Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Spy - Under

Are you ready for one of our harder prompts?  I hope you are.  Christy had the Mad Idea, ok, she didn't, I came up with it, and then it hit me.  What am I going to come up with?  Oh, never fear my Dazeers, I pulled up some trusty old photos and a post was born.  I'm thinking if I can do it, you can do it.  

Here are the very hard, mind boggling rules.  We give you two prompts.  This week they are
Told you they were mind boggling.  You can use any type of camera and spruce it up  anyway you would like.  We are tyrants, aren't we. 


Driving UNDER the Electrical Wires

Somewhere UNDER all that snow is my BBQ grill 


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, 
This was my car.  I miss my Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo.  I could race with the best of them.  
I just couldn't fit 3 grandkids in the back seat.  
Memories, are so beautiful and yet........

Next week join us for a fun and exciting prompt.  I am actually really excited to show you what I have.


And to make things easier for you to find the perfect shot

Future Prompts

Color(s) 3/15/12
Junk 3/22/12
Stuffed Animals 3/29/12
Old 4/5/12

Day Three - Hunger Games Challenge

Day 3: A character you hate that everyone loves

To be honest, I don't hate Gale, I just don't like him as much as other people.  Other than the fact that they casted him as a very handsome guy.  hubba-bubba.

Anyhunger, I just think that because of him, Katniss isn't able to fall completely in love with Peeta.  I love me a good love story.  He does take good care of her mother and sister so he does have his good points.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And Then I Peed My Pants

Not really, but I almost did.

Mr. Dazee has a very dry sense of humor.  Some people don't get it, but people like him that have that type of humor crack me up.  Because of growing up with it, my kids always had the advantage in school if they had a teacher with that humor.  They would be laughing their butts off while other kids were looking around saying, "what's so funny".  Anyway, I bloggress.  (Thanks for that word Joey)

We had a man in one of the cities here in Utah that was being an Immigration Cop Impersonator.  He watched this person supposedly run a stop sign and started following him.  He was making it his business to profile people that "weren't like him" and basically making people's lives miserable.  He got arrested and went to court.  He told the judge that he was scared of this BYU student.  Mr. Dazee just had to make a comment in the comment section.  I swear, he should have a blog.  

Here is what he wrote

Vreeland to Judge: I was so scared of this terrifying man that after I ran 2 stop lights and 21 stop signs to catch him, I almost shot myself to death!! ......then, just when I realized I was even MORE terrorized I ordered him to stand on the curb..........but my fear arose to an unimaginable level so I ordered him to drop his drawers and do the Hokie-Pokie until I calmed down alittle............and i'm STILL having really BAD nightmares about this scary man you're honor.....If you don't mind you're honor, i'd like to ask the court for some monetary damages and any other costs that the Court feels are just.

Vreeland had a gun in his car with him, just so you understand that part of the comment. This dude only got sentenced to 4 days in jail, and he has to take some weird class and do some community service.  Poor guy, got his hands slapped.  

In other fun and exciting news.

This is my grandkid tattoo.  I was told this past weekend that I was going to have to get another butterfly.  YEE-HAW.  I'm so excited.  I've been having the grandbaby craving for awhile and wasn't thinking it would happen.  Two of my kids are done having kids, and my youngest son was the guy that always said, "I'm never getting married",  then he did, followed by, "We're never having kids".  Uh huh.  Never say never.

See, I told you I almost peed my pants.  You shouldn't be jumping up and down when your bladder is full.  Just sayin.

Day Two - Hunger Games Challenge

Day 2 Your least favorite character

Truth be told, this was an extremely hard question.  So because of that, this is the reason I came up with Cato.  He is the one that tries to throw Katniss and Peeta over the cliff when he has become a Muttation.  

Of course, he was kind of creepy during the whole games.

For those of you that haven't read the book.  I understand you not being attracted to do so.  Just know that I was kicking and screaming as I was forced told to read the book.  I'm glad I did.  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day One: Hunger Games 30 Day Callenge

To say that I'm excited for the Hungers Games movie would be the understatement of the year.  So when I was reading Fairdale Diaries post yesterday, and saw that she was doing a Hunger Games 30 Day Challenge I was on it like blue bonnet.  

She actually got it from Hunger Games 30 Day Challenge via: TheMockingJay LiveJournal.  But heck, I'm giving her the credit because without her, I wouldn't have seen it.  

Day One.


Well if I didn't say Katniss then I would  be lying to myself.

She is kind
She is smart
She is important.
Wait, wrong movie.  

She really is all of the above.  I can't even imagine going through everything she does in this series of books.  And when I read books, I become the character so there were many times my heart was beating out of my chest.  

I'm thinking if you enjoyed the books you might just want to join along on the 30 day journey.  Its going to be a ride.

Here are all the categories

Day 1: Your favorite character:
Day 2 Your least favorite character:
Day 3: A character you hate that everyone loves:
Day 4: A character you love that everyone hates:
Day 5: Your favorite fight/battle scene:
Day 6: A scene that made you laugh:
Day 7: A scene that made you cry:
Day 8: The character you are most like:
Day 9: Your favorite quote:
Day 10: Peeta or Gale:
Day 11: Something you hate about the series:
Day 12: A character you wish hadn't died:
Day 13: A character you wish had died:
Day 14: Your favorite tribute (aside from Peeta/Katniss):
Day 15: Your least favorite tribute (aside from Peeta/Katniss):
Day 16: A question you wish had been answered in the book:
Day 17: The worst death:
Day 18: A song that reminds you of the series:
Day 19: Your favorite pairing:
Day 20: Your least favorite pairing:
Day 21: A pairing you don't get:
Day 22: Your favorite book of the three:
Day 23: Your favorite secondary character:
Day 24: Your least favorite secondary character:
Day 25: Your dream cast:
Day 26: Your favorite scene in The Hunger Games:
Day 27: Your favorite scene in Catching Fire:
Day 28: Your favorite scene in Mockingjay:
Day 29: Your favorite thing about the entire series:
Day 30: A book/series that you would recommend  to fellow fans:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ok, You Fracking Won

Oh, the joys of What the Frack.   It helps somewhat to get things out of my system.    You too can have this joy, if you just link up your little rants.  I want to know that everyone has things that bug them like they bug me.  

Dear Fracken Captcha Codes 
I dislike you to the point of almost hate.  I didn't like them on blogs that made me type stupid words that didn't mean anything, but the new way of doing captcha on blogger comments.  I HATE!!!  I can't read small print that well anyway, but then you go and add fracking stupid lettering and such, I'm losing my mind.  I might have to stop commenting on the sites that are using this because by the time I've tried a million times to get the damn letters right, I just want to hurt people.  Please, please, please, if you are afraid of icky comments, just make it so you have to approve the comment.  I love comments and like to comment, but not if I'm going to be in a bad mood and can't remember what was even said on your blog.  

Dear Dude Going Fast Through The Doctors Office Parking Lot
Do you see that?  That is called a crosswalk.  That means, if there are people using said crosswalk, you better fracking slow down.  Yeah, I'm talking to you whoever was driving that car super fast as I was barely getting through the crosswalk on my way into the doctors office.  I understand that if you would have hit me, there were medical people around that could have helped.  But if you hit me even a smidge, I would have not have been very nice to you at all.  So, in the future.  Slow the frack down!!!!!!

Dear El Fatto Matto and Toad Fracker

You have finally done it.  I surrender.  I've tried to put on a happy face.  I've tried to not let you two bring me the frack down.  But this has been a bad week for me.  I'm in a dark place right now about how Toad Fracker  could even be involved in this.  Oh I don't have proof, but I know without a shadow of doubt that you were part of the downfall of Dazee.    But the worst, is you,  El Fatto Matto.  You bought into his slanderous ways.   I'm trying to pull myself out of a dark place.  I have good people around me that are helping.  Just remember, the both of you, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.  It might not be in my lifetime, but IT WILL HAPPEN.  I'm so glad that both of you are so perfect.   Just remember, I'm down, but not out for the count, and do know where some of the bodies are buried.  

Ok, I think that is enough for this week.  Now it's your turn.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Spy - Frozen

Christy and her Mad Mind and Dazee with her dreaming ways, do hereby request your attendance for this weeks I Spy.  The heretofore mentioned categories for this week are


Use any type of camera you have and link on up.  People, I'm counting on you.  I want to bite your neck. oops, I mean, I want to see your photo's.  Get on it, like blue bonnet.


My poor little angel is freezing.  Where is his clothes?

Mister farmer dude, just thought he needed to keep on watering that there alfalfa


Just take a gander at my lunch.  A pepper steak sandwich with everything on it.  Hot peppers on the side, but now they are inside of my tummy.  yum, yum.

There we go.  Another week of fun filled photo's.  

Next weeks categories


Future categories

What is it? 3/8/12
Color(s) 3/15/12
Junk 3/22/12
Stuffed Animals 3/29/12

Monday, February 20, 2012

11 More Things You Don't Care To Know About Me

Oh Felicia, you are such a dear, no really, you are.  Wanting me to bore my poor readers to death with more things they don't care to know about me.  

But, because you were kind enough to tag me, I will play your little game.  I might or might not tag others.  Most the time, those I do, don't play along.  The stupid creeps.  Wait, no you aren't my dear followers, you are the most awesome people I know.  Wait, I have to give it to people that I follow.  This has just become too confusing.

Here is how this little gem works.  Felicia has given me 11 questions to answer.  I in turn, must come up with 11 questions for whomever I pass it on to.  And so on, and so on, and so on.

Let us begin.

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Why?
Haagen-Dazs Coffee.  Why you ask?  Because it's ice cream and coffee all in one place.  Note to self:  must go get some Ice Cream

2. If you could vacation anywhere for a week with your family where would it be and why?
A Hawaiian Cruise.  Because I have never been there and the travel agent said that is the best way to see all of the islands without having to pack and unpack.

3. Shorts, pants or skirts?
Capri's.  Oops not one of the questions.  Too bad, so sad, that is my answer

4. What is the one thing you hope your children learn from you and pass onto their own families in the future?
That family is the most important friend to have.  Friends can come and go, but family will always be there.

5. What is your favorite kind of flower?
I love me the peach colored Rose

6. What do you like to do in your down time? 
I blog, lose at Words with Friends, Pinterest, read.  Love to read.

7. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have three people with you who would they be? Family doesn't count! =)
But, no family.  hmmmmm
Christy, Harry Connick Jr. (her heartthrob) and of course

8. What is your favorite board game?
I don't play many bored board games.  I would have to say Sorry (the game you nuttbutts)

9. Do you prefer to eat out or to eat it?
I prefer to eat in, and I enjoy making dinners, but I hate, hate, hate the cleanup.  Luckily I have a wonderful Mr. Dazee that tells me, since I did all the work cooking, he will do the cleanup.  
Oh your jealousy is showing.  tsk tsk

10. What do you prefer a cabin in or near the beach, mountains, lake side or woods?
I would have to say a cabin by the lake.  Because there is water but it is peaceful water.  Sometimes when I'm at the beach the constant sound of water rushing and waves gets on my nerves.  

11. What is the one household chore you hate above all the rest?
I really truly hate doing the dishes.  Growing up with a family of 8 siblings and 2 parents, with a mom that cooked a Sunday dinner every night of the week, and no dishwasher, made me hate it beyond words.  Thank heavens for Mr. Dazee.

Ok, I really can't think of who I want to give this award to.  But I am coming up with 11 questions that if you want to answer them, go right ahead.  And please do because I want to know your answer.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!  Oh, and to make it even more fun for me, I have included a link so you can link up so I can read them all.  I know, the pressure you are all now under.  Get on it!

1.  What is your corn-on-the-cob etiquette?
2.  Have you ever won, or has someone won you a stuffed animal at the fair?
3.  What is your pet peeve?
4.  What is your favorite Disney movie?
5.  Have you ever had a feud with your neighbors?
6.  What do you order from your favorite Chinese/Thai/etc, restaurant?
7.  What was the best field trip you went on as a kid?
8.  What is the fastest you've ever driven?
9.  What season of the year makes you the happiest?
10.  What do you think other people think of you?
11.  Do you like your name?  What would you name yourself if you could?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fabulous Fifties

Jenny Matlock

Saturday Centus time.  I'm kind of really liking the assignment  Jenny is having a Tangent About.

As all fine teachers go, they give us a subject that really makes us think.  She thought she could stiffle my creative flow this week, but oh, she was wrong.

The assignment this week is to write an autobiography about ourselves.  
But, and it's a huge ole but


You read that right.

6 whole words.


My 50's.  Oh what a change!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's The Fracken Truth

 The week is drawing to an end.  You know what that means.  
It's time to get our frack on.  Do it, do it.

Dear Little Caesars

Ummm, I know that I have a sick and wrong mind, but really, you should not be having women out being a billboard for you, announcing to the world that they are "hot and ready".  It makes me fracken giggle. 

Dear Life Insurance Dudes 
We just want a fracken QUOTE.  Why are you so pushy.  Little secret.  If you are the lowest price for the best package, you will become our agent.  If you get pushy and want us to sign on the dotted line right the hell now, you have another thing coming.  Go away.

Dear Men Who Have A Problem With Little Teeny Tiny Toe Tattoos
Its your wife's fracken body.  It's a little tiny tattoo.  You want to divorce her because she got it even tho you hate tattoos?  Get over it dude.  It's her body.  By you forcing her to get it lasered off, is a sign of your insecurities, or should I say, ABUSE, of her body.  Guess what.  GET THE FRACK OVER IT.  Your mental abuse needs to come to an end.

Whew, I think I needed to get that one out of my system.

Now its your turn.

For The Love Of Shoes

I haven't done a shoegasm in a while, so I thought I would show you what I've been pinning on Pinterest. (yes, I'm addicted to Pinterest, shut up)

Can I get an,  oh yeah baby on this one.

My oh my

Oh,  if only I could look good in this pair.

And there you have it.  Just a few from my board.  

You're Welcome

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Spy - Shadow


Once upon a time, in two different States far away from each other, were two bloggers.  One was known and Christy with Her Crazy Mind, and Dazee, who has Crazy Daze & Nites.  These two became good friends who shared a passion for taking photos.  They were texting one day, and said the ever fateful words, "we should do a photo blog hop", and so it was done.

Week after week, they would give out 2 prompts.  One was a different item, that would change every week.  The other was always the bloggers choice.  It was the easiest blog hop of all the land.  

The first prompt this week is


If you look closely, you will see my shadow as I took this photo of the snow from my car window.

The second prompt is


I went to Ikea the other day with my friend.  We decided to start out by getting some Swedish meatballs in their cafe, which is on the second floor.  We grabbed a table by the window.    The sky was overcast that day so it was already quite gray.  I looked out the window and even the parking lot was full of dull colored cars.  All except one little Volkswagen Bug.  Not only did it stick out for its color, but it was so small compared to those around.   

Without further ado, here are the prompts for next week.


And they all lived happily ever after


Future Prompts

Under 3/1/12
What is it? 3/8/12
Color(s) 3/15/12
Junk 3/22/12

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How Come?

How come when government officials sign things into law, they use a 
ba-zillion pens to sign their names?

Apparently it started with Franklin Roosevelt and it is because then that stupid pen becomes an artifact.  Really?  Sounds really quite lame to me.  "ooh lookey here, I have a pen that so-and-so used to sign the blah blah blah bill".  La-De-Da.  I could really give a rats buttocks.

That is all

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Field Trip - Tree Houses

Considering the fact that you have all been so cooped up in your wintery worlds (well, some of you are enjoying summer, but you can come too), I have planned a fun filled field trip.

Please stand in line with your line buddy, and have those permission slips ready.

At our first stop we have this enchanting castle inspired look.  I can just see Rapunzel letting down her long hair

Down this next street, we see a quaint little oriental look.  Is that Mulan that I see

I hear fighting in the back of the bus.  Please keep your hands to yourselves.

For our next neighborhood we have a couple that are individual tree house rooms for your trip to the country. 

For a romantic getaway.  Cozy room, nice cup of beverage of your choice, and the one you love.  Could it get any better.

If you are all good, we will stop for our lunch and let you play in the next two.

Before we head back to the school, we are going to see a couple that are for the cats in your life. 

Those are all kinds of cute.

Time to unload you unruly children.  

Please turn in your ideas for our next field trip.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What The Frack - Men Moments

Before I get started today, I just want to let you know that I don't hate men.  This week just had a lot of "men" moments that we will be talking about.  

Join along with getting the fracks out.  It really does make a person feel better. 

Shall we begin?

Dear Out Of State Driver
First of all, it's called "road construction".  Second, yes, the speed limit is slower, but not as slow as you were going.  Not only that, but I saw you doing the classic, "looking down while texting thing".  Get the frack out of my way!

Dear Jacked Up Pick Up Truck Dude
Really?  Do I sense a little bit of the fracken "small man syndrome".  

Dear Dude Behind Me Coming Out Of The Post Office
I realize that you got out of your car a smidge slower than I did.  I also realize that you were behind me going through the door.  I only went inside because I was sending away my Federal Tax Return.  Oops, did you have something fracken important to mail too?  I'm sorry.  My bad.  That means, I was again in front of you going out the door. 
What I didn't fracken think was cool?
You belching behind me as you walked out!!!  No, not the small little, oops, I'm sorry type of burp, the all out war of all war BELCH.  
According to Mr. Dazee.  Some very uncouth boys men will belch loudly if they think you have beaten them at something.  
Well la-de-da.  I'm so NOT impressed.

Dear Suburban In front Of Me

This just fracken cracked me up.  You are safe

Dear Owner Of This Fine Car
I noticed you as we were getting off the freeway.  You pulled away much to fast for me to get a photo of the front of your car.  Thank goodness we had to stop at the next light.
My fellow bloggonians.  
What you see are all sizes of paint lids.  Stuck to the sides AND THE HOOD, of this car.  I really wish I would have been able to get a photo of the hood.  It was terrible, awful.  (said in my best Minnie voice from The Help)  I'm really thinking they are saving up to cover the whole car.  The scary thing is, there is a website stated on the bumper.  I couldn't read it, but wow.  

There we go.  Another fun filled week.  Can't wait to see what the next one brings.

Now, get your frack on and come link up.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Spy - Road(s)


I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for an important date.  haha, not really.  But you might be if you don't join in the fun with Crazy Mind Christy and the ever crazier Dazee.

Big fast-talking rules.
Rememberthatyoucanuseanykindofcamera, big breath, andyoujusthavetofollowtherules, big breath,
Usetheonepromptthatchangesweekly, bigger breath,

This weeks prompts

Your Choice

Busy Road

Mountain Road

Road in Idaho 

This is the mountain behind us that was on fire a year and a half ago

These are the roads the tractors made so if there is another fire they will have to jump the road to continue down

My Choice

This is Miss O.  She never holds still.  Too much going on for her to stop.  I asked her the other day when she was here, if she would stop long enough for me to get a photo.  
Of course, she had to pull a face.
Love that girl.

Next weeks prompts

Shadow(s)  2/16/12
Your Choice

Please join in the fun.  We love to see what you've got.

Future Prompts

Frozen 2/23/12
Under 3/1/12
What is it? 3/8/12
Color(s) 3/15/12