Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Really? You Can't Wait?

Howdy Rowdy's.  What's the haps?  (yes I spent time with my young nieces last night)

Anyweirddazee, today we are going to have a little talk about patience on the road.  I admit, I might get impatient on the freeway, if by chance an idiot  person merges onto the autobahn and then proceeds to go 20 miles under the speed limit.  But alas, I just turn on my handy dandy turn signal and get around them, while flipping them off below the window level so they don't see it, and go on my merry way.

That rant is now over.  Next I am going to talk about parking lot scenario's.  These actually happened to me this week, so it is not made up.  

Sit back and enjoy.

While stopping at the nearby Walmart, (because they have my bank inside the store), Mr. Dazee and I did our business and started walking out of the store.  I think I have mentioned that I have diabetic neuropathy.  Severe.  I can not walk very fast, and I'm in major pain while walking.  Mr. Dazee is ahead of me, walking like a normal person.  I am behind, doing the Dazee Mae walk of pain, when a Van with an older man and his wife come zooming around the one line of parked cars and proceeds to want to turn into the line of parked cars where we are.  He slows proceeds to try to hurry Mr. Dazee off the road, by inching ever so rudely closer to him.  At this time I am in the middle of the pedestrian crossing.  I think, "I will never make it fast enough for this dude", so I stop.

I look ever so nicely sour faced at him, and give him the universal hand motion of "you go first".  I wait a minute and look at him with the "why are you still there" look and he is doing the "no, you go first hand motion".  By this time he has totally pissed me off, so I look at him again, my face registering the "you are a total idiot" look and do the hand motion again, this time a little more forceful.  Apparently, his wife got involved after this display, because he did the hand movement like, "my wife just called me a name so you better go, and I'm really nice".  Dumb A.  I did go, but it did take me longer than he had hoped.  Too bad so sad for him.

Score one for Dazee

I dropped my daughter-in-law off to work this morning, because I'm nice like that, and after she got out, I started to back out.  Looked both ways like a good little driver should.  Get all the way out to the street, with my wheels turned to start moving forward, when a car comes zooming out of the other parking lane and stops abruptly, looking at me with her face all scrunched up and sending eye sparks my way.  Ummmm, lady, I was clearly out into the street.  You could have waited further back in the parking lane, waited to turn right, until I was well on my way.  But no, you were in a big freaking hurry to get to where you were going.  I think I might have mouthed Dumb A as I was driving by her, but I didn't look at her, so that doesn't count, right?

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, people need to be more courteous and patient when in parking areas.  There would be nothing worse than hurting someone, or even ending their life because you are in a big freaking hurry.

Speaking of ending a life, what is up with these people leaving their kids, pets and even elderly disabled parents in hot cars?  I sat in the car the other day, with all the windows down, while Mr. Dazee went into a store.  He said he would be just a minute.  But you know, sometimes you get in a store, and you can't find someone to help you, or you just get tied up, and so it lasts a lot longer.  I was getting so hot, and sweating, trying to find a napkin or something to wipe the sweat off my face, and THIS WAS WITH THE WINDOWS OPEN.  I had a bottle of water with me, but it had sat out in the car long enough that it was very hot water.  I did drink a little of it, but yikes, super hot water while sweating, no thank you.  

Phew.  I was really on a rant.  

In order to end on a really awesome note, and if you are my friend on facebook, I'm sorry for posting this yet again, but hey, what can I say.  

Who doesn't like bagpipe music, men in kilts, and fire.  

Do Enjoy


  1. Hey you are blogging again!! Great to see you back, and yeah I get pissed off with bad drivers, but sometimes I'm a bad driver too, always in a rush and a bit impatient!

  2. So glad to see you back! I live in a rural valley where most people (except tourists) are unfailingly polite. Word gets around quickly if you're an asshat. I LOVE your tattoo. I have a hummingbird tattoo also, with the same type of purple flower, but yours is prettier.

  3. Oy bad drivers...they seem to be a million times worse out here than they are in Utah. Drives me batty.

  4. I've missed you! Your posts aren't showing up in my blog feed - I gotta fix that, pronto!

    I now drive 40 miles each way to work. I have to listen to audiobooks during my commute to cut down on the number of times I call drivers "assholes". Some days, I am convinced there's an Asshole Convention in the St. Louis area, and they're all late for the Continental breakfast.