Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Spy - Scar(s)

Wow, can you believe that we are finally back doing I Spy.  It has been such a busy last couple of months.  Thanks to my wonderful partner in crime, Christy at My Mad Mind for letting me be such a slacker.  She rocks that way.

In case you have forgotten how we do this, we give you 2 choices.  Every single week one of them is YOUR CHOICE.  The other prompt is one that we have come up with.  This week it is SCAR(S).  Now, because some of you, and you know who you are, try telling me that you have no scars, think outside of the box.  A missing part of a tree is a scar, a tear in your furniture is a scar.  See, I thought outside of the box for you.  YOU CAN DO IT!!  I have faith. (insert George Michael singing Faith)
This is my beautiful older sister.  

If you look right above her eyeball, on from the edge of her eyelid to about the middle of her eyelid, you will see a thin scar.  I remember when she got this scar.  She was riding in her boyfriend's car when she was about 15 and they had an accident.  The thing is, if you didn't know it was there, you couldn't see it.  She is still one of the most beautiful women I know.

This is my mom's revised hip X-ray that they took yesterday.

And this is the scar on her hip.  Not the whole thing, because the edges on both ends were kind of gross looking and I didn't want to freak you out.  She has a "dimple" going on there right now, but they guaranteed me that when she recovers more and it is healed, it will even all out.  My mom, in the past, would have never let me take a picture of her.  Now she even let me take it of her scar.  She rocks.


I haven't been out shooting photo's randomly lately.  hmmmm wonder why?  Anyway, I went back into my archives and dug this one out.  Back in my red hair days.  Now I'm blond.  I entitled this photo "50 and proud".  Some people would call getting a tattoo a "scar".   Every time I look at my legs, I see my family.   They are the most precious and beautiful things in my life.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Show And Tell

Me and my best friend, Mr. Camera, have had a lot of sitting around, people watching, and waiting for things the last few weeks.  Who am I kidding, it's been 7 weeks.  Today I'm going to play the ever fun and popular elementary school game, SHOW AND TELL.

Oh wait, before I get started get your camera's out and taking photo's because this week I SPY will be back.  This week is going to be SCARS and YOUR CHOICE.  Ok, you have been warned.

On with the show.

Some people in surgery waiting rooms are mean.  I find a seat, sit down, take a bite of the milky way bar that I brought with me, and the lady across the way from me decides to tell me that she used to be as "heavy" as me, but she has lost 130 pounds.  Then she tells me all about how she did it, and pulls out some fruit cake bread she has made and offers it to me.  I tell her no thanks, I don't like any breads with fake fruit or nuts in it.  Never fear, she then offers me some carrots.  I start praying that the person she is waiting for will soon be out of surgery so I can relax. 

Speaking of the surgery waiting room.  Nothing like a chair that if you sit down hard on it, or even move to make yourself more comfortable makes a "farting" sound.  It is kind of embarrassing.  Being the Crazy Dazee that I am, I excuse myself to the whole room.  Yeah, cuz I'm cool that way.  :)

These are grapes, fresh out of the pack.  Ummm, yikes, penicillin anyone?

My neighbor, heretofore known as "the perp", has been shoveling the snow.  Now, before you get all, "well Dazee, you need to keep your sidewalks and driveways shoveled", let me point out and tell you that she shovels the snow OFF OF HER GRASS.  Here she is shoveling around where her dog is buried.  Again, before all you pet lovers climb all over me, this was just the tip of the iceberg.  She shoveled around the edges of her yard, and a path for her other dog.  Said other dog has never used the nicely shoveled areas she has made.  Just goes where he wants to go.  Ok?  Ok.

This is my poor mom's hand after her hip was finally put back in.  It is where the IV was put.  You can see that she was poked 2 different times.  Makes me want to cry

These are some cute little old ladies with walkers that one of my sisters brought to my mom.  They are wind up's and they race each other.  So freaking cute.

And they are off

Last, but certainly not least, a moment at Walmart.  While waiting.....and waiting......and waiting to see if the prescription had been called in, because, oh the pharmacist was just too busy to check the voice mails ALL AFTERNOON, this vision of pink showed up to pick up hers.  You can't see it here, but even her shoes were pink.  The end to the perfect, get my mom out of the rehabilitation center and home day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Confessions - 1-20-13

Whilst reading the blogs on my google reader this morning,  I saw this fun little meme on Fairdale Diaries.   Which she got from Every Day Is A New Adventure.  What a fun way to 'splain some things that have gone on this week.  

Ah hum

1.  I watched The Dark Night and The Dark Night Rises last night with my son.  Why is this a confession?  Because I told myself I would never watch the Batman movies.  I have to say, I enjoyed them.   Shun the non believers.

2.   I have some major anger issues.  Nuff said.

3.  I am beginning to think that there is conspiracy going on with the death of my aunt.   She died Friday morning, but so far her family isn't talking.  Hasn't mentioned when the funeral is.  No obituary to be found in the three different newspapers I looked in.  Didn't even call my mom to let her know that she had died.   I mentioned this in the blog I did the other day.  I don't know, maybe I have read one too many murder thrillers, but something is not right in Denmark.  

4.  I need a vacation.   Somewhere warm, where there is not 3 feet of snow on the ground.  Anyone, anyone.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello....Hello.....Are You Still With Me?

**stepping up to microphone**

"Hello.  My name is Dazee and it has been weeks and weeks since my last post"

It has been a wild ride.  The first part of December I took my mom in for a hip revision surgery that didn't happen because of major infection.  Because of the infection, she was hipless for 4 weeks.  Two weeks ago, she finally got her new hip in.  I have been either at the hospital, or the rehabilitation center with her all this time.

I have learned that me and my mom have a ton in common.  You have to know, I come from a family of 9 kids, so I have always felt lost in the shuffle.  It was a great experience to sit and talk and learn things about her that I never knew.

For instance, out of the blue one day she says, "I wonder what ever happened to my gun".  WTH?  Mom can shoot a gun?  Her and my dad used to go deer hunting?  And they both came back alive?  (they communicate by fighting)

Me and my sister looked at each other and said.  "good thing we didn't know mom could shoot a gun while we were growing up".  

I became a patient advocate.  I stuck up for the rights of my mom and the other patients in the rehab center.   I met some of the most awesome CNA's.   Granted, there was the bad one that I got banned from my mom's care, but the amount of them that came in and said they were going to miss her the day we sprung her from the joint, was overwhelming.  

My mom was raised by her grandparents.  Her own parents had both died by the time she was 7.  The youngest Aunt of hers is only 10 years older than her.  She couldn't understand why her Aunt had not called.  We finally got a call from her daughter telling us that she was in the hospital and was only given about a week to live.  

I checked her out of rehab this past Sunday and took her the 90 miles to where she lives.  We walked into her room, and my mom was overcome by emotion.  My mom does not like people to see her cry.  I watched her cry.  My older sister and I were there and we talked to our Aunt.  Her first words were, "I want to die, but I am so scared".  Here is one of the strongest women I know, telling me she is scared.  She was in pain.  I caressed her shoulders, forehead, face, arms.  She said it felt so good.  I promised her that dying wouldn't be painful.  

It was one of the most special times I have had in my whole life.  I have never been around anyone that has passed while I was with them, and I truly felt that if she had gone at that moment it would have been an experience I would always cherish.  

I made her promise me that when she passed, she would come and tell me.  She got the biggest grin on her face and said that she would.  As of yet, I haven't received a visit, but then, she hasn't passed on yet.  

My grandfather came to me the night he died.  Told me he was going home.  When I woke up the next morning, Mr. Dazee told me that he had died during the night.  I already knew.  

Have you ever had an experience like that?

Are you a believer?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And Then I Became Really Angry

Remember when I wrote this post about how upset I was with the hospital the day of my mom's surgery?  

I have come to the conclusion that there are some people in the health care profession that shouldn't be there.   In the good old days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I was a wee elementary school aged child, there was a thing called COMPASSION.  I remember our doctor would make house calls.  They cared about you.  Even better, the nursing staff was wonderful. 

Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of nurses that will go over and above the call of duty.  Like Kimberly at All Work And No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something.  Here is a health care professional that was trying to help save someones life and got hurt in the process.  Only to have the hospital where she worked make her life a living hell, and now is in constant pain from the back injury.  

We need more people like her.  

My mom was supposed to be FINALLY getting her hip ball and socket put back in today.  It was cancelled.  They have been giving her blood thinners since her last surgery and, oh my goodness, her blood is too thin to do the surgery.  What?  Really?  Then why didn't you take her off the freaking cumin or cuminden or whatever the hell it is called a couple of days ago?  Now my mom has to wait 5 more days.

Why is this a big deal you ask?  Because, there are people in the health care field that shouldn't be.  I don't even know why there are nurses anymore.  From what I can see, the only thing they have to do is give out the pills and change dressings.

The rest of the care is now done by the CNA's.  As in all things, there are good and there are bad.   My mom has had her share of the bad, and it makes it a little bit worse because SHE HAS NO FREAKING HIP!!!!!  What part of that do these health care providers not understand.  It's like her leg is just hanging there.  It hurts when she moves it.  Why?  Because it is pulling on all the muscles and tendons and such.

Another thing that is really truly bothering me.  Health care providers are used to urine and poop.  To them it is no big deal.  Human anatomy and all that.  

Most people have dignity and find this to be something they don't want to have people help them do.  Especially their children.   When you have to go, you have to go.  When you don't answer the "call button" people will try to get there.  This one CNA has been a totally rotten person when treating my mom.  I wasn't there the last time, but my brother was.  They pushed the call button and no one came.  Finally mom sent him out to find someone.  He came back and said, she said she couldn't come right now she was doing something else.  My mom said, I have to go.  We are not talking peeing people.  She has come to the point that she will just do that in the depends if she has to.  My brother had to help her in to the wheelchair, get her into the bathroom, help her get out of the depends and get on the toilet.  FINALLY Miss Don't Bother Me With Your Bathroom Problems, came in and starting getting mad at my mom.  "I can't just drop everything whenever you need something".

My mom has finally had enough.  To her, it is one thing to have her daughters help her, but for her son to have to take part in something like this, totally upset her.  She started screaming at the girl to get the hell out of the bathroom and never come back to her room.  I'm sure the rest of the wing heard it.   I am so upset right now.  I feel it is my fault she is there.  We picked this rehab place because it was close to me, and would make it easier for me to get there everyday.  She told me she was glad I wasn't there because she knew that I would have been arrested, I would have blown a gasket.  She is also pleading with me to not yell at people today when I go over.

I won't scream, I won't yell, I can't guarantee that I won't swear.  I will talk to every administrator there today if that is what it takes.

It scares me to think that there are people there that don't have family members coming to help them.  I'm not just going to be fighting for my mom's rights today, but every patient there.

I am very grateful for the staff that has been nothing but good to my mom and the other patients.   They will get my respect, and my praises to the administrators.

The others, well, watch out.  Dazee is on the warpath!