Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Fracken Said, What? To Who? About Me?

Time once again for What The Frack.  Where I let it all loose about the things that have been bothering me.  Join on up, get your rants on, and lets roll.

Dear Woman That Shall Not Be Named.

You know what?  You are a demented piece of dog shit that better learn to keep your trap shut when it comes to me.  

Don't be telling certain people that I love, that they need to get their priorities straight about seeing The Hunger Games.  Really?  You are fracken really going there?  You, who say you will watch your granddaughters, and then decide the day of, that you have to go listen to your husband sing!  Really, like you haven't heard him sing many, many times, but you get to see your granddaughters maybe 3 times a year.  Priorities?  

Oh, and what is this I hear about you and your daughters spending ALL DAY MONDAY with said person that I love, and then you have the audacity to YELL AT HER IN FRONT OF THE GRANDKIDS about how she would rather spend time with me than with your family.  

Guess the frack what????  I'm her family by blood.  You are by marriage.  Could it be that you are judgemental.  Could it be that I'm a hundred times funner to hang out with.  That I won't tell her how to live her life, what movies to see, get mad at her when she spends time with other people.  

Get the frack over yourself.  I'm tired of being the bad guy here.  You are just lucky that I wasn't around when you went on your rampage, because honestly, I would have been all over your ass.  Remember 2 years ago when me and your daughter-in-law had plans, yet again, and you decided that, oh, that would be a good weekend to have an impromptu wedding?  I guess you didn't see how rotten and awful your WHOLE family treated me.  I was interfering with your family time.  No, you were interfering with my family time!  

Oh, and I DO NOT force people to do things.  So as much as you want to hate me, go ahead, but don't you ever, ever, ever treat her like that again.  If so, it will not be pretty.

This is not a threat, this is a promise!!!!!!!

Phew, I think I needed to get that off of my chest.

Now it's your turn.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Spy - Stuffed Animals


Welcome, welcome, to the Hunger Games I-Spy, where you may post the photos from the prompts that we give you.  

We give you 2 prompts every week.  This weeks prompts are STUFFED ANIMALS and YOUR CHOICE.  You can take them with whatever type camera you want, link up so others can take a gander, and be part of the fun.  

Just remember


My cute mom gave me an elephant for Valentines Day this year.  He was so cute.  

These Webkinz, from left to right, Thomas Do, Cocoa, Bamboo, and Molly,  needed life saving surgery.  So they came to Grammie's Hospital to get their stitches.  

Uniqua, of Backyardigans fame, just came along as a support to the rest of the group.  


Because you haven't seen enough of my photo's from our crazy adventures, I thought the following was a perfect choice.

At one of the stops that Trax made, they had this, ummm, work of art.  I looked out the window while we were sitting there, and exclaimed to April, OMG, his hand it totally on her butt.  (because I'm sick and wrong like that)

There you go.  I know you all have something to share.  

Next Weeks Prompts
OLD 4/5/12

Future Prompts
Looking To Your left 4/12/12
Architecture 4/19/12
Repeating Pattern  4/26/12
Handle  5/3/12

Day Two, I Can't Take Her Anywhere

If you haven't read Day One of The Awesome Adventures of April and Dazee, you really should.  I promise, if you pay for us to come hang out with you, you will not regret it.  It will be the most fun you have had in a long time.

Day Two started out going to see The Hunger Games with my daughter and son-in-law.  Oh-My-Goodness.  Loved, loved loved this movie.  It was all sorts of awesome.  This scene....big huge tears rolling down my face.  

Next up on our day, catching a ride on Trax to head downtown to see the new City Creek Center.  It just opened last Thursday, March 22.  We went on Sunday, so none of the stores were opened because, well, because I live in Utah.  I need say no more.  

We got on in Daybreak.  First of all, the train was sitting there for a while.  We bought our tickets and all of the sudden the train rang it's little bell and started rolling.  WAIT, WAIT, running ensued, arms waving, screaming at the top of our lungs, STOP, STOP.  Phew, he saw us.  

We were the only ones on the train.  Oh no, not a good thing.  Ok, its an awesome thing, because I'm with my equal in weirdness, so we had to take photo's like this.

Here she is waving to the cars that have to wait for us to go by.  

After one train change, we get to our destination.  Dudes, City Creek is a big deal for us in the city of salt.  Big name stores have arrived.  Some of them you guys have, but we never have.  I have to say, we are growing up.  Tear, tear.

This is part of the creek that the center is named after.  It was so peaceful and pretty.

And a look from the 2nd floor

One of the big name stores that we now have in town.  Here's April praying for that big ole huge diamond sitting in the window.  

Michael Kors.  I love him.  He is on my favorite all time show, Project Runway.  And yes, I need to get my hair done, please don't bring that up.

For the life of me I can't remember the name of this store, but April is contemplating becoming a live mannequin. 

This is my all time favorite photo of the whole day.  They have these doggy waste bags throughout the mall.  April just had to do her impression of the dog.  Have I mentioned, I love this girl.

Lastly, here she is, having been worn out by all the walking I made her do.  

The evening ended with watching another of my favorite movies, THE HELP.  
Miss April hadn't seen it yet.  Hey, she lives in Podunk, remember.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Salt Meet Pepper

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, April and I went to Pier 1 Imports.  We have this fun tradition that every time we get together we buy a new coffee mug to celebrate.  While we were picking out our favorite ones, I noticed the cutest salt and pepper shakers.  

Sidenote:  I am now going to start collecting them, since my shot glass obsession isn't netting me many.

Here are the ones that I did most my oohhing and aahhing over.

The Cat and the Fish Bowl.  

Cute Monkey with his Banana

Hamburger and Fries.  These would be sooooo cute for an outdoor food gathering.

Two Pea's in a Pod.   That would be me and April.  Her sister commented on my post that when April was little, she was shy and quiet and never said a word.  Hahahahah, believe it or not, I was the same way.  AROUND THE HOUSE.   Whenever my parents went to parent/teacher conferences the teachers would always say I was always the center of the talking group.  Oops.  

I totally want this one.  A charcoal BBQ Grill.  Which looks like.....

this when you take the top off.  How cute is that!

I'll drink to that.  

And this one too.

A newly hatched chick.  Turns into.........

this.  Everyone can say aaahhhh now.

Tune in tomorrow for Part Two of, I HONESTLY CAN'T TAKE HER ANYWHERE.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Honestly, I Can't Take Her Anywhere

My cousin April was in town from Podunk, errr I mean Hagerman Idaho, a town of no stop lights, this weekend.  So when she comes to the big city of Salt Lake, it's an adventure.

We started out our Saturday evening with a fine meal at Olive Garden.  First of all, one of the local high schools was having their Prom.  How did I know?  All the lovely dressed up kids showing up to dinner.  Now, if I'm in a formal dress, there is no way I want to be eating Italian, but hey, that's just me.  Funny thing happened.  There was a table set for 8 across from us.  Two couples swished   came in and took their seats.  A couple of minutes later, 2 other couples arrive.  

OMG, what is this, one of the girls from the first group, and one of the girls from the second group, HAVE THE SAME EXACT POOFY DRESS.  I, in my camera goes with me everywhere mode, tried to catch both of them.  If I was like some of you (Queenie), I would have totally asked them to stand together so I could get their photo.  But as it was, I didn't want to cause them any more embarrassment so I just tried to catch them without them noticing.

This is the 2nd girl that arrived.  She was closer and had her back to me.
The blurry one is the same dress, from the side, hurry and snap the photo, girl from the first couples.  The girl from the first photo kept trying to scoot her chair back closer to our table so they wouldn't have to look at each other.  I'm beginning to think it's a good thing I was never invited to the proms.
Now, please, if you will, watch this small clip from the movie, Bridesmaids.

This is my lovely cousin re-enacting the scene with our spinach/artichoke dip.  
And yes, we said the same words and everything.  Because we are goons.

After dinner we stopped at Pier One.  My oh my, I love that place.  Here she is making out with the silicone oven mitt.  

Before we got to my house we stopped and got my mail, because we have community mailboxes where I live.  Yes, I love it, NOT.   With the night being warm, we had the sunroof open.  This is what happens when you get out to get your mail, and leave April in the car.  
Her shirt says "Rebel".  Yes April, yes you are.

To Be Continued..........

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some People Are Wack

Welcome to this weeks rants on What The Frack???  If you have some ranting to get off your chest, please make sure you link up so we can all give you some support.  

This week you will all be honored to witness the wonderful drawings of the one, the only, Dazee Dreamer.  Stop your laughing.  It hurts my feelbads.  Because I can't just be mean and ask some weirdo's people if I can take their photograph, I had to draw out what I am going to talk about so you can envision them yourselves.  

Are you ready?

Dear Front Desk Lady At My Doctors Office,
You scare me.  You and your bleached blond hair.  But the scariest part is your dracula black eyebrows.  Not a good look.  Please fracken bleach them too.   Good thing you aren't in a Pediatricians office.  You would be scaring little kids.

Dear Deli Lady At Smith Grocery Store (Kroger),
What the frack are you thinking?  You have the scariest eyeliner E.V.E.R.  Really, who told you this was a good look?  Whoever it was, is not your friend.  Please, You scare me too.  

Dear Dude In Front Of Us In The Check Out Line At Smiths,
I get it.  Cokes were on sale.  We bought our four 12 packs too.  But when you just stood there waiting for the cashier to load your basket back up with them, I wanted to scratch your eyes out.  Honestly, what a fracker you were.  "I'll just stand here like a stupid guy, while you load them on, because I had to load them in my basket in the first place".  
Booo-Fracken-Hooo buddy.  Get over yourself.

Dear Group Of Guys In Line At Cafe Rio,
Ok, first of all, I so wish I would have had this photo yesterday to put on my I SPY - JUNK.  Because, well, you get the picture.  aahh-hmmm.  Getting back to the dudes.  There is nothing worse than standing in line and people not moving forward.  It drives me fracking nutsoide.  There was enough room there for all 4 of them to move.  But no, they just stood there being the creeps that they were and made the line not move.  Move it or loose it.

I think I have ranted enough for this week.  But never fear, I will return next week.  

Now, be dears and link up.  It would put a big ole smile on my face.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Spy - Junk

Oh hi.  Sorry, I was just off in la-la land thinking about stuff.  I'm sure you all have been looking forward to another fun filled week of awesome photo's.  I know that Christy's Mad Mind and my general craziness have.  

Rules:  We give you two prompts.  This weeks are JUNK and YOUR CHOICE.  Oh wait, Your choice is the same one every week.  No, not the same photo, you nuttbutts, but your choice of whatever you want to share.  You can use any type of camera, fix the photo anyway you want.  We just want you to join up.  It's so much fun.  Really, try it, you'll like it.

Don't you just love all the junk emails you get.  I was super excited to see that I had won a new and improved iPad3.  What?  They are joking with me?  Well, I never.

So I guess you are going to tell me that I didn't win the PublisherClearing prize either.  But wait, F.R.'s husband left town.  hmmmm, interesting.

This is the junk drawer in our kitchen.  I have to say, Mr. Dazee likes everything in it's place, so it is all stashed in a box.  And yes, we save our boxtops for the grandkids.  Because we are awesome like that.

This is the junk that sits behind my computer.  Now, before you get all "she's a pig, look at all those white chocolate reeses".  I have some candy hanging around for the kids.  Yes, I'm a spoiler, what of it.  Little Miss A will bring me a piece every time she goes to get one, "because it's your favorite".    She's a sweetheart.  I just let them add up and then take them back to their place of residence.  Of course, every now and again, I'll eat one.


This photo was taken in 2008.  We were at Lagoon, our place of fun in the sun amusement park.  The roller coaster in the photo is called Wicked.  You shoot out of the start, go straight up, and then straight down.  I am a roller coaster fan.  Miss L, who was only 5 at the time, wanted to go on it.  They had booster seats for those kids that were a certain height but not quite tall enough to ride without.  We got all strapped in, and I'm freaking out thinking she is going to be a basket case.  Oh No.  The first thing she said when we got back to the start was, "lets go on it again grammie".  Yeah, she got it from me.  :)  The little daredevil.

Now I wish I could go on it right this minute.

Next Weeks Prompts:
Stuffed Animals
Your Choice

Remember, let your imagination be your guide.  Think outside the box.  It could be toy stuffed animals, or those of the "he shot them, now they're hanging on your wall" variety.  Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Future Prompts:
Old 4/5/12
Looking To Your left 4/12/12
Architecture 4/19/12
Repeating Pattern  4/26/12

And, because I'm just not getting too many following along on my What the Frack Friday, I'm just putting out a reminder that I'm here, let out any frustration you have.  It really does make you feel better.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Liar! Liar! Pants On Fire

Today, I am going to tell you all a story about Chrissann and Doughboy.  Yes, I know that I no longer work with these fine specimen of menhood, but hey, I still have ways of finding out their lies.  That's what a good P.I. like myself does.  

First of all Chrissann (not his real name) worked in credit.  He became all hot and bothered one day because the salesmen were not filling out job accounts right.  So he took around the new credit application "that he had written himself".  Too funny that it said, "please fax this back to Chrissann in credit".  Hmmm last time I checked there wasn't a Chrissann in credit.  

l i a r!!!!!
I was told a little story recently about Chrissann telling someone in the office that a person in another location had called HIM, to put pressure on this person in the office to get her to do some work because other location person needed something to do.  R.I.G.H.T.  Because A, said other person would never call you over that, and B, she would have called the person directly.
I detest people like him.  But he is a much better person to keep around than me.  
Just sayin'.

Doughboy.  Mr., I try to make you think I'm smarter than I really am, I.T. guy.
Oh, and just so you know, we were woman, so therefore we will never be as smart as me.  

Female in the office is having problems with her phone.  She calls Doughboy.  He thinks she is just not smart enough to figure it out.  That's funny doughboy, both me and her were smarter than you.  Had to show you a few things you couldn't figure out.  But whatever floats your boat.  

So he called his good ole partner in crime, Chrissann and has him go look at her phone because, he thinks she is doing it wrong.  Give me a break.  Of course, I'm calling them both

I have to say, this Progressive commercial in one of my favorites right now.  I wish this kind of stuff would happen in real life.  

Yeah, I still have some anger issues.  Working on them.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Give Me A Fracking Break

Warning.  This is probably one of the longest posts I've ever done.  I'm sorry.

Being the well informed person that I am,  hahaha, hahahaha, wait, ok, my fantasy, I was reading one of the Opinion writers in our local newspaper, The Salt Lake Tribune.  When the whole Rush, the puke, Limbaugh, did his calling that woman those awful names, he did a post on it.  This last week, he did a follow up post on it because some of the commenter's were, shall we say, up in the night.

This whole thing has made me so mad that I can't even stand it.  I'm sick and fracking tired of others trying to take decisions out of my hand.  Don't even get me going on some of the laws that our Utah Legislature passed this session.  
"going to my happy place"
K, I can continue on now.

I started reading some of the comments on the above post and was seeing red after reading one commenter's comments.  I will put all of her "statements" in red.   I will put my thoughts in purple.  Most of the replies are from people replying to her.

It's all centered around The Pill vs Viagra

Spinazi (hey, it's public record, I'm giving her her stardom)

Contraception is not health care. It is something that interferes with the normal functioning of the female body.  Synthetic hormones that are used to treat disease or dysfunction would be covered like any prescriptive medicine.


You are wrong. Birth control pills are used all the time to treat problems such as excessive bleeding.  Some insurance refuses to cover bc pills because the insurers are stingy and mean spirited.  Are you going to tell me you have a uterus, and that you ever took oral contraceptives to deal with excessive bleeding?  I have a uterus, and I did take bc pills for that reason, at one time.


I said "contraception is not health care". When synthetic hormones are used exclusively to prevent conception they cannot be considered health care any more than "withdrawal", condoms, or the rhythm method are counted as health care.
Synthetic hormones have other uses and when used to treat disease or dysfunction they are viewed as health care.
All insurers are "stingy" because they are in the business of collecting money for investment; paying claims is a cost of doing business and is to be avoided or at least minimized.
I'm going to hurt her
 There is more than one reason to use synthetic hormones. I know, because I am female.  Synthetic hormones in the form of birth control pills can be sued to stop excessive bleeding so a woman does not become anemic or have to miss work several days a month.  Using birth control pills in the 40s (even for a woman who is not sexually active) can help reduce symptoms of perimenopause, and decrease the risk of developing ovarian cancer  If you want to argue with me about this issue, you better be a doctor or a female, and you are neither. 
Yeah, what she said
I am a sixty-nine year-old woman who worked in the medical profession for thirty years.
As I said before, there is no issue concerning the use of synthetic hormones to treat dysfunction and disease; medical treatment is covered by insurance. Conception and pregnancy are not dysfunctions or disease states and using synthetic hormones to interfere with conception or as an abortifacient cannot be said to be treating dysfunction or disease. By the same token a chemical that interfered with a man's ability to achieve an erection or to ejaculate - both natural functions - could not be construed to be health care.
But oddly enough. Ones used to enhance or cause an erection, whether medically nessicary(sp sorry, dlst) or not, are covered by most insurance plans. 
Very, very true.  You can't tell me that 75% of the men that take Viagra truly have erection problems.  They just want it when they want it.  
An erection isn't "medically necessary", it is a normal bodily function of the male. It is the dysfunction that is treated.
Ovulation isn't "medically necessary", it is a normal bodily function of the female. Stopping that function creates a dysfunction, it doesn't correct it.
Truly, where is she.  This makes me all kinds of fracken pissed.  Apparently she didn't have problem periods.  I didn't either, but know many women that do and they use it to help with those.  ERRRRRRRR

Wait, so you're saying that because "Birth control" is not medically needed it should not be covered? I'm not baggin. It's an honest question. 
Right. Medical care is about treatment for medical issues - disease or dysfunction of the body. Ovulation is not a medical issue any more than ejaculation is a medical issue. Should insurance pay for a chemical that would prevent you from getting an erection so you would not be able to fertilize the female ovum? 
What rock was she born under?  Ovulation is a medical issue.  Some women don't have regular ovulation.  Hold me back.

That depends. You willing to pony up the taxes for it's upbringing and education? Because I for one, could not afford it. 
Don't you understand the concept of personal responsibility? Society is not supposed to pay for your sexual activities. Fertility is the natural condition of females from about fourteen until fifty. If you can't afford to be a husband and father then you don't have any business having sex with fertile women. They are not required to chemically-alter themselves because you "can't afford" the consequences. 
Viagra treats erectile dysfunction. Ovulation is a normal function of the female, not a dysfunction that requires medical intervention. 
there is no such thing as erectile dysfunction!! its all in the mind. it is a medication because men want it only. a women's pill is used for other female problems, vagina mouth!! 
I don't agree that ED is all in the mind.  I believe there are those with problems, but the medical insurance sure doesn't have a problem paying for those pills.  Because its for a man, the almighty.

You are wrong. Various circulatory problems like that caused by diabetes can result in erectile dysfunction. Viagra is not a placebo.
Synthetic hormones that are used for "other female problems" are covered.
Disease processes that affect blood circulation, e.g. diabetes, cause erectile dysfunction and can be treated with Viagra.
Women do not use chemical contraceptives to correct dysfunction or disease, but to to alter their chemistry to prevent normal functioning. The irony is that contraceptives do not enhance recreational sex for women, but make it more available and consequence-free to men.
Dear Spinazi,
The Pill DOES HELP WITH OTHER HEALTH PROBLEMS besides just birth control.  
Thank god I didn't go to the doctor you supposedly worked for.  You can tell you went to school when women weren't even allowed to vote.
(or you are married to one of the Utah Legislators.  just sayin")

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Spy - Colors


Time to get our photo's on.  You heard me, snap to it.  Haha, I made a funny there.  Snap, like you snap a photo.  Ok, just slap me and get it over with.  
Join in with my fabulous co-hostess Christy with her dangerously Mad Mind, and myself.  It's all the rage.

Get out your camera, any kind you have, take a photo of our very hard and complicated prompts, and join on up.  Heck we don't ever care if you pull one from your archive from 10 years ago.  If it goes along with the prompt, awesome.  And as you have noticed, I'm not your normal type of photo taker.  I take the prompt and let my imagination go wild.  Think outside the box.  That's me.

This weeks prompts are COLORS and YOUR CHOICE

Considering the fact that it is still Sprinter here in my neck of the woods, there wasn't much going on in the color department outside.  So I took photo's of stuff around my house. 

First up, the colors in the tile on the back splash in the kitchen.  

We have a guest bath that has a sailing type motif to it.  I love this little thing we found. 

In the master bathroom, we had to find some cool things to put around the tub.  (which, I never use, so not a bath person).  I love all the different colors that these shells are made up of.  

My Choice

The mother of my grandchild in the making and I went to breakfast the other day at a place called Mimi's Cafe.    I like to go there when I'm feeling like a homemade meal, but don't want to make the mess.  Really, click on the link and check out their menu's.  You'll be begging your town to get one. 

Anymimislater, we both ordered juice.  She got orange, I got apple.  Take a look at these glasses they brought to the table.  Apparently, this is the glass that a large comes in.
How cool is that.  Ok, it doesn't take much to impress me.   I kind of felt like I was in some hi-falooting place.   Was that boyfriend I just saw.  :)

Now.  Do me a favor.  Please link up.  Do I have to get on my knees?

Next Weeks Prompts

Future Prompts
Junk 3/22/12
Stuffed Animals 3/29/12
Old 4/5/12
Looking To Your left 4/12/12