Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolution! Schmezolution!

Jenny Matlock

Dear Jenny, I'm sorry I have been not so good with showing up to my Saturday Schooling the last few months.  But I am back.  

Here is this weeks, Saturday Centus.  We have 100 words plus the 2 she has given for the prompt.  

Dazee looked in the mirror and said out loud, Resolution! Schmezolution.  Why does it feel like I’m supposed to make a pact with myself to do something?

She sat down to resolve a few things with herself.

1.  I will treat others as I want to be treated.
2.  I will spend more time with my husband, children and grandchildren.
3.  I will put on a happy face even if I am sad.
4.  I will not take crap from anyone.  You have been warned.

She smiled.  Those were definitely resolutions she could stick to.

Friday, December 30, 2011

It Could Only Happen To Me

You will totally not even believe what happened to me last night.

We were having a huge electrical storm.  After the power flickered on and off, I decided I needed to unplug my laptop so it would get fried.  I when over to, started pulling out the power cord, and all of the sudden there was a spark.
I swear it was like that, but smaller.  

Because I was pulling out the power source at the time, it "shocked" me.  I thought I was ok, but then I started having a hard time breathing, my arms began hurting and my hands were going numb.  I called my mom and told her she needed to come over and take me to the hospital.   (Mr. Dazee wasn't home at the time).  She kept trying to tell me that I was ok, I was just being a baby.  I finally must have said something that got to her because she hurried over to my place and we headed out to the car.

While we were walking to the car, all of the sudden there was a huge noise.  You know, like metal hitting metal.  We looked up just in time to see a semi truck flying through the air.
It caught on fire.  I told my mom she shouldn't try to go that way because it would take forever to get to the hospital, but she refused to listen to me.  As my arms were blistering up, she drives past the accident and we SEE THE DRIVER GET OUT AND WALK AWAY FROM THE FIRE!!!!!  How he even lived through flying through the air and crashing I will never know.

And then

I Woke Up

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Spy - After Christmas

Time for the one, the only, I Spy.  The fabulous photo meme presented to you in living color (or black and white) by the very Mad Mind of Christy and Myself.  

You know the very hard to understand rules.  We give you two prompts.  One will change weekly, the other will not.  You can use any type of camera you want.  You can use archived photos.   Then you just grab that little I Spy Frog over there to the right, come on back after you've done your post and link it up so others can enjoy your photo's.  

This weeks prompts were
and the ever popular
 (dear Joey, that would be your your own choice since you got me all sorts of confused last week)

This week I'm grouping the two prompts together.  Why, because too many choices of Christmas stuff to choice from, and because, well, it's my meme and I can if I want to.  
Oh and you can too.  Don't want to stop anyone from participating.

After Christmas
Just a wee bit of the mess.  I have to say, we have the menfolk trained rather well.  They were picking up wrapping paper as it was strewn.

After the grand openings, are my choices for favorite photo's of the week.

Miss O with her Webkinz Ice Dragon.  I think they had a bonding moment

Mr C with the newest Guinness book.  He LOVES all things trivia

Miss L playing on her new iPod touch with her dad.  Oh, and she doesn't need glasses, she just wanted a pair so she could look cool like her brother.

Miss A after getting up at 5:30 am   She was ready for bed at 6 pm.  
The only time you EVER see her laying down is when she is about ready to fall asleep.  

Really peeps, I want to see your Christmas photos.  I know you all took them.  You can't be using the excuse, but there is "nothing" like that around where I live.  Tsk, tsk.  Nuh uh, you are not getting away with that this week.

Next weeks prompts


Now don't let projects scare you.  It can be anything.  Let your imagination be your guide.  

Hmmmm, now I need to go find a project I've been working, I just thought of the perfect thing.
See ya here next week.

Today I'm Kind Of Scared

As of today, I have 4 more days of Health Insurance Coverage.  

I have Type 1 Diabetes

I DON'T think it is socialist to have health care coverage FOR EVERYONE.  

But by damn, everyone has the right to own a gun.

That does me no effing good.

Unless of course I want to use that gun to go FIND me some insulin

This Maxine clip is great.  I just changed the wording a little bit.
Hey, Kimberly or Joey, can I come live with you???

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas Random Thoughts

Have you all had just about enough of the buffet tables.  Did Uncle Harry, or Cousin George double dip one too many times?

  Tell me who of you around these parts have never done this to a baby corn.
I will be the first to admit, I do this EVERY......SINGLE.......TIME!!!!!
Of course, he has it down.  Mine is a complete mess by the time I'm finished.

How about good TV watching.  I just got done watching last nights recorded
By the raise of hands, who is as upset as I that this is the last season???

Whose bright idea was it to now make us wait until summer to see the 

Who doesn't love a woman that isn't afraid to admit that she has a weakness for all things chocolate?
I admit, I have that weakness.  You go Brenda Leigh!
But most importantly

Moving on.

Because it was the season of sock giving.  Well, wasn't it?  Ok, maybe not, but here are a few that I think would have been fun ones to get.

Pencil and Paper.   I so want these.
These are just to gross people out as you are walking around. 
How about some cigarettes for your legs.  I mean, really, if you can't smoke um, wear um.
Wonder Woman socks for the ladies
Superman and Batman for the guys
(I'm an equal opportunity superhero giver)
Last, but certainly not the least.  For those of you that would really love a tattoo, but are too chicken afraid of pain, the anger of the hubs, or anything else that is keeping you back, I found just the socks for you.

Tattoo socks.  
Yup.  How cute is that.  So you can have your tattoo, but not for a lifetime.
You're welcome

Now remember, if you are a Closer watcher, you HAVE to tell me who you think the leak is.  It's driving me all sorts of C.R.A.Z.Y.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Traveling With Children, Oh And Some Shoes

The weekend of wonderment is almost here.  Yee-Haw.  We decided to go down to Thanksgiving Point last night to see the light display they set up.   The best part about this display is that you sit in your car, and drive around their grounds.  Needless to say, they were packed last night.  

According to Mr C, there were 1000 cars in line.  Now, Mr. C is all boy.  We are just minding our own business when he announces that he needs to fart.  His sisters start freaking out.  NOOO, Mr. C.  you can't.  He kept saying, I can't hold it in.  Mr. Dazee brought up the fact that someday, he might have a girlfriend and what's he going to say to her.  "Well, if she's pretty, I'll just hold it in".  Alrighty then, so I guess if she's not, poor thing is going to be gassed out of the car.

He finally announces he really has to do it.  Dazee to the rescue.  "Just roll down your window and get it over with".  

Now, remember, Mr. C is 7, and a boy.  Does he just fart.  NO.  He sticks his butt out the window and lets loose.  OMG.  The car erupted in laughter.  (you've got to wonder what the car behind us was thinking)

Miss L, being the ever older sister says, "Mr. C, you are NEVER going to get a girlfriend".  

Moving on.  
Since a good amount of you are having some kind of celebration this weekend, I thought I would help you out with some cute boots and shoes to wear to your family gatherings.

Now, if your family gathering is a little more, shall we say, FORMAL, here are a couple of cute numbers

Ok, now no breaking of necks while wearing any of these.  You just want to dazzle them with your loveliness.  

Hope you all a great weekend.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Spy - Lights

Ho, Ho, Ho.  It's time for I Spy.  Joining me in my hunt for all photos awesome is Christy.  

You know the rules.  Cuz they are super hard.  We give you 2 prompts.  One of those prompts is always "Your Choice".  Makes it easy peesy.  You can use any type camera, you can even pull pictures from your archive.  We are not picky.  We just love to take photos and show them off.  Now give me the coolest Christmas present ever and grab that little I Spy dude over there on the right and come on back and link up.  We don't bite.

I've been getting to know my camera this week.  All the different functions it can do.  And no, it's not an expensive, I look like a professional, it's just a Samsung but point and shoot, but I love it.  


I used the "closeup" function on my camera for this one.  

I loved how the lights surrounded these birds on our tree.

Mr. Dazee hung wreaths like this one on the front of our house.  


The other day, I woke up to a frosted wonderland.  The tree on my neighbors yard was so beautiful, I had to get a photo of it.  

Miss L after going to see the Macy's Santa.  They had someone there doing face paintings.  I think she's the cutest reindeer I've ever seen

To say I'm excited for Christmas and watching my kids and grandkids open presents, is an understatement.  

Next Weeks Prompts


Helpful hint.  You can take photos of what you think after Christmas means.  I know I'm going to be taking tons of "messy" photos.  If you've never joined in before this will be a great week for you to show off some of those funny, crazy, awesome times you had and gifts that you received.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Family Christmas Party

It's the week of family togetherness.  

If you are like my family, there is also craziness.  I know, huh, you are all shocked and amazed that I'm not the only crazy one in the family.  I'm just the best.  

*Dear Family, try not to be too upset that I said that, we all know it's true*

There were
Homemade Soups
Homemade Salads
Homemade 7 Layer Bean Dip (yeah, I made it, wipe that shocked look off your face)
Best of all
Homemade Yummyness like this

Snickerdoodles, and Mint Frosting Brownies 

I should have taken a photo of this before the leeches we all got ahold of it.
My sister in law made it and she is invited to make it for me anytime her little heart desires.
 Chocolate Truffle
I call it a major F.O.
Bottom Layer Brownie
Chocolate Truffle (or pudding, or awesomeness)
**wiping drool off my face**

Of course, have you ever been to a family party without the picture taking.  Yeah, you know what I mean.
Don't ya love how I hid myself.  

This next one is just of the sibs.  
Even a better job of hiding.  I rock.

Now, as you can see we are so serious when we have our picture taken. 

But to show you the not so serious side of some members of my family
I have made a little video montage.  

I still can't believe he was singing into a Santa Claus Cookie.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Wait, What Is That?

How was the weekend?  Mine, you ask.  Well let me tell you.  It was fun in the sun haze, and so much more. 

Yesterday, I woke up, made my rounds around the house opening blinds and turning off the porch and patio lights, you know, MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS.

We have been having a lot of haze lately, and when I looked outside, it was beautiful.  A frost had settled on all the trees.  I decide to grab my camera, because, you know, I do that little meme call I Spy (shameless plug) everything Thursday (hint, hint).  I'm still in my jammies, but I'm out on my back porch just snapping photos.  Especially of the tree on my neighbors yard.  It was just calling to me, ok.  

I then head over to my favorite part of the morning, testing my blood glucose, and giving myself a shot.  I'm about ready to shoot the insulin into my stomach, when I look out, and Mrs Neighbor Lady is out taking photo's also.  Now, don't get me wrong.  Everyone is allowed to take photos.  But honestly, this chick and her husband are notorious for seeing us do something, and then copying it.  I just found it odd.  Shutting up now.

Yesterday was also our weekly grocery shopping adventure to Wallyworld.  They have good prices.  Ok.  Us unemployed people need to save all the money we can.   

I don't know what ad I missed, but it was
"I am so much better than you, get out of my way" day.
We are walking down the back of the store, by the toys, where Mr. Dressed Up With Nowhere Better To Go, has parked his cart, and his two children, and himself, right smack dab in front of one of the sections.  So, I wheel the basket to the other side of the aisle, missing the stuffed stacked in the middle.  As I start rumbling on, him and his kidlands have moved to my side and are walking S.L.O.W.L.Y.    Nice, I'll just go to the other side.  Get over to the groceries, we are walking down the aisles, making sure our basket is pulled tightly over to the side, and Mr. DUWNBTG come sauntering down the aisle, and basically pushes us out of the way.   Oh, and he wasn't the only one.  Honestly, the whole store was full of them.  
Yeah, he put me in a not very nice mood.

I hope Santa leaves him some reindeer poop in his sock.

Saturday, I was out an about, driving around, picking stuff up for a party I'm going to tonight.  This dude is in front of me, going ....s.u.p.e.r....s.l.o.w.   Which, as you well know, it gets me thinking, What in the hell is wrong with you dude, move it.

I then notice he has an odd shaped garbage bag in the back of his truck.  

I'm thinking to myself, ummmm, he's going slow, there are two people in the front, there is a GARBAGE BAG with an odd shape in the back.

OMG, IT'S A DEAD PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!
They are murderers.  Don't let them see me snap a photo of them.  
I'm pretty sure that's a head on the right hand side.  

Pass them now Dazee, pass them now!  DON'T LOOK OVER AT THEM.  Pretend you don't notice them at all.

Are you worried about me yet?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Twas The Party Before Christmas

Jenny Matlock

Jenny is really off on a tangent this week.   She gave us a picture that we are using as our prompt, and we only get 50, yeah, five oh, words to get our point across.  Good thing I've gotten my writing mojo back.

As Morgan walked into the party he was assaulted by a strange smell.  He took out his phone and pressed the speed dial.  “Garcia, I need you to run a check on the name George Duffy.  I think he is our unsub.   I’m emailing you and the team my findings.”

There you have it.  I had to write about my boyfriend Shemar somehow, even tho we aren't allowed to use any other pictures.  (her rules, your disappointment)

Also, don't be eating any meat you see on a Christmas Tree.  You might not know whose body it came from.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

I'm having one of those days where my brain is all over the place.  Wait.  That didn't sound quite right.  If my brain was all over the place I wouldn't be able to type all this.  har-de-har-har.  

A couple of weeks ago I spent the afternoon with my daughter.  Part of the time we were picking up her kids from school.  They go to a Charter School.  They don't have your regular, "first one there gets their kids first" type of lines.  So depending on when you arrive you get to park around the school at the place you have told your kids that you will pick them up, or if you are late, then you drive around the school.  

Anywaitinglater, we are sitting there just chatting away, when the bell rings and the kids start coming out.   All of the sudden the woman below jumps out of her car, which by the way is kind of in the middle of the street, gets to the sidewalk and starts, how do I put this, reaming the lady that is the parking place that she wanted.  Good thing I already had my camera out since I was going to get photo's of the kids.  Sorry about the quality, by the time I clicked she was turning to beat the crap out of tell her off.  She used her hands ALOT, and at one point threw 2 fingers up in the air while shouting, "I had to go around the school 2 times".  

Waahhh, get there earlier next time freakoide.  Just sayin.

Moving on.  I do not like the taste of gingerbread, or ginger snaps.  I don't know why, just don't.  I also am a horrible baker of cookies and cakes.  I can admit it.  But I do like to look at some of the awesome things others can do.  

Here are some cool gingerbread houses that I found.  Google images is my best friend.  We are like this *crossing fingers*.  I would want to do ones like these, but like my black thumb when it comes to keeping plants alive, I wouldn't be able to even come close.

There Was An Old Woman That Lived In A Shoe

Is this igloo just the cutest thing

Of course, the Up House.  I can't even imagine the patience this one had to take

How freaking cute is this one.  

This next one is made out of chocolate.  Aaaahhhhh, choc-o-late.  It wouldn't last long at my house

Now, what would a Friday be without some lovely, break your neck kind of shoes? 

I found a couple of pair that were in my favorite color purple.  

There you have it.  A little peek into whats going on in my brain today.

How's your brain doing? *said with my best Joey Tribbiani from Friends voice*