Monday, January 21, 2013

Show And Tell

Me and my best friend, Mr. Camera, have had a lot of sitting around, people watching, and waiting for things the last few weeks.  Who am I kidding, it's been 7 weeks.  Today I'm going to play the ever fun and popular elementary school game, SHOW AND TELL.

Oh wait, before I get started get your camera's out and taking photo's because this week I SPY will be back.  This week is going to be SCARS and YOUR CHOICE.  Ok, you have been warned.

On with the show.

Some people in surgery waiting rooms are mean.  I find a seat, sit down, take a bite of the milky way bar that I brought with me, and the lady across the way from me decides to tell me that she used to be as "heavy" as me, but she has lost 130 pounds.  Then she tells me all about how she did it, and pulls out some fruit cake bread she has made and offers it to me.  I tell her no thanks, I don't like any breads with fake fruit or nuts in it.  Never fear, she then offers me some carrots.  I start praying that the person she is waiting for will soon be out of surgery so I can relax. 

Speaking of the surgery waiting room.  Nothing like a chair that if you sit down hard on it, or even move to make yourself more comfortable makes a "farting" sound.  It is kind of embarrassing.  Being the Crazy Dazee that I am, I excuse myself to the whole room.  Yeah, cuz I'm cool that way.  :)

These are grapes, fresh out of the pack.  Ummm, yikes, penicillin anyone?

My neighbor, heretofore known as "the perp", has been shoveling the snow.  Now, before you get all, "well Dazee, you need to keep your sidewalks and driveways shoveled", let me point out and tell you that she shovels the snow OFF OF HER GRASS.  Here she is shoveling around where her dog is buried.  Again, before all you pet lovers climb all over me, this was just the tip of the iceberg.  She shoveled around the edges of her yard, and a path for her other dog.  Said other dog has never used the nicely shoveled areas she has made.  Just goes where he wants to go.  Ok?  Ok.

This is my poor mom's hand after her hip was finally put back in.  It is where the IV was put.  You can see that she was poked 2 different times.  Makes me want to cry

These are some cute little old ladies with walkers that one of my sisters brought to my mom.  They are wind up's and they race each other.  So freaking cute.

And they are off

Last, but certainly not least, a moment at Walmart.  While waiting.....and waiting......and waiting to see if the prescription had been called in, because, oh the pharmacist was just too busy to check the voice mails ALL AFTERNOON, this vision of pink showed up to pick up hers.  You can't see it here, but even her shoes were pink.  The end to the perfect, get my mom out of the rehabilitation center and home day.


  1. Was she picking up Pepto-Bismal!

  2. Well at least the lady in pink was making and effort to co-ordinate her clothes. :D

    I have no scars! So I'm screwed for this weeks I Spy too! Damn!

  3. Those are grapes?? Seriously? That's nasty.

    Your mom's poor hand. :( It looks so sad!!

  4. I can sympathize with your mom. My veins are so bad that I frequently blow IV lines. The 2nd to last visit to the ER, it took them four tries plus a mile of tape to keep an IV in me.

  5. Yikes on the grapes!!! Love your spying! And the pink She loves pink.

  6. PS. Kiss your mom's hand better for me. It looked like it hurt. :( Hugs.

  7. Ok, I like pink but as an ACCENT not an entire wardrobe. Your poor mom has been through her paces lately. She's a tough one alright.