Friday, June 14, 2013

So, What Do You See

Once upon a time, in a doctors office not so far away
An x-ray was taken

Being that I was allowed in the room to speak to the surgeon
(ok, I don't need permission, I was just in there)
An x-ray was brought up on the computer screen.

(Um, ouch, look at all that hardware, but I digress)

The surgeon and his very yummy fine looking assistant
explained what the procedure that was to happen the next day would entail

While staring at the x-ray, my eyes were caught on the
strange creature on the screen
My cousin April and I, being the wild and crazy kind of gals that we are

The surgeon left the room, but McDreamy stayed in to answer any more questions
I asked him to "Name that Creature"

Oh doctors, they get so used to seeing x-rays
they don't even notice anything 
Finally,  he saw the creature, and said
"I would have never seen that"
Well, in truth, he didn't say that, it was more like
Dazee:  What is this?
McDreamy:  That's gas
Dazee & April:  What the???? You don't see a creature?

He did see it and played along with our game

And now, being the kindhearted soul that I am
I'm inviting you to play along

Go ahead


(Just don't tell my mom I told you all it was gas, she might disown me)


  1. Hmmm. I see a kid with his ball cap on sideways (Middle right). I would name him Ralph.

  2. I see a one-eyed, spread nostrils, open-mouth-with-a-smirk-growing-on-one-side creature who I would like to call Gus. How's that for someone who only smoked weed once in their life about 35 years ago....

  3. creature" hmmmm looks like a lampshade with a mushroom on top (hehe) I have matching hardware :(shattered my right ankle 5 yrs ago but no funny looking creatures :)

  4. George. And I would love him and pet him and hug him and squeeze him :)

  5. Is this like those ink blot test, cause I always fail those things. Anyway when I stand on my head I see something that kinda looks like the scream mask only winking. I would call it Bob but I call everything Bob...

  6. If Curious George had a disfiguring accident in the car with the Man in the Yellow Hat, that's what George would look like.

  7. I don't can't see a monster either, but then the whole x-ray looks like a monster to me!

  8. It looks like Casper the friendly Gas to me!

    Sending a hug and a prayer your way.

  9. Franklin. He looks like a Franklin to me.

  10. OUCH!

    Hi girlie! Miss you! Hope you are enjoying your summer!