Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Confessions - 1-20-13

Whilst reading the blogs on my google reader this morning,  I saw this fun little meme on Fairdale Diaries.   Which she got from Every Day Is A New Adventure.  What a fun way to 'splain some things that have gone on this week.  

Ah hum

1.  I watched The Dark Night and The Dark Night Rises last night with my son.  Why is this a confession?  Because I told myself I would never watch the Batman movies.  I have to say, I enjoyed them.   Shun the non believers.

2.   I have some major anger issues.  Nuff said.

3.  I am beginning to think that there is conspiracy going on with the death of my aunt.   She died Friday morning, but so far her family isn't talking.  Hasn't mentioned when the funeral is.  No obituary to be found in the three different newspapers I looked in.  Didn't even call my mom to let her know that she had died.   I mentioned this in the blog I did the other day.  I don't know, maybe I have read one too many murder thrillers, but something is not right in Denmark.  

4.  I need a vacation.   Somewhere warm, where there is not 3 feet of snow on the ground.  Anyone, anyone.


  1. I only have 3-4 cm of snow and I'm ready for a vacation some place warm and sunny! If I had 3 feet I'm pretty sure I'd have to move! That's just too much!! Hope it gets warm enough to melt sometime soon (here and there)!

  2. It's ok, I won't tell anyone about you watching the Batman movies, even though they are good!

  3. I wish it would snow here! Stupid Georgia. But, I'm with you - a vacation to somewhere warm would be nice. :)


  4. Sounds like you and me both need to get away from this friggin snow. Its depressing. Mind you I haven't had weeks of it like you have.

    Fun idea for a meme! I like!

  5. #3 - Trust your instincts but don't let it consume you.

    #4 - If you do find such a place to vacation....I will be happy to house sit as I looking for just a place like your's to vacation. SNOW!!!!!!! YAY!

  6. Anger. Gosh, that's a hard one.

    I hope you find out what's going on with your Aunt. Sometimes imagination isn't our best friend!

    I'd tell you to come visit me in AZ, but our current house is now in the second week of no heat. It has been down in the 40's inside. Not exactly cozy!

  7. The Batman movies are so good!! A little dark, but I like them.
    I hope you find out what happened with your Aunt, that's so not cool.
    Have a good night!!

  8. Oooh, I hope you found out what happened with your aunt! And we watched the Dark Knight Rises last weekend, too! I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was!

    Thanks for linking up!!!

  9. No luck here with the lack of snow. We have it and more coming this week. Sorry!