Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Spy - Scar(s)

Wow, can you believe that we are finally back doing I Spy.  It has been such a busy last couple of months.  Thanks to my wonderful partner in crime, Christy at My Mad Mind for letting me be such a slacker.  She rocks that way.

In case you have forgotten how we do this, we give you 2 choices.  Every single week one of them is YOUR CHOICE.  The other prompt is one that we have come up with.  This week it is SCAR(S).  Now, because some of you, and you know who you are, try telling me that you have no scars, think outside of the box.  A missing part of a tree is a scar, a tear in your furniture is a scar.  See, I thought outside of the box for you.  YOU CAN DO IT!!  I have faith. (insert George Michael singing Faith)
This is my beautiful older sister.  

If you look right above her eyeball, on from the edge of her eyelid to about the middle of her eyelid, you will see a thin scar.  I remember when she got this scar.  She was riding in her boyfriend's car when she was about 15 and they had an accident.  The thing is, if you didn't know it was there, you couldn't see it.  She is still one of the most beautiful women I know.

This is my mom's revised hip X-ray that they took yesterday.

And this is the scar on her hip.  Not the whole thing, because the edges on both ends were kind of gross looking and I didn't want to freak you out.  She has a "dimple" going on there right now, but they guaranteed me that when she recovers more and it is healed, it will even all out.  My mom, in the past, would have never let me take a picture of her.  Now she even let me take it of her scar.  She rocks.


I haven't been out shooting photo's randomly lately.  hmmmm wonder why?  Anyway, I went back into my archives and dug this one out.  Back in my red hair days.  Now I'm blond.  I entitled this photo "50 and proud".  Some people would call getting a tattoo a "scar".   Every time I look at my legs, I see my family.   They are the most precious and beautiful things in my life.

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  1. Ok google reader and I are going to have a long conversation. I followed you under this ID and when you weren't posting I thought oh she is taking care of her mommma and is taking a break. Then I log on in my old ID and see posts.. wth google?? I haven't abandoned you darlin, google reader was apparently playing hide and seek with your posts. Your sister's eyes are gorgeous and my mom's scars stayed sunk in somewhat it was weird. I am glad your momma is back on the mend, I know she had ya'll worried with that infection.

  2. Ha ha, I wonder who you can be talking about! Do I sound like a real wuz when I say that looking at your photos of scars makes me feel
    a bit queasy??

    Ok I'll think about it. ;)

  3. I love your "50 and Proud." And your reasoning behind your tattoos. They are a tribute to your family and they are with you wherever you go!

  4. Wow, your mom's scar is intense!! Pretty cool, though. :)

  5. Medical stuff at my place today too. Who knew?

  6. Oh wow, that scar looks bad. I also have a couple...on my forehead, my back, my leg, my finger...
    Thank you for visiting my blog! Yours is awesome and I am following you!

  7. I had a cesarean scar that looked remarkably like your mom's hip incision. Yes, it will leave a scar. Nice job!