Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So I Snuck Into My Kitchen..........

As you may or may not know, my father passed away this past April.  He was in a care center, so about a month before he went to the great beyond, my mother was moved into my house.  She has her own living quarters.  It has a nice size family room, a walk in closet, a bedroom with more closets and a really nice size bathroom.  

The only thing she needs to share with us is the kitchen and laundry room.  She even has her own entrance into her place, so people that just want to see her don't have to bother us.

I am now the caretaker for my mom.  Some times are good, sometimes are not so good, and sometimes things just crack me up.

I'm going to do a weekly report on being a caretaker.  I know many of you might be responsible for your aging parents, or very ill children so I would like to make this a forum to discuss and just be there for each other.

This week's subject is going to be

Sneaking Into Your Own Kitchen

The other night, after spending a good amount of time with mom, I waited and waited till I heard her go into her place and shut the door.  I stealthfully made my approach to the kitchen to get a piece of homemade chocolate cake.  (yes, she made homemade cake, you can be jealous)  I had just about made my escape, when out of the blue her door opens and she comes out.  What the??????

Since when is it a crime to GO TO MY OWN KITCHEN, AND EAT WHATEVER I WANT???

I guess maybe it is my own fault, letting it make me feel that way.  Gone are the days of just doing what I want, when I want, and not getting the "mother evil eye".  I have found out that mom has a bigger sweet tooth than me.  I was eating her stash.  (Help me)

Have you had any funny experiences being a caretaker?

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