Saturday, July 31, 2010

Show Me Saturday - Childhood Toys

Renee's Ramblings

My good friend Renee at Renee's Ramblings is having her Show Me Saturday about Childhood Toys today. I was so excited to link up with her. Click on her cute little button and go check her out or link up yourself.

I went looking for pictures in google. One, because we all know that I love the pictures, but also, because I really wanted to see my favorite things when I was a kid.

When I was a kid, we didn't have video games, cell phones, only 3 channels on the tv and they were in black and white. We had to find things to do. We had great times. I feel sorry for kids nowadays, they just don't know fun. Anykidthing, I would spend hours playing jacks. Of course, we used golf balls. Not the stupid little red ball that came with them. We needed more bounce for our buck. I have to say, I was a pretty good jacks player.

This one was kind of hard to find. Not that roller skates themselves were hard to find, but 60's roller skates. Mine also didn't have those schnazie red shoe laces, but that would have rocked. I LOVED to roller skate. I remember when I got my first "shoe skates". Oh my. Could life have gotten any better. We had an awesome kidney shaped cement patio in the back. I would be out there for hours rollerskating. I wanted to be just like Peggy Fleming (yeah, so?) except on roller skates. I would even put things on the ground to teach myself how to "jump" over them. haha.

OMG. My heart started racing when I found this picture of Baby First Step. Santa brought me her one year. I can't even remember what year, but you know, when you finally see an old friend again, you get all twitterpated. I kept her skates on at all times. She was just like me, a roller skater. We were going to be professional someday.
Oh to be a kid again. Not a kid of this generation, but one where you found fun stuff to do, and were outside in the summertime from dawn until dusk. Oh the memories. (insert picture of me here with the longing to be a kid again look on my face.....)
Renee, thanks for having this linky today. It really brought back some fun things in my life.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Flip-Off's 7.30.10

Friday, friday, bo-bidee, banana-fana-fo-fidee, me-my-mo-midee, Friday. Here it is again. Love this day. Once again, shouting out to Gigi at for this chance to clear my head.

Dear Chevron Gas Station by my house. You know, if your pumps aren't working, put a little note on them. Or those cute little sack things you put over the gas pump nozzles. I saw you 2 walking in, busting a gut. Probably making fun of us poor saps. You made hubby try one pump and then drive to another one. He got mad. Ok. I don't like hubby mad. I finally pushed the "talk to cashier" button, and oh, laugh, laugh, the pumps aren't working. Yeah, well, take my first flip off of the week and pump it.........................

To the makers of the plastic that seems to have to surround every freaking thing that we buy anymore. What the hell. Do you have to make it so hard to get said plastic off the damn item. Oh, and this was just a measuring tape. I know that they probably have legs and are walking out of the store, but really, either, put some kind of instruction on the best way to open without having to go to the hospital for stitches, or have an "open here" like on string cheese. Until then, take you hard plastic, wrap yourself in it, and take this............................

Now for my beloved double flip of the week.

To the Inguinal Hernia that decided my cousin Michelle's little girl just hasn't had enough going wrong with her little 6 year old body this year. You suck. You made little Miss A have to go through yet another surgery.

Little Miss A, got really sick in March. Started turning yellow. Went in and had tests. Her liver was failing. She was put on high priority for a transplant. Mom and dad got checked to see if they could donate. For some reason, neither of her parents could donate. They started asking friends on facebook if they could help. Luckily, some wonderful person had put on his drivers license that he was a donor, and his liver became available, in just the nic of time. Here is a picture of her cute little body after the surgery.

What a brave, brave girl. So, hernia, I hope you are happy now since she had to have surgery yesterday. I hope you are all cozy being locked away where you belong. So here you go, take the double flip, and stick it.!

Time for my big kiss of the week. I am awarding it to my cousin Michelle, and little Miss A. For being troopers through this whole process. I for one, know that I wouldn't have been as strong as either of them. This time she didn't want to have the surgery. The following is what her mom posted on facebook yesterday.
Miss A's surgery finally got started at 11:00 (instead of 10). She was so scared this time and was crying. She said, "I'm really gonna miss you when I'm asleep." I was holding her hand while they put on the anesthesia mask, and when she started to slip into sleep she waved goodbye to me. How sweet is that?

Yes Miss A. You are sweet, and so is your mom. For both of you being so brave and strong, with heartfelt emotion, I give you the Big Kiss Award.

As awful as death is, remember, if you are a donor, you can save the life of someone like Miss A.

Kind Of Bummed Today

Ever seen an Adam's Apple up close?


Holy Mushroom

I really want this bumper sticker

I'm feeling a little bit better now.
Back to Work

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Petal Fun

What Do Flowergirls & Ring Bearers Do After The Wedding?

A little piece of heaven!!!!

Kamikaze Fly

I'm thinking that there are fly boot camps out there. You know. Recruitment, basic training, drills, graduation. And then, the granddaddy of them all, DEPLOYMENT.

I'm sure in the fly world, there are all ranks of flies.

You have your Private. I'm sure those that just didn't have the skill, are sent to the shit pile. I can hear their captain now. "get over there on the double and bring back some shit".

I'm thinking the Corporals job is the, "bother them while they are eating" group. I can see them in their little training sessions. "what you see here, is a plate with a sandwich, potato salad and a pickle. If you want that squishy sensation, land on the potato salad. You can then take your little arms and rub your faces with it and it will just be like going to the spa".

Then you have the General. The big daddy of them all. He is the guy that you see enter the room, slow and steady, and is soooo huge you can see all his stripes. Notice how all other flies stand at attention when he arrives. He dares you to take the fly swatter to him, knowing that if you do it too hard, his blood and guts will get all over everything. Therefore, you usually just wait for him to go check on the other troops.

But the most elite group is the Kamikaze group. These are the ones that are sent on secret missions. They have been promised 81 fresh cow patties for their mission. They are the ones that will attack your head, your face, your hair. They have no shame. They are going in for the bomb. You in turn, are sitting on the toilet, ready to kill. (what, I was on the toilet, ok, geez). Out of the blue, bbbbuuuuzzzzzzzzzz, hitting you in the head. These guys have no shame. They know that one wrong move, and they are dead. But they don't care, because, they are going to be paid well for the job.

I am making it my mission to take out all Kamikaze Flies. They will not win me. I, WILL, PREVAIL!!!!!!! SAA-LUTE

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Minute with Dazee

Monday Minute

I've been reading some answers on other people's posts today, and they have cracked me up, so I have decided to link up. Click on the cute little button to check out more.

1. Who is your "what-if" person?(What-if person being what if I married this person or am now in a relationship with "this" person)
Gosh, I've been married so long, that there isn't a what-if person. Unless you want to count Shemar Moore. (I know, I know, I need to get over that piece of chocolate goodness).

2. What is your nickname?

My hubby calls me cutie. Not all the time, but when he does, my heart still does a little skip and I get a little thrill in my stomach.

3. If you could choose how you died, how would you like to die?
Well of course, in my sleep. I have a huge fear of being murdered. At least in my sleep I won't see it coming.

4. If you could have named yourself, which name would you have picked?
Well, for sure Dazee. But then I would have been made fun of in school. So how about, Chastity. Yeah, no making fun with that name.

5. Who were you named after or for what reason did your parents choose your name?
I was named after both of my grandmothers. Which is ok. But there were some cool names going around when I was born. And supposedly my name is "sexy", but ummm, no way. Sexy to me is Lexilicious. rwarrrrrrrr.

Until next time, this is Lexilicious Chastity Dazee, out...........

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

I don't know about you, but I'm addicted to all shows paranormal. They intrigue me. Ghost Hunters is one of my favorite shows to watch.
Whether you liked Michael Jackson or not, this video is spooky. Let me know if you think it is really a ghost, or someone's shadow trying to fool us.

OMG, my heart is still pounding.

Stupidity at its Best

I know I have mentioned I always have my camera with me. I really want to create a bumper sticker or door magnets that say this:
WARNING: I will take pictures of your STUPIDITY
I make the deposits for work. This sign is at the bank. I'm pretty good friends with the tellers, so I asked if I could take this picture. They thought I brought my camera just to take the picture. Silly them.
Notice the motorcycle rider. This picture was snapped after the wedding dinner. We are driving down the road, just minding our own business when out of the blue, speeding by at a high rate of speed, the dude on the motorcycle. AND HE IS STANDING UP WHILE SPEEDING UP THE STREET. Swerving in and out of traffic. Was in the right hand lane, decided suddenly that he was going to turn left, swerved through 3 lanes of traffic to get to said left turn lane, while STANDING. I do have hubby well trained tho, he was, "you have to get a picture of that".

Can't wait to see what is in store this week.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Wedding Of Brandon & Lizzie

As promised, pictures from the wedding.

Water bottles designed by Lizzie's Mom

During the ceremony. David, the Reverend, is my son-in-law. Back of head, Mindi, photographer

Kiss the bride

Mr. C, Ring Bearer

Left to right. Miss L, Miss A, Miss O, Flower Girls

Uncle Brandon with the grandkids

Hubby, Brandon, Lizzie, Dazee

Wedding cake, made by daughter-in-law Amy
Cake was Red Velvet

"Have some cake"

Groom & Bride

Oldest son Justin, Amy, and Miss O

Daughter Mindi, David, Miss L, Mr. C, Miss A

Family Portrait
As you can see, we kept it in the family.
Reverend: Son-in-law David
Photographer: Daughter Mindi
Cake Maker & Decorator: Daughter-in-law Amy
Best Man: Son Justin
Ring Bearer & Flower Girls: Grandkids

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday Flip-Off's 7.23.10

It's a great day. I'm not at work, and it's Friday Flip-Offs, when I get those things that have gotten under my skin, off my chest. Thanks again to Gigi at Kludgy Mom. You make my Fridays a better day.

Dear Restaurants. Why is it that you can't cut the bread clear through? Honestly, do you see how it ended up being flattened? Yes, this is the real picture of the bread we had last night at the wedding dinner for my son. Smashed, just because it's "so cool" to have to tear it apart. You get the first one because, it's just not cool to have flattened bread. So take this with butter and flip it.......................

Dear stupid driver. (does it seem like they are being flipped off every week) Yeah, I have road rage. But this white truck. Honest to god, we are on the off ramp where there is a yield sign, with one lane that you don't even really have to yield. He didn't stop, but he started doing something that he was going, oh maybe 5 miles per hour. Road rage came out, camera came out and words came out. So, stupid driver who almost had me ram up his ass, take this up same ass and twirl............

Dear Warehouse/Order pullers/Drivers where I work. Please stop sending pick tickets through that come with unknown substances on them. I was puking my guts out when this ticket came to my desk. I'm just going to say it's salsa, yeah, that's it, salsa. But I've seen your blood, snot and other things that I have no idea what it could be. I'm going to have to start being like the cashiers at Walmart and wear surgical gloves while confirming your tickets. Congratulations, you are getting one of my coveted flips this week. Here ya go, take it proudly........................

Dear Grasshoppers. You guys suck. You jump in our way. Yeah, little dude, I know you were trying to "blend in" with your surroundings, and you did a good job, but I spotted you by my car door. You wanted to jump in my car when I opened the door didn't you. Ha, you can't fool me idiot. I pulled out my camera instead. Oh, and not only that, but your brother decided that he was going to terrorize my cousin by jumping onto her shoulder while she was taking out the garbage, and had a stare down with her. Ok, he stared, she screamed, and I was on the phone talking with her at the time. Do you know how loud screaming is in your bluetooth. It's loud. So, dear grasshopper and your brother, you have received the most coveted double flip off. I'm sure you will take it to your next family reunion and flaunt it. But until then..........flip it you little suckers.........

Aaahhhh, so releasing. Gigi, I know I've mentioned my never ending, eternal love for you before, but you really have saved some of the idiots I am around by being able to get it off my chest.

And now, the big kiss of the week.

I mentioned that we were at my son's wedding dinner last night. Yesterday, the bride, her mom, me, my daughter, daughter-in-law, and the 3 flower girls (my granddaughters) went for a pedicure. Little girls got their fingers and toes painted. With a flower painted on their big toes. So cute. Big kiss award this week goes to all the girls/and guy, that did them. They must all be in the witness protection program, because none of them would let me take a picture of their face. hmmmm. But they still rock, they put up with a lot of noise and laughter and little girls today (oh, and my 6 year old grandson was there too). And for making all of us look purdy for the wedding today, I bestow the big kiss. Smack..............
Today is the wedding. There will be pictures. Lots of them. I promise I won't overwhelm you, just the bare necessities.

Until next Friday, keep you arms and legs inside, and have fun.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Say What?????

How can stopping at your favorite donut place, turn into heart palpitations, hatred and anger. Well let me tell you. I will start at the beginning.

Back about 10 or so years ago, we lived in a fine, outstanding, all go to the same church, kind of street. Me and the kids were the dominate religion in these here parts. My husband, is not a member of any formal religion. My youngest son, went to scout camp that summer. Him and some other friends were kind of "the scoundrels of the camp". I'm fine with my kids having fun. They are only young once. Apparently, one of the boys in the group, got in mega trouble with his mom when they got home. She made him send a letter of apology to the scout master and grounded him for a month (oh really?) from hanging out with his friends. Well, one day I was coming home from work, and saw said wonder child, riding bikes with a couple of the "good" boys of the church. You know, boys whose dads had high positions in the church. I asked my son if he was allowed to hang out with wonder child, and he said, no he is still grounded. WTF, really? Because I just saw him with the "good" boys.

I let this get under my skin for about a month. Finally, one day, I couldn't stand it any longer. Waited in the church foyer, and finally caught his dad, told him we needed to talk, and we headed to the chapel. Why the chapel you ask, cuz it's the only place that was quiet and no one would bug us. I outright asked him why my son was not good enough for his boy wonder to hang out with. He gave me the bullshit story that he was grounded from hanging out with anyone, but I told him bullshit. Yes, I said it in the chapel, and I wasn't hit by lightning. And I even said, HELL. He was lucky I didn't use the F word.

It was about this time that I started feeling that the people I was hanging around at church, were not good people. They were 2 faced, pieces of crap. Oh, they will act all like, you are cool, your hubby is cool, your kids are cool, but please don't send them over to play. We just can't have it. Your kids will make our kids start thinking for themselves, and we just can't have that. It's not the first time my kids have been shunned from playing with their kids. My daughter had a friend, that she asked if she could spend the night at our house. Her mom brought her and came to the door. My hubby had just asked me to make a pot of coffee. So of course, the house had the nummy aroma of coffee, but after that night, said friend was never allowed to spend the night again. Why? Because, gosh, we might handcuff the kid to the chair and pour coffee down her throat. We are heathens like that you know.

I have left the church. I still believe in God, and try to be a good person. I don't think I have to go and sit every Sunday to be spiritually fed. I have experiences without going, and sitting with fake people.

Anyway, back to my favorite donut place. I go in and ask if they have any cookies. They said yes, but they needed to frost them. So I sat at a cute little table. People kept coming in and getting donuts. All of the sudden, I look up and I see who I think is father of wonder child. Seeing his gray hair and profile, I was pretty sure. So I grabbed my phone and started texting my son, telling him who was there. Made sure I kept my head down and texting away. Did stick out my leg, so he could see my tattoos, and of course, my sassy red hair was ablaze. When they asked him what he would like, it sealed the deal that it was him. You are probably wondering why I wouldn't talk to him. Because, his family is one of those families that I will never speak to again. Thank goodness he left. I know that if I would have gotten eye contact from him, I would have given him the double bird.

Don't ever treat me like I'm a bad mother because I let my kids make decisions about their lives. Yes, I was there to help point them in the right direction, but I did let them make choices. Some of them not so good, but they always knew I loved them, and most the time it was just fazes they were going through.

How I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when he got home. I'm sure him and his dear sweet, good for nothing wife, had the horror conversation about how I have totally gone down hill, have tattoos and sassy red hair. And how "they did the right thing by keeping wonder boy away from my son".

I hate people that are judgemental. Especially if they profess not to be. I don't care what color skin you have, what your religious affiliation is, or what your sexual orientation is. As long as you are a good person, you are ok with me.

Now, where is that cookie..............