Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Don't You Know About Me?

So, you all know about my bad short and long term memory. Well, awhile ago, I got an award. I could choose from the Sugar Doll or the Blogger Crush. And now, damn if I can't remember who gave it to me.

woo-hoo, Tennessee Mom at just reminded me that it was her that gave me the award. Go check her out!!!!!

I just know that someone loves me. And you know who you are, and please don't be hating on me. K. ok.

Christine at bequeathed the Beautiful Blogger Award to me yesterday. Now I have to come up with yet more things you may not know about me. hmmmmm.
I'm supposed to pass it on to 7 friends and give you 7 tidbits about myself for you to try to understand. I will just say, I love all of you that come and read my blog. It makes me happy. So go ahead, grab the award, because all of you are beautiful bloggers. You can just accept the award, or post something about yourselves as well. I am easily appeased. (might get kicked out of blogger, but I know you would all be there picketing to get me back) :)
1. My first crush was on a sales clerk at the local grocery store. He was soooo hot. And I don't know how old he was, but I was in junior high, and I just knew that he had the hots for me too (not). I would force my friends to go there with me, just in hopes that he was working so we could go through his line. Geez, aren't young schoolgirl crushes just so sick and wrong.
2. I hate wearing shoes. I even hate wearing flip flops but would rather wear those instead of shoes. If I could just go everywhere barefoot, I would.
3. I was born on my grandma's birthday. My oldest son and grandson were born on my husband's birthday. My oldest granddaughter was born on my dad's birthday. hmmm, what's up with that.
4. The Amazing Race is my favorite reality show. I love it because no one gets voted out, it's all up to the racers to actually win it. Not a big popularity contest.
5. I HATE Tom Cruise. I'm always glad when his movies flop. I won't watch any of his movies anymore that I used to watch because he's a dick. When he came out against postpartum depression medication and that how it just doesn't happen, and exercise and diet will cure it, my daughter was going through severe postpartum depression. I hate to say it, but I totally wish his dumb wife would have gotten it so bad that he had the badass karma "what goes around, comes around".
6. The first scary movie that I remember seeing was "The Screaming Skull". This was in the 60's. I was home sick from school.
7. If you fall asleep while typing your text, you will get a bunch of letters like kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Yeah, don't believe me. Your fingers do get possessed. I definitely need to go to bed.
There. I know, boring but true. I need to go to bed. Don't know how they are going to do it, but my daughter, her husband and their daughter Miss L are going to the 12:30 am showing of New Moon. I get tired just thinking about it.
Until later, my dears.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to Po-Dunk err Hagerman Idaho

As you know, I headed to my "cwuason's" place in Idaho a couple of days ago. She likes to say cousins that way, and act all New York accent. I love this girl. I fell in love with this sign the minute I saw it. I guess tho, you might be just a bunch of bones it you stay too long. :)
OMH, this "gym" cracked me up. Notice all the kids toys from the house to the right. Yup, dude changed his garage into the city gym. Bet they have all the newest gadgets.

Hagerman Public Library. Soooooo little. Doesn't even have a restroom. The librarian has to go across the street to the Chevron to pee. But by damn, they were Idaho Public Library of the Year 2005, and damn proud of it. Kudos's to you public library.

While driving to the ends of the earth to pick up her son's piano books, we came across this tractor on a pole. Yup, welcome to this guys house. I so should have had Samantha on at that time. Do you think she would have said, "turn right at the tractor on the pole" hahaha

Cutest coffee place I've ever seen. It's called The Thunderbird. Of course you already saw the yummy mexican lunch that I had on my FO post. Honestly, if this little joint was by my house, I would be there all the time. So freaking cute.

Driving on the freeway I came across these railroad crossing type arms. Ok, some of you are probably from States that have these, but I'm not. According to my cwuason, this stretch of road is from hell if you happen upon a dust storm, or snow storm. So they use to them shut down the freeway.

This sign by far is my favorite part of the whole trip. Ok, not "favorite", but my favorite picture. I saw the game crossing sign, and my weird and crazy brain totally saw all kinds of board games crossing the road. I'm strange, but come on, didn't you think that too?
I've had a blast spending time with my cousin. She is at my house now, and we have at least 5 more days of fun in the sun. Yesterday it was all about us girls. Me, my daughter and my cousin. New hairdo for cwuason, ped's for all three of us. A fun store at the mall where we all got some fun stuff.
Now its back to work, but shortened days to spend with my company.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

FO Sunday 6.27.10

It's FO Sunday. I know, you were all so excited about linking up. :) (ok, maybe not, but I really hope so). Here's the rules. Ha, rules. All you have to do is take pictures of anything you've eaten the last week and make us all jealous. It's that easy. It can be something you made, or ate out. I'm not particular.

FO as per the Dazee Dreamer Dictionary - Food Orgasm

This first picture is not really an FO but they were the sitting on the table at my soon to be daughter-in-law's bridal shower yesterday. I thought they were so freaking cute. I know, you all have probably seen them, but still. And they are her colors for the wedding, plus they tasted good.

This wonderful looking dish was a pork burrito that we had at a cute little restaurant called The Thunderbird in my cousin's po-dunk little town. A mexican food place and coffee shop. So, so, cute. And the frappuccino, it was called a Milky Way. OMG. Chocolate, Carmel, and slathered in whip cream. Yeah FO.

My favorite FO of the week tho was the dinner I made for my sweet hubby. This was the first year it was just me and him. We are having our big family dinner today. What we have here is a BBQ'd top sirloin steak, asparagus and baked potato, slathered with sour cream, and Heinz 57 steak sauce for just a little more zing. And the wine in our cute little flutes, Arbor Mist Cranberry Twist.

Now link on up. I want to see some of the stuff other people consider an FO.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dumb A$$ Previous Owners

When I first started blogging, a whole 3 months ago, one of my first blogs was about our adventures in moving. You can read to fully understand the picture I took the other day.

You see. I went to the mailbox the other day. Got this letter. But wait. It's a "refund" check from the IRS. Yup. One of the 3 families that lived in this house before we bought it, totally did their taxes and DIDN'T PUT A NEW RETURN ADDRESS ON THEIR 1040.

People, are you idiots? If I was expecting a refund, I certainly would have put the right address on it to be able to get it.

But then, I like to get money, especially from the government. I guess yours will go in the unclaimed department.

Just sayin.

PS: FO Sunday is tomorrow. Have you taken your pictures and are ready to link up. I sure hope so. I know I'm not the only one that is having parties in my mouth.

Flip Off Friday 6.25.10

The following little ditty is sung to "tra-la-la-boom-dee-a". For all you young-ins that have no freaking idea what that song it, well you are missing out. la-la-la-la, just clearing out my singing voice. Here goes. It's fri-day flip-off time, it's fri-day flip-off time, it's fri-day flip-off time, it's fri-day flip off time. Yeah, I love friday flip off, so sue me. Thanks to Gigi at Kludgymom for the opportunity to get things out there and out of my head.

Dear people that run over skunks. You stink. You run them over, and then we get the stink for hours on end. Could you try to swerve and not hit them. Really, do you like the br-rump sound as you are sailing over their little bodies. Stop it. For stinking up my car ride the other day, this first one's for you................

To the ice making machine at work. Thanks a hell of a lot for slamming your door down on my hand on Wednesday. I was just trying to clear out some ice that was stuck to your little back wall. Oh but you just wanted to slam down. I was trying to help you. Now I have a nice little bruise on my knuckles. I love you but hate you at the same time. Take this.............

Dear lone egg. WTF. You know who you are. There's one of you in every bunch. You just don't want to be the same as your fellow eggs. Just once I would like to boil some eggs and have all of you look so lovely. You just look so sick and wrong sitting in the pan. For making it so I don't even want to eat you, take this..................

Dear brain. Yes, you, grayish red matter in my skull. What is up with you? How come you tell my mouth to answer the phone at work, and then totally forget who in the hell they asked for the minute you make me put them on hold. Not to mention when I get the "y0u have a text" tone, you make my hand pick up the work phone, and try to answer it. What is wrong with you? You're just lucky you didn't get the double flip. But you are getting this one............................

This weeks prestigious double flip is actually going to 2 different people. The first is to the girl in the Honda, that was way far behind me on my own street, but by the time I got to my house, going the speed limit, you were going so fast, you were right on my bumper as I was turning into my driveway. And you almost plowed into me!!!!!! Slow the F down.
The second double flip goes to the f-er in the Tahoe. Yes you slime ball. You know, when someone is in a lane that must turn, and turns their turn signal on to move over to the lane getting on the freeway, common courtesy allows for said car that is far enough behind to just let them in. Oh no, not you. YOU SPEED UP. And get that "ha-ha" look on your face. I bet you were shocked when I flipped you off in your little suit, being all holier than thou. Oh, and I bet you felt so good that I had to go out of my way because we were on a one way street, to find another entrance on the freeway. You suck and should crash. Yeah, I said it. What you going to do about. Sulk. Some woman got the better of you. Oh I could tell you were that kind of sick man. But guess what? Now all my friends know that you are scum of the earth. You and the girl in the Honda (which both of you happened on the same day), can take a flying crash and take one of the 2 fingers extending their friendship below.........
Ah, I just breathed the biggest sigh of relief. Now I can sleep. Until next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Samantha and I

Today, Samantha and I are leaving on a little road trip. I know, you are searching my past blogs (you are aren't you) wondering, has Dazee talked about a personage named Samantha? Well my good friends and buddies, NO. I haven't. Why? Because Samantha is my GPS. ah shucks, you thought this was going to be a scandalous post. So sorry. But this is how I'm thinking the road trip is going to go.

I get in my car, I turn on Samantha (hey, get your minds out of the gutter). I hear her sexy Australian voice. "Please drive to your route" or some such words. Then she will get mad at me because she will have to recalculate.

We will get on the freeway, and she will ignore me. Yes, I said it. SHE....WILL.....IGNORE.....ME!!! Not to talk until some kind of exit is coming up.

NOOOOOOO, I want dialog. Dazee, how the trip going? Are you getting tired. Oh, I see you have draped a lovely necklace around me. Did you go to Jared? Is it time for a bathroom break. I'm getting hot. Are we there yet, huh, are we? How much longer? Ok, dialog just got annoying. Shut the hell up. Just speak up when it's time to take an exit. Oh and Sam, do not freaking take me the long way. I know you want to spend more time with me, but I want the shortest route. Got it. Now get to work.

I can hear you all now, you are thinking I have totally and completely lost it. Yup, I have.

To show you my love and devotion to you, I will leave you to enjoy this little Ellen moment. As you know, or if you are new here, don't know, I love Ellen. She cracks me up. And never fear my little buck-a-roo's. I might be going to a po-dunk town of approx. 800 people, but they do have internet and I will have my flip-offs ready for tomorrow.

PS: Have you been taking pictures of your FO's? I want this to be the best link up EVER on the Dazee Dreamer site. Get on it like blue bonnet. Sunday. 4 days. I know where to find you. mwaa-haa-haa.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Know it's ?????? When ???????

I stole this from my good friend Renee at Renee's Ramblings. I know she is my long lost twin sister, that I didn't know I had. Go check her out. I know she would love it.

Renee's Ramblings

You know it's____________when_______________________.
How would YOU fill in the blanks? I have a few of my own...
You know it's a bad day when you wake up on Tuesday and think it is Wednesday.

You know it's a bad day when you are behind a ree-aaa-lll-yyy slow driver when a dump truck just passed you both.

You know it's a good day when you have severe road rage, have used every swear word in the book, and that's before you get out of your place of employments parking lot. :)

You know it's a good day when your 2-1/2 year old granddaughter is outside with her little plastic shovel helping bapa landscape.

You know it's time to wake up when the drool is rolling out of your mouth onto your pillow.

You know it's time to go to bed when the drool is rolling out of your mouth onto you chin.

You know it's a good day when Illinois is finally getting all the rain we had for the last month. (sorry Renee)

You know it's a good week when your wonderful husband buys you the digital camera you wanted, and it's not your birthday for a couple of more weeks. :)

You know it's time for a frappuccino when, ...... hell it's always a good time for a frappuccino. :)

You know it would be a cold day in hell if I didn't have at least one picture on my blog. :)

You know it's going to be a crazy day when you see this dude driving on the freeway in front of you, with skeleton faces on his brake lights. (sorry this is the best I could do, he sped up whenever I did. Hope you can somewhat see them)

You know I'm going to hunt you down, and take pictures of your food if you don't start linking up for FO Sunday. (Food Orgasm) It's on Sundays people. I know that you eat during the week. Take pictures and link on up. (yes, I'm begging you, if you don't I might have to show you my beached whale body) bwaa-haha.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday 6.22.10

Its Tuesday. Time to tear um off, stick um on, and post um up. Let's begin.

Need I say more.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shoe Craze

Because I have no life, and because I know that you all just love shoes. I have found the perfect ones for all occasions.

Sit back, eat your popcorn, and as our good friend Heidi Klum on Project Runway would say, "let's start the show".

I know there is someone out there that has a dress hanging in their closet just begging for these.
I imagine these would go really cute with your little back dress.

These probably wouldn't be a good choice for a garden party.

For your tutu delight

hmmm, something fishy about these

Ummm, ?

These are kind of cute in a weird way

You've heard the saying, stepping on the balls of your foot. I also think these would be awesome for stepping on peoples feet that you just don't like. "oh, sorry, did I do that?"

"Lady in Red. Dancing with me, cheek to cheek"
For that date where he just won't keep his hands off :)
Kind of looks like a snail climbed up on this shoe
And finally, the WTF shoe of all shoes

Bet all those vampires out there are terrified of this one
That there are shoes out there that actually look like this. I'm afraid, I'm very afraid.