Friday, June 29, 2012

Really? You Fracking Did That?

Have you ever witnessed something so stupid that you just want to cause a scene and yell at stupid people?  No?  OK, maybe its just me.

The other day while my cousin and I were out to dinner, a young family came in.  Mom, dad, girl about 6, boy about 4.  They were seated kitty-corner by us.  I, being the lucky one, was able to see the coming and going to the restroom
I was eating and talking, because, well, I can multitask, and see the little boy go off to the restroom BY HIMSELF.  WTH!!!  Do these dumb parents not know that there can be trouble in the restrooms!!!  Oh, they will say, "I didn't see a scary looking person go in".
Really, maybe he/she is already in there.  Waiting.   Besides of which, some of these freaks, Jerry Sandusky, don't look all that scary.   Get some fracking brains and take your young child to the restroom.  PLEASE.

Dear Person That Is Interrupting The Person I Am Having A Phone Call With
We are on the phone.  We are in the middle of a conversation.  You do not own the world or the people in it.  Take your insecurity and get out of the room.  I'm getting mighty tired of you interrupting the conversation I am having with your wife.  Apparently you were raised by inconsiderate monkeys.  Once or twice doing this is ok.  Maybe it's an emergency.  BUT EVERY FRACKING TIME I'M ON THE PHONE WITH HER, is starting to look like a well planned control tactic.  I don't like you.

Have some things that are bothering you?  Grab the little button and have at it.  Inquiring minds want to hear about them.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Spy - Crank


It is I Spy, Hooray
Where we all post some pics
If not, you are such creeps.   :)
(oh I know you all put a  rhyming word there)

Time to join up again with the ever popular Christy and her Mad Mind and myself for our weekly photo show-off-ery.  This weeks prompts are CRANK and YOUR CHOICE.  Link on up, you know you want to.  


I love this crank handle water feature.  It was on display at Lowes.  I think it would look really awesome in our backyard.  (hint, hint Mr. Dazee)

The crank handle on our wishing well.  Mr. Dazee made this.  
Shameless plug.  Mr Dazee has made more of these wishing wells that he would like to sell.  (Not to mention, it would clear out some room in our garage).  Some are large (like this one) and some are a medium size.  


Day Lilly's.  I love this flower.  I love the little planter they are in.  I love the fact that the deer haven't walked up our stairs to our porch to eat them, since they have taken care of all the ones planted in the front yard.  The rats!!!

Last week my mom and dad celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary.  I think that is quite a feat.  All us kids (9 of us) contributed money for a nice photo of the Manti Temple where they got married, and had a plack marker that says their names, wedding date, and 60 years.  The quilt has the same thing embroidered on it.  I have to tell you.  My mom HATES her picture taken.  (hmmm, I wonder where I got that from).  This photo will be a treasure.
I only have 27 more years to go to reach my 60th anniversary.  

Next weeks prompts
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Remember my rule of thumb.  LET YOUR IMAGINATION BE YOUR GUIDE!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I Can't Take Her Anywhere, Number 2

My cousin April is in town.  Oh dear lord, we have way too much fun together.  Just thought I would share this little video we made today.

Friday, June 22, 2012

We Have Fracking Rights Too

Bet you thought I wasn't going to do a what the frack post today, huh.  Surprise, surprise.  Never underestimate my unliking of things.  

We all know my feelings about deer being able to freely come into our yards and eat our vegetation.  This photo was taken today, June 22, 2012, at approximately 2:30 PM.  Thank goodness he is in the neighbors yard.  I'm thinking his hussy girlfriends are out there somewhere.  They have eaten all our roses.  We don't just have one bush, we have plenty.  I fracking do not like deer anymore.  And guess what, H.O.A. from hell.  We are going to put some kind of fencing up in the front yard because we are sick and tired of it.  I promise you, IF you decide to fine us, you better be prepared.  WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!!

We are having a little problemo in our fine state.  We have gun owners that are spouting off their 2nd Amendment Rights of owning a gun.  I believe that people should be able to own guns.  I think they should be able to protect themselves and their property.  What I DON'T agree with, is them being allowed by the Bureau of Land Management to target practice, during the heat of the summer, and start fires.  We have had 20 fires in the last month started by these fine individuals "target practicing".   The most recent fire happened last evening in Utah County.  On a mountain, close to the cities of Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.  As of today, Friday, June 22, 2012, 500 homes have been evacuated and could be lost.  All because some fracken ya-hoo needed to go shooting.  See the latest story here.  Reminds me of a couple of years ago when WE were evacuated because the Utah National Guard decided to practice shooting during a High Wind Advisory of 5, but hey, they are the government.  They can do whatever they want.  WE HAVE RIGHTS AS HOME OWNERS TO NOT HAVE  OUR HOMES BURNED DOWN BECAUSE OF AN ACT OF MAN!!!!!!!

I know I've said it before, and I will keep saying it.  Controlling men this week are making me want to grab a few of them and smash their heads against a wall.  The person taking the abuse HAVE FRACKEN RIGHTS.  They have the right to do what they want.  SEE WHO THEY WANT, SPEND TIME WITH WHO THEY WANT.  To the jerk in particular that thinks I am of Satan, you think I'm Satan now, you just wait.  I WILL NOT TAKE THE ABUSE YOU HAND OUT TO MY FRIEND.  She may be scared of you, but me my non-friend, I am not.  I promise we will spend time together, and she will get back to whenever WHEN  I am ready to get her back.  And I also promise you, that if I hear ONE WORD of treating her badly after I get her home, you better watch out.  I've had it. You don't make me sad, you make me pissed off as hell.   It is not a pretty sight.  

And that also goes for you Splinter
You are the biggest fracken rat bastard of them all.  

***stepping off my soap box now***

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Spy - On The Wall

What do you do in the summertime?  Me, you ask.  I have lots of bbq's and get my family over as much as possible.  One thing I do in the summertime, and year round tho is the photo memo of the year, I Spy, with my co-host and partner in crime, Christy at My Mad Mind.  Just a word of advice, you don't want to see her mad, so you best hope on it and link on up.  

You know the process.  We give you two prompts.  This week they are On The Wall, and Your Choice.   Have I mentioned that your choice is the 2nd prompt every, single week.  Oh yeah, we are hard hosts, let me tell you.  Grab that camera of yours, take some photo's and link on up.  You are missing a great opportunity to show off your craziness, a-la-Dazee, or your madness, a-la-Christy.  It's fun, it's exciting, it's what all the IN BLOGGERS are doing.  


The last time I had my doctors appointment, I spotted this on the elevator wall.  It cracked me up.  Why yes, yes I am on the elevator.  Do my feet hurt too much for the stairs.  NO, but when I get to the doctors office they do a little thing called, checking Dazee's blood pressure.  If I were to climb three flights of stairs, blood pressure would not be good.  Besides, riding the elevator increases my blood pressure too.  But not as much.  What?  You don't worry that the thing is going to stall, or crash.  Yeah, me neither.

I know I've posted this on my blog before, but really, it needs to be seen again as a public service message.  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT walk to your kitchen in the darkest part of the night and not turn the light on.  If you are super coordinated like me, you will do a total face plant into the wall.  Did the house shake when I hit it, yes it did.  Did I scream out in pain and agony, ding-ding, yes again.  Did I leave the impression of my face.  We have a winner, of course I did.  


Miss L decided that she was going to donate her hair to Locks of Love this week.  She had just the right amount that she needed to do it.  


Locks to go to some lucky child

Finished cut. 
I don't even have to tell you how proud I was to be her grammie.  The huge smile on her face the rest of the day was priceless.

Next Weeks Prompts
Crank 6/28/12
Your Choice

Crank can be just about anything.  A person, place or thing.  Get that imagination going.  

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Friday, June 15, 2012

I Think I Have A Frack In My Brain

It's Friday, which means it's time once again for me to get my frack on.  This week is about my brain.  Yeah, that wonderful piece of goo that controls every thing we do.  I don't know about you, but I sometimes think my brain is playing games with me.  Hey, stop laughing.  It's true.

This is my brain

Just doing a little cleanup in there.  Trying to find the trouble spots.

Dear Dreaming Brain
What the frack?  I am working at the White House.  Apparently, I'm working with the Spy Unit.  (now, I didn't dream I was Angelina, or that Brad was my husband, but ummm, yeah, that would have been sweet).  Anyyummylater, we were all in the spy room, watching our monitors, when one of our co-workers, who was from the country we were watching, and was a spy for us, says, "they are getting ready to go to war with the US".  I all of the sudden get so upset.  I leave the room and go look for the President.  I find him in his room, getting into his fatigues and he looks very somber and tells me that he is being taken to one of the bunkers.  Now, here is the weird thing.  I'm like the Monica Lewinsky of the group.  I'm in love with the President.  He takes me in his arms, and kisses me and tells me he will call me when he knows he is safe.  Then he gives me the number to his super secret cell phone number.  But it isn't made of numbers, it's made with letters of the alphabet.  Color me impressed that the President got a cell phone number with alphabetic letters.  
(oh, and no comments on how you hate our current President.  If you could do the job better, you run for office.)

Dear Brain While At Walmart

Yesterday, while my daughter was at school, I took her kids to help them pick out birthday presents for her, since it was her birthday.   We did all our shopping, stopped at the little rip-you-off kiosk they have by the doors, and Miss L had her own money so she wanted to stop and try for a Webkinz.  I'm thinking, it's only 50 cents, and its her money so go for it.  OMG guys, she got the cutest pug webkinz on her first try.  So she tried for another, since she put a dollar in and lo-and-behold, grabbed a little pink webkinz purse, that had a pair of 4th of July star sunglasses that were stuck on it, grabbed it just right and won those too.  She gave those to Miss A.  She gave her brother Mr C a dollar and he tried for a webkinz.  Three tries later, he won a red eyed frog.  You have to know, webkinz are not cheap.  But to get all 4 of those items for 4 dollars was awesome.  There was a group of people watching and cheering by the time we were done.  The people who stock them  also put the most expensive prizes  in there, where they are the hardest to get.  Guess whose taking Miss L to Vegas when she turns 21.  Yeah, this grammie

Anyluckylater, my brain.  
After all the excitement, we walk outside to the parking lot.
We head to my car, which is parked in handicap, because of my neuropathy.  
We get to my car, I'm pushing the unlock button, nothing is happening.  I push it again.  Oh man, do I have to do the manual open with a key thing.  The travesty.  I'm thinking, why did the battery have to stop working now that I have my hands full of a ice cream cake.  errrrrrrrr

Try it one more time, start trying to grab my key to unlock, look at the mirror in the car, and oops, no hanging handicap decal.  The kids are looking at me like, "grammie, just unlock the doors already".  I tell them, hey, this isn't grammies car.  We look over to the next row of cars, and there is mine.  They are looking at me like my brain has stopped working.  Hey, they thought it was my car too.  

Now, I've heard about people trying to get in the wrong car, thinking it was theirs.  But what are the odds of us being parked so close together in handicap.  And, what if, by the luck of the draw, my keys would have opened that door.  Would we have just jumped in, started the car and gone.  I think where my fracking brain was at the time, it might have been a yes.

See, I told you there's a frack in my brain.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Spy - Macro

Christy and her Mad Mind, came up with this weeks prompt, because, well, she is a true photographer.  For a little bit of time, I was contemplating not showing my acknowledge  of what the heck a Macro was.  But then, I got brave, asked her, and she said it is, 
and I quote, 
"close ups"
end quote.

Phew.  I can do that.  And so can you guys.  Get brave.  It's fun.  You get to show off things.  You can even email that stupid boy that sat in back of you in elementary school and poked you in the back and pulled your hair, and tell him, that you have far outreached his knowledge and coolness. 

This week our prompts are MACRO and YOUR CHOICE

**clearing throat, queueing the music**

Let me tell ya'bought the 
birds and the bees
and the
flowers and the trees
and the sky up above.
And a thi-ing cal-led lo-a-a-a-ove


This hummingbird came right up to my son-in-laws shirt last summer when it got stuck in our garage.  

My brother has started a beehive.  We went over the other day to take a look.  You people that have beehives in your backyards are brave, brave people.

While shopping at Walmart last weekend, I stopped at the flower cooler thing and snapped a shot of this beautiful rose.

This one isn't quite as close up as it could be, but I wanted to show you this cool tree that Mr. Dazee planted.   It kind of reminds me of something out of a Dr. Seuss book.


In keeping with the macro prompt, I took a close up photo of Miss L's hair.  She has always had such beautiful natural highlights.  So pretty.  I have to pay money to have stuff like that done.

See how fun that was.  Come on.  Get brave.  The first time is always scary, but heck, once you get into it, you will have a blast.

Next Weeks Prompts
On The Wall 6/21/12
Your Choice

How easy will on the wall be.  You all have walls, you all have stuff on your walls, heck there could even be a fly on your wall.  See, easy.

Future Prompts
Crank 6/28/12
Fuel 7/5/12
Fans 7/12/12
Heirloom 7/19/12

Just remember, thinking outside of the box makes for some fun and different photo's. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ok, Now You've Fracken Pissed Me Off

Remember last week, how I was all cool, nice and happy on What The Frack?  Ain't gonna happen this week.  I try to steer away from all things political and religious, but I feel if I don't say something about the following I'm going to blow a gasket.  That is not a pretty sight, if you were wondering.  

There is a children's book called
It is about a family with 2 moms.   The author was approached by a young girl asking why she had never written a book about her kind of family.

Apparently, a mother of a kindergarten student here in Utah, got her panties in a wad because her child brought it home from school one day.  Click this link to see the story that I watched on our local news.   In Our Mothers House.  

I was livid.   Maybe livid doesn't even cover how mad I really was.  

There are a huge number of children that are in AWFUL homes.   Oh, they have a male dad, and a female mom, but they are being abused physically, mentally and sexually, or just being ignored, but hey, they are in the only relationship that some people feel is appropriate.  Bull-fracking-shit.  

Oh, but "we don't teach hatred or prejudice to our children".    Really, by making a big deal out of your child bringing the book home, getting a petition signed by other "like-minded" people to have the book HIDDEN behind the counter, isn't teaching prejudice.      
Heaven forbid, there is a gay, lesbian, transgender, or biracial couple that would be awesome parents, that WANT TO ADOPT children that others don't feel are fit to bring into their families.  A lot of time they are the older children that are languishing in foster care.  

I love men.  I'm married to a man.   He is not of the same religion as me.  I have had people that didn't let their children play with my kids because he wasn't the same religion as them.  I never understood that way of thinking.  You know what?  My kids turned out to be awesome adults.  A few of these same peoples kids, not so much.   But, lucky for them, both their parents were the same religion.  That makes it all right.

Some of my best friends are in non-traditional relationships.  They love their kids, they are raising them to be awesome adults.   

Just because you don't understand other peoples ways of life, doesn't mean they are horrible, rotten people.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Spy - House(s)


I spied summer the other day.  It was 98 degrees.  Today, if we are lucky, it will get to the grand old temp of 68.  Yeah.  whats a body to do.  Damn mother nature.  Join Christy with her Mad, Mad Mind and myself for this weeks fun.

This week's prompts were super easy.  I am expecting a freaking ton of you to join up today.  Because, listen, you can go out in front of your house, or the backyard, and snap a photo.  See, how hard is that?  You can even use your phone camera.  We are not picky.  Now get on it like blue bonnet!!!!

As I already mentioned, one of this weeks prompts is HOUSE(S) the other, YOUR CHOICE.  Three weeks ago, I went on a little road trip with Vicki of Just Call Me Jake.  We went up to Midway, Utah, a quaint little town kind of by Park City.  I know you all know about Park City, as we did have a lot of the Olympics there in 2002.  Anyexplanations, on with the photos.


This one doesn't really qualify as a "house" but omg, look how they turned this garage into a freaking cute coffee shop.  Love

Midway has a Swiss flair to it.  Every fall they have Swiss Days.  Vicki and I are planning a road trip to attend that.  Here is another house, that someone bought and turned into a realty office.

Another Swiss style home

I have always wanted to buy an older home and fix it up.  I fell in love with this house as we were driving by.  

Then of course, you all know I was supposed to win the HGTV Dream Home, that they built in Midway.  Oh yeah, some lady from PA won it.  From the looks of things, they haven't moved in.  The rats.  I would so have been there.


Three years ago, we bought this waterslide for our grandkids.  We had just sold our home, and weren't anywhere we could put it up.  Finally, this year, we were able to put it up for the first time.  Can you say, BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!!!  We had the family over, except for my oldest son, who had to work.  I so wished he could have been here.  Anyway, as you can tell from the photo, we all had a blast.  When there is water, you just know a water fight is going to happen.  Did it ever!!!  Mr. Dazee even got involved.  
See the cute photo on the corner right there?  
Yeah, that would be my newest grandson in utero.  (not really him, and that is his umbilical cord you sickos).  I have to say, my daughter-in-law puts up with my silly ways, and was cool about holding the picture so he could be represented.

As you can tell, the slide was enjoyed by all.  It is huge.  If you are an adult 200 lbs or less, you can even take a slide, as my son-in-law did on the second photo from the left.  

This summer is going to be a blast!!!

Next weeks prompts
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Your Choice

Future prompts
On the wall 6/21/12
Crank 6/28/12
Fuel 7/5/12
Fans 7/12/12

Let your imaginations be your guide.  As you know, I think outside of the box.  There is a good chance that some of these prompts will produce photo's you are not expecting.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Helicopters and Groceries and Oz, Oh My

You guys, I had the whopper of dreams the other night.  I know, you are all thinking, but Dazee, your dreams are always crazy.  You are correct my little munchkins.

Supposedly when we are in REM, it's only for a few minutes.  I dare to call BS on that statement.  

*Cue dramatic music*
I am at work.  (I know, just pretend and go with me on this one).  I am working in this huge open spaced skyscraper type building.  I am working for the company I worked for for 23 years.  That is the company I was at before the last horror I was at for 10.  I'm trying to get out of there and out of the blue comes the owner of the company, flying a helicopter, inside the building.  He keeps telling me, "get in".  I fight him on it.  Don't want to even have him in my line of vision.  Finally, I get in, and we almost crash into the door.  I jump out and start running.

Find my way into another building.  It is a grocery store.  But, it is not like a normal grocery.  

You fill out a paper, take it to a cashier, and they type it into the computer and someone goes and pulls all your stuff.  You just wait.  I notice that they have a room that people are in doing all kinds of weird "crafty" things.  Turns out they are applying for jobs there.  They tell me I should apply.  I'm like, ummm, no thanks.  I don't think I could make enough money here.  I get my groceries, try to take them out to my car, but I can't find it.  Not only that, but it has been snowing.  Turns out Mr. Dazee has come and switched cars with me, but has not informed me of such.  That guy.  

Finally find his car, put the groceries in, but decide I have to go into the bank.  Go to yet another building, go in, start talking to the tellers.  They tell me they are hiring.  They love me there so they tell me I really have to apply.  I finally say, ok, I will.  But then, they inform me that
I have to watch The Wizard of Oz before my interview.  What the?  Apparently the whole application is about the movie.  Maybe they are testing our retention skills.  I have no idea, but I'm thinking to myself that this is just way too off the wall for me.  Hey, close those jaws that just hung open.  Could happen.

Think I best be off to watch the movie.  You never know.