decorative "lamps".  I thought they were all kinds of cute.

This lamp is in my living room.  I uploaded it to Picnik and used HDR'ish effect.  I thought it turned out rather awesome.  Really pulled out all the different colors in the base.

Bloggers Choice
This is my wine rack.  Yes, I know, tons of wine on it huh.  :)
Do you see my new addition?  The shot glass?   Looks like it has a little home now.  The cute little bunnies.  I made those when my kids were little.  They have their initials of them too.  

Next weeks prompts
Blogger's Choice

Can't wait to see what you guys have done.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Followers ROCK!

Do you remember this little ditty that I wrote for Jenny's Saturday Centus

Well, Ashes from Up From the Ashes did a post today. 
And Guess What??????
She vlogged herself singing my ditty.

OMG, I love that girl!!!!

Go check it out.  She has music on her blog, so before you click on her video pause her music.  She is the cutest thing ever!!!!!

OK, enough of the exclamation points.  

Remember, I SPY is tomorrow.  
Bloggers Choice

Come back and link on up and show us what you got.

Inquiring People Wanted To Know

On Monday I had a little rant post.  I had a fellow blogger mention a group that I and another follower wondered about.  I'm sharing the info with you today. 

They sound like the Brethren to me. I used to work for some when I was a graphic designer. Even as a committed church going Christian I wasn't allowed to go in their house, see them eat etc.

Ah, "those people": the reason when people ask me what my 'spiritual preference' is I just kind of smile not-so-innocently and plead the fifth.
They make me sad... and a little sick because the rest of us have to deal with the image they flaunt so haughtily to the rest of the world. Yay us.
LL Cool Joe, what are the Bretheren? I've never heard that term before.

I emailed Joey for more info.  He was kind enough to email me back this link.

And now, for your viewing enjoyment.
From my favorite movie of all time
Please do enjoy

I so wish I could have been part of this.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Imagine If You Will

Dearest Readers Of My Blog

You are about to enter
Dazee's Dream Zone
Do Not Adjust Your Screens

You have noticed by now that my blog has referenced "Dreams and Crazy".  I am now going to take you into my dream world of Sunday Night.  I realize these dreams happened during the night of which my post yesterday was all about.  I have figured out that my dreams have a lot to do with me compartmentalizing the days happenings.

Dream #1
I was at church.  Stop laughing.  In the hallway, there were snakes, and lizards, and bears, oh no.  Wait, there were no bears.  I was in charge of the little children.  (scary).  We were out looking at the s.c.a.r.y.  predators when one little girl decided to get brave and stick her head up by the cage.  Why was she able to do this?  Because its the freaking dream world.  This upset said huge lizard, who proceeded to crawl right up to the little girl and bite and hold onto her lip.  Now, even scarier, the little girl bled green blood.  About the color of the above picture.  Running around, it would not let go, I grab her screaming, dripping green blood all over the place,  and looking in rooms for her parents.  Said parents were found but couldn't give a rats ass that she was injured. 
Fade to black.

Dream #2
(wow, that countertop kind of looks like mine, scary even tho I got this shot off of google, du-du-du-du)
While at the same church, there was a dinner thing going on.  Yeah, me, food, what's your point.  
We all know that me and any type of pastry are like this *crossing fingers*.  I go to the table that has brownies that are shaped as, well, poo.  I ask the lady that made them, are these brownies?  Yes she said, so I grabbed one and took a HUGE ole bite.  Proceeding to chew and then gag, and then spit out.  
What The Hell!!!!  
They tasted like poop.  Now, I have never eaten poop.  My name is not Hilly. (tee-hee-hee).  But you can imagine what it was like.  I have to say, I woke up still feeling nauseated and puking yesterday morning.   And couldn't wait to brush my teeth.  Yuk, phewy, sick.

I understand what my dreams were saying.  No need to analyze.

On an extremely awesome note.  Look what I got.
(excuse the photo, it was taken in a flash, hahaha, I said flash, get it)

Thanks to one of my awesome followers, Vicki at Just Call Me Jake, Not found in stores anywhere,
and not many people can say they have a shot glass from "Area 52".  
Yup, she's awesome!!!!

I promise to take a better photo and probably put it on this Thursday, I SPY, which all of you are going to enter.  Right?  Of course Right.

Remember, the prompts are
Lamp(s) (let your imagination be your guide)
Bloggers Choice.

Be there or be square.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Some People Suck

Ok, so, ummmm, I'm going to rant today.  I'll try to rant in a humorous way, but I'm not promising it will happen.

Some people suck.  There I said it.  But don't worry my little chick-a-dee's.  I'm not talking about any of you.  You guys rock my world.  Hell, some of you even want to hang out with me. 

Speaking of which.  I sent a friend request to my long lost school friend.  I know she has been on facebook because I saw she changed her profile picture.  She is ignoring that and the private messages I sent her.  So, I'm over it.  I guess you really can't go back to some things.  Besides, I just might not be religious enough for her.  

Which brings me to my rant.

As most of you know, my daughter and her family live in our basement apartment.  Next door there lives a family that has kids about the same age.  They are of the "religion of Utah choice".  Their kids USED to be able to play with my grandkids.  But only outside.  The other night we were babysitting the kids while their mom and dad went on a date.  The kids next door asked if the grandkids could play.  They asked us and of course we said they could.  Then they were told, but you can only come into our backyard, we can't play at your house.  Fine, they FINALLY got grass this year, so all is well.  About 5 minutes after they went over there, they were back.  "Their mom and dad said they had to come in".  My grandkids are not allowed inside their house.  Their kids have come into the apartment, but get in trouble when they do.  Also, their kids are the type that ask the grandkids to come in and ask either their mom and dad, or me and Mr. Dazee for food.  Otter pops, ice cream bars, candy, you name it, they know us grandparents have stuff around to spoil them.  I'm thinking that if my grandkids went over there and asked them to go ask their mom and dad for something to eat, they would be grounded for life.  

It just really pisses me off.  We are good people.  NO we don't go to church.  Doesn't mean that we are scum of the earth.  We are making our backyard kid friendly so that kids can play back there and not be out on the street.  We don't party all night.  Yes, we drink coffee (OMG, tell me it isn't true), but I tell you what.  I know for a fact that my daughter, her husband, and Mr Dazee would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.  But you see, we are BAD.  We aren't the religion of choice.  Sidebar:  I am but I don't go any longer.  As do my kids.  This kind of behavior finally got to me.  

NO ONE, and I mean, NO ONE, is better than anyone else.  I don't care what you believe in, what color your skin is, or even your political views.  We are ALL part of the human race.  There are bad people in every race, religion and political arena.  

I lived with my own kids being treated different because of the religious outlook.  But I will be damned if I'm going to watch my grandkids be treated the same way.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.......Well, people that feel like that are better than anyone else will be seeing my fury soon.  Because Earth hath no fury like a grandmother scorned!!!!!!!

Rant over.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

In The Autumn

Jenny Matlock

My oh my.  Jenny has done it this week.  I thought it would be easy.  That's what I get for thinking.

We usually get 100 words.  No, not this week.
She gave us the prompt, which is in blue, and gave us a whole whopping 32 words to use.  Oh and did I mention that we have to put it to the TUNE OF TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR?  Yeah, good times.
But, because she is so kind and all, we can use a picture.  Thanks Jenny.  You are all sorts of awesome.

Now, before your little eyes, and humming to yourself
my masterpiece
(lalalalalalala, just loosening up the old vocal chords)

In The Autumn                         

Now, I've done my work if you go around singing this little ditty.  Go ahead and vlog yourselves singing it.  I won't mind.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Yup, They're All Around Us

How was your week?  Mine was super long.  I'm so glad that Friday is finally here.

As with every Friday, I am supporting my girls Christy and Boobies in their Friday meme, Frack You Friday.  Besides, it gets stuff out of my head to leave space for next week.

Are you ready for some weirdo's??
(to the tune of Are You Ready For Some Football)

To our Cleaning Lady at work.  I know this isn't all your fault, but frack, you forgot to leave the women's restroom key.  You so kindly took it with you.  Yes, we lock our door to keep the weirdo men from using our restroom.  We should never be locked out.  We have to find other ways to get our relief.  My bladder was not a happy camper.  Don't ever do that again.

To the weird lady in the car next to me.  What the Frack!!!  You are using an eyelash curler.  Are you for real? Maybe I just don't understand eyelash curlers.  I don't use one.  But you looked like a freak.  K.  Do that crap at home.

Hey you, yes you, car that I shot the photo of.  Your light was a straight through light, not a fracking turn right.  So when I get in my lane after turning and your are right next to me somehow, don't EVEN look at me and stare me down while I'm looking at you staring you down.  Yeah, I take pictures of dumbass's like you.  I bet you even get into the HOV lane with only you in the car, and cross the double white lines doing so.  Jerks like you shouldn't be driving.

Dear Jeep Manufacturers and people that drive them.  This fracking new model of Jeep looks like a hearse driving down the road.  This photo doesn't even do it justice, but I had to get it somehow.  IF you feel the need to own the hearse special, get it in a color other than black or white.  I really half expected to see a coffin in the back.  Yikes.

I mentioned on my Wishful Wednesday post that I was lucky enough to go get my lab work done.  It was not good times for Dazee.  This was the first time I have ever cried while getting it done.  Yes, Mark, I told them to do my hand, and to please use the butterfly thing.  Mr. Fracking Inept stuck the needle in my hand, missed the vein, and continued to do the whole move the needle around trying to "stick" it somewhere.  If you have small, deep veins like me, this is not a good time.  That didn't work so lets try my right arm.  Stick, no vein, move around the needle, cause me pain.  Fracker.  Plus its always a fasting lab work, so pain and agony on top of an empty stomach makes you a little nauseous.  Oh dear, this isn't working.  Gives up and goes gets a more seasoned person.  Yippy-ya-fracking-hooey.  New dude is giving me crap about my deep small veins.  Watch out dude, my hand is sitting there right where it can slug you in the family jewels.  He wasn't even going to take crap from my veins.  Put the tourniquet so tight that I could feel my pulse in my hand.  Then ever so NOT GENTLY, shoved that needle into my left arm.  That's it, that was the one that put me over the edge.  It hurt like a, well, I'm not going to say it, but you can kind of guess what I was going to say.   I'm used to needles.  I'm diabetic, they are a fact of my life.  When he needs to get some blood drawn, I hope he calls me to do it for him.  Yeah, "this will just hurt a tiny bit".  

So, if you have some grips to get off your mind, head on over to Christy's or Boobies and link on up.  Try it, you might like it.

PS:  Speaking of trying it and liking it, remember next Thursday's I SPY prompts are
Bloggers Choice

Dazzle me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Instant Karma

Time for my weekly report, requested by my teacher

Today's report is brought to us by the letter

I really wanted to write about
The Voluptuous Vixen playing her Violin while Visiting.  But that wouldn't be PG and would make you Vomit.  Plus, Miss Jenny would have given me an F.

I instead have picked a subject that could be near and dear to my heart

VooDoo Dolls
(and not the group)
If I really felt like voodoo dolls worked, I would have a plethora of them.  Ok, maybe not that many, but there are a certain few people I know I would use them on.  

Why, you ask?  There are some people in my life, that I just don't want to have to wait any longer for the karma bus to show up and get them.  

Here is one scenario.  Someone decides to badmouth me or my family.  
"Oh, do you need this tooth?",  while yanking it out.  "Nope, you don't".  "How about that tongue, lets just take a little slice out of it".  Bwaa-haa-haa.

I actually think that if people were able to do instant karma, there would be a lot more love going on in the world.  I know I certainly wouldn't want body parts all of the sudden falling off or hurting.  No-Sir-Ree

I must go now.  I have a certain shop I need to stop at..............

Jenny Matlock