Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime?

Oh what do you do in the summertime,
when all the world is green,
Do you lay in the pool to keep yourself cool
Or swing in a tree, up H....I.....G.....H.....
Is this what you do?
So do I,ah,I,ah,Iiiiiiiiii

Aaaahhhh, the sweet memories of being little.  Singing that song at the top of our lungs.  Never really feeling the heat.  
But alas, you get older and feel the heat.  Just sayin'.

So, I thought today we would take a little field trip of sorts.  Summertime fun.  

I love slides.  Except when it is so freaking hot outside that you burn your legs because someone thought that making slides out of metal was such a glorious idea.  NOT.    Here are some really cool slides that I found while looking.

(Dazee, Dazee)  Look, this one is just calling my name.  

Where oh where were play areas like this when I was growing up???? 

I want to get a job at this place.  (Heck, I just want a job) 

This one is by the doctors office that I take my mom to.  Really, Mr. Dazee has got to do this at the next house we buy.

OK, on to the pools.

Yeah, me likey

Do you think Mr. Dazee would be up for doing this landscape design?
(minus the tennis court, honey, I do I have my limits)

Second Honeymoon, hint hint 

Dreaming time is over, here is our idea of summer fun.  Slide and pool all in one.  

I must now go put on as few as clothes as possible.  
They are saying about 105 today, cooling down to maybe 97 tomorrow.  Hahahaha, cooling down.  Good one weather people, good one.


  1. At least you have a pool... I'm envious!

  2. Haha! Fun post! Like your slippy slidy thingy. Enjoy!

  3. The second honeymoon pool would scare the bejesus out of me...not too good with is cool though.

  4. I am so scared of heights but I think I could get over it for those pools.. seriously just stay away from the sides lol..

  5. Cool!! Where is the second honeymoon pool?? I want to go there!!