Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Spy - Family Event

Ready for this weeks picture montage.  I know you have been waiting with bated breath for mine.  Please join in with Christy Mad Mind and Your's Truly photo challenge.  I know that a lot of you had family gatherings in the past week.  There were mega picture taking opportunities.  Show them off.  I triple dog dare you.......
This weeks prompts are FAMILY EVENT and YOUR CHOICE.   Easy, easy, easy.  

This was last Christmas's sibling get together.  Didn't I hide myself well.  But of course.
Last years 2011 Thanksgiving Dinner.  One of those, I'm sneaking a shot so they won't get mad at me kind.  Last year was our year that the kids didn't go to their spouses festivities.
Last year we took some of the grandkids to Thanksgiving Point to see their light show and see Santa's Reindeer.  It was a fun night.
The BFF's.  So cute.
I considered this a family event.  Usually we just see the doe's and their fawns.  Looks like daddy was in on the search.  (I think he was just trying to get on the good side of the doe's if you know what I mean, wink, wink)
This week instead of a photo, I'm going to show you a video I made last weekend of Miss O.  When her and her dad came over, she was "not herself".  She came in CHARACTER.  Of which her dad said she had been in all day.  

Make sure you turn the sound up on your computer.  She talks a smidge on the quiet side.

Next Weeks Prompts
Ridiculous 12/6/12
Your Choice
Future Prompts
Tracks 12/13/12
Historic 12/20/12
Tradition 12/27/12
Vessel 1/3/13

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Christmas Want List

Happy Cyber Monday y'all.  Have you done any shopping?  I did.  Spent mega tons of money.  NOT.  I would be in all sorts of hot water if I did.  :)

While I was visiting Judy's blog this morning, she did the Friend Makin Monday challenge.  This is the question on the week.  Play along.  I would love to see your christmas list.

Dear Santa:  List at least ten things that you may or may not need that you'd love to find under your tree this year.

1.  A Purple George Foreman Grill
Yes, I have looked everywhere online.  No you can't get them in the United States.  I have found them in Europe, but guess what?  SOLD OUT.  Because purple rocks my people!!!!!

2.  The winning ticket in this weeks Super Lotto.  (or whatever the lotto it is)  I could use the 435 million dollars that the jackpot is up to.  

3.  A Hawaiian Cruise

4.  A Job
Since I'm jobless and stuff right now

5.  A super lovely exciting body
Oops, boyfriend, I would certainly like to have his body up against mine......
OK, how about this body, and all the strength that goes with it

6.  A Personal Chef
I mean, who wouldn't want to eat stuff that was tasty that you don't have to prepare

7.  Kitchen Staff
Because who wants to clean up afterwards.  Not me!!!!!

8.  A New TV
We have the old kind.  Take up a lot of space.  Had for at least 20 years.  Not the newfangled, slim, hang on the wall flat kind.  OK, I don't need one, the others work, but hey, it's Christmas.

9.  Unlimited Air Miles
So I can go visit all the cool people that I have met in the blogging world, and not have to pay for the flights.  I know, right.

10.  A Money Tree
Well duh, need to have all the spending money for said trips.  

What do you want to find under your tree?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Spy - Music

Many Thanks for stopping by and checking out this weeks photo meme, hosted by the ever lovely and talented Christy, with Her Mad Mind, and myself.   The hardest photo taking challenge on the World Wide Web.  NOT.....  We give you two prompts with one of them always YOUR CHOICE.  This week the other prompt is MUSIC.

I traveled back in time, ok, went through tons and tons of photo's that I have taken over the years, before there was ever a thing called the internet (I know, right).  Let me just mention, my photo taking skills have improved tremendously over time.  Which is lucky for you, since I'm not that great as it is.  But I slam myself at least have memories in pictures.  """"memories, like the corners of my mind......mystic water colored memories, of the way we were"""""""  (caught ya singing along, didn't I)
Lets get started, shall we

I've mentioned in the past that Mr. Dazee is an avid collector of all music.  Here is just a smidgen of what he has.

Some Albums.  I see that they are making a come back.  He has at least 4500 of these babies.

Eight Track and Cassettes.  He says he too many of these.  Between the 2 of them, he has approximately 600. 

45's.   According to him, there is about 8000 of these babies.

I couldn't find a picture of all his CD's.  There is appro.  3500 of them.  He has them all in alphabetical order.  Of course, they haven't made it out of the boxes on this move.  
He has all kinds of music, old country, jazz, new age, rock and roll, classical.  You name it, he probably has it.  From the 1940's to present.  We need to get him his own internet station.

Here is just some of the equipment he has.  He has tons more of that too.

Whilst going through old photo's, I came across a couple of them that just made me smile.  

This first one is of my own 3 kids.  They must have been cold, or this was the first fire of the season.  It was a wood burning fireplace.   I don't know, it just brings back memories.

This next one is from when we made a family trip to California in 2000.  Before it was a big pain in the butt to fly.  My sons cracked us up the whole trip.  It was so much fun.  We didn't take very many vacations, so this too made me smile. 

Ok, so much for the blast from the past.  Please link up.  It can be anything.  I promise.
I want to wish all of you in the U S of A, Happy Thanksgiving, and those of you abroad, Happy Thursday.  Next weeks prompt is one where you can post some pictures of your holiday.  See, none of you should have an excuse, unless your dog eats your camera.

Next Weeks Prompts
Family Event 11/29/12
Your Choice

Ridiculous 12/6/12
Tracks 12/13/12
Historic 12/20/12

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Answers To My Questions...

The other day I asked the people that I highlighted to answer some questions.  In all fairness to them, I am going to answer them, because, well, I know you have inquiring minds and want more blackmailing material,  more knowledge of who I really am.

So, without further ado

1.     How old were you when you got your first kiss?  Do you remember his/her name?
I was the ripe old age of 13.  His name was Rusty.  Nuff said.  I think back on it now, and ummm, yeah, yuk.

2.     What is a wild and crazy thing you did with a group of friends?
I know that we all have done the thing from Waynes World.  Maybe not the same song, but we did the flying down the street, radio volume up high, singing at the top of our lungs.
Not to mention that one time me and a bunch of friends went into a 7-11 and caused a ruckus.  No really, little ole sweet and innocent me did that.  

3.    Do you like Roller Coasters?  If so, what is the funnest one you have ever been on?
I love, love, love, love, love Roller Coasters.  If there was a dream job for me, it would be traveling around the world, riding and writing about them.  

This is called Wicked.  It is here in Utah at Lagoon.
But I have to say one of my all time favorites is at Knotts Berry Farm.  It is called Boomerang.  First you go forward, then you go backward.  L.O.V.E.D.....I.T.....

4.      Christmas or Thanksgiving?  Why?
My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  Its just a time to get together, and eat yummy food. One tradition that my kids hate, but that I really like is we go around the table and say what we are thankful for.  It changes from year to year.  I also write an individual letter to Mr. Dazee, my kids, their spouses, and my grandkids.  That reminds me, I best be getting some writing on.

5.  Man or Woman?
This wasn't on my original question list but, omg, bring me the peroxide, hurry, pour it in my eyes.  
Supposedly a woman.  Yeah, I'd do him/her. 

oh, and
You're Welcome

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Very Serious Post..........Snicker........Snort

You know.....It's kind of scary when my brain gets thinking.  At least, that's what my family tells me.  

When God or The Big Bang happened (covering both of sides here) and the earth and humans were created, I can tell there was a man involved.  Lets go over a few things that will happen when I wave my magic wand and create the best world EVER!!

One day total max.  No pain, maybe just push it out all at once like pooping.  Yeah, that's a great idea.  All in favor????

Done Having Babies.....No More Periods
There will be a special placed switch or button, or heck, brain control, that will tell your body, we are done procreating, I don't need you anymore.   

Women's Facial Hair
Won't be any.  Who in the hell came up with this idea?  Oh, right, a man.  I didn't have any facial hair until I started going through menopause.  (TMI all you men followers) There will be a proclamation throughout the inhabitants of the human species, no female facial hair.  There is no reason for this.  Unless as a woman, you like facial hair, then there will be pills made to help you.  

Flies, Spiders and All Creepy Crawlers Not Allowed In Houses
It will be in their DNA coding that if they happen to be born in a house, as in like dead bodies grow them, they will make a mass exodus to the outside.  It will be inbred in them, like the salmons heading back to their birth place.  

Messages on Foreheads
When ever you are talking to people, messages will show up on their foreheads.  Why you ask?   Because, they will lie to you, they will brown nose you, they will cheat you.  I think when they are talking to you, and are going to go tell, lets say your former boss, something like, she hates her job, all of the sudden the message will appear on their head, WILL TELL BOSS ANYTHING YOU SAY.  I think I might have finally figured out who the person was that tells the former boss everything.  So remember Dale asswipe, karma is a bitch, and I will be driving the bus.

If you have any great suggestions for my human race, let me know.

Ok, I must be off, I've got some people to go see.    mwaaaahaaaahaaaa

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Spy - Wish

Time once again for the ever popular I Spy with Christy's Mad Mind and my crazy one.  Every week we beg for people to follow along.  Some of you are very loyal and we love you for it.  It is such a fun way to show off the photo's that you take.  We are just asking you to show off what you take pictures of.  It is so easy.  Our rules are even easier.  We give you 2 whole prompts.  One of them is always the same, YOUR CHOICE.  The other one changes weekly with this weeks being WISH.  Don't boggle down your brain with "what the heck am I going to do".  Boggle it with, "this is going to be a great interpretation of the prompt".  
Are you ready to see my interpretations?  Well, hopefully you are, because, ummmm, you are here and stuff.  :)

My first and second photo's are my wish that I could design and decorate cakes like my daughter.  She sure didn't take this skill from me, because I never had it.  
Makes you want a piece of cake and for you milk lovers like me, a huge ole glass of milk on ice (well, maybe minus the ice if you are a wuss)

I wish that I could draw more than a bath.  My sister actually painted this on the wall where she works.  I love how she put the night light as the light on the lighthouse.  Yeah, I wish I had a talent.


Yesterday I caught this buck in my neighbors yard, using his antlers to dig the plant out of the snow.  I know, I'm usually complaining about them, but I was at least happy it was happening at their house and not ours.  

Ok, your turn.  Can't wait to see what you've got.

Next Weeks Prompts
Music 11/22/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Family Event 11/29/12
Ridiculous 12/6/12
Tracks 12/13/12
Historic 12/20/12

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Places To Go, People You Need To See

I know I have mentioned this a million times, but people just don't comment like they used to.  Oh, I know I have a few faithful people that will comment.  And I try to comment on the blogs that I follow.  I read them through my Google Reader, but I will click on the block itself when I want to comment on it.  So don't be telling me it's just too hard.  I want to know you are out there.

I am awarding a few of my favorite bloggers my
Places I Love To Go
award.  Please go check them out, and by darn, comment WHEN you do.  They could really use a kind or humorous word.  

 Grab your awards fellow bloggers, and show it well.  I should throw in some questions so it forces you to answer.  hmmmm grand idea.

She is one of the first bloggers I starting following.  She reads tons of books like me.  I would classify her as a Humorous, Mom, Book promoter blog.  She's got all of you covered.   Check her out.  She cracks me up.

This is a new blog, but not a new blogger.  I love this woman.  She has all sorts of wisdom, and humor, and has a no nonsense way of letting it all hang out.  If you aren't reading her, you are missing out.

When I came upon her blog, I felt like I was reading a long lost sisters blog.  Well except for the bonfires, but she is a lot like me.  And she just became a first time grandma.....  What can be better than that.  Go give her some commenting love.  You won't regret it.

She does give aways, but when she's not doing that she is cracking me up.  She's a diabetic like me, except way skinnier, not to mention way cute.  

She is such a valued follower of I Spy.  I followed her way before we started doing that meme.  She is either tickling my funny bone, or making me think.  

Ok.  hmmmmm, questions for you lucky award winners to answer.  Are you brave enough?

1.     How old were you when you got your first kiss?  Do you remember his/her name?
2.     What is a wild and crazy thing you did with a group of friends?
3.    Do you like Roller Coasters?  If so, what is the funnest one you have ever been on?
4.      Christmas or Thanksgiving?  Why?

Ok, that is all I can think of.  I'm thinking that I might just answer these questions myself.  Don't worry, it will be a post another day.

Please, go check out these bloggers.  I would hang out with each and every one of them if I had the money to do so.   But then, you have seen how wild and crazy I can get, so maybe they would pretend they weren't going to be home.  As if....

 If I didn't give you the award, but you would love to have it, because, well you love me and such, and you are just itching to answer those fabulous questions, go ahead.  Grab them and go.  If I see that you have, I will give your blog a shout out on here.  Well, for all the good that will do, because I think I have a ton more followers than I do.  But hey, every little bit helps, right?  Of course right!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Field Trip - Adventures At Pier 1.....

Once again, with my partner in crime in town, we hit our favorite store, Pier 1.   I'm pretty sure that when they see us pull up, they want to hurry and lock the doors.  Oh, to have a money tree, so I could buy some of the stuff that I see.  Lets get on with the ride.  Hand over your permission slips as you load the bus.

First stop on our trip is the Salt and Pepper Shakers.  

Pull apart elephant.  

When Pigs Fly!!!  Well, there ya go

Strutting the feathers

Cute cats....


Let's move along over to the, what should I give some of my friends, section.  Tommy, stop dilly dallying.  Catch up.....

Wine bottle holder

Sexy soda bottle holder

Your "special" bottle holders

Gingerbread Men measuring spoons

Now, gather around.  I know all of you are in a panic right now wondering what you are going to be giving me for Christmas.  I have taken the guess work out of it for you.  


le sigh

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Spy - Pole(s)

Are you ready to join in the I Spy movement?  What?  I.....can', oh there you are.  Lets get our groove on with my awesome co-host Christy with the Maddest of Minds and show what you've got in the way of POLE(S) and SOMETHING OF YOUR CHOICE.   Do it....till your satisfied.....take photo's....  
There are all sorts of poles around.  Sorry, I don't have a stripper pole.  But ummm, if you do, you should link on up.  That would be so freaking cool.   All of my Pole photo's were taken without even having to leave my house.  
You have the poles that hold up the swing set.

This pole is running between the satellite dish and the receivers.  

The street light pole on our property

Power poles across the way

Off the wall pole.  This is a pole that Mr. Dazee made up, that has "keep away the deer mesh, attached to it.  Those little dots you see are actually running from the pole, to the side of the house.  We had to save some of the flowers from being eaten by Bambi and his clan


I am thankful that I live in a State that has beautiful mountains.   They are so huge and majestic.  

Show us what you've got

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