Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh No, Not Again

Last Wednesday, whilst dreaming of this and that, I hear my phone start singing to me.  I look at the clock, and it is the lovely hour of 8 AM.  Ok, not so bad, but still.  I look to see who it is.  It is my dad.  Oh dear, this can't be good.

"Hi Dazee, mom's hip has gone out again"

What the???????  The paramedics have just left with her.  He tells me which hospital she will be at.  I hurry out of bed, wash my hair, and head to the hospital.  My mom calls me right after I leave.  "What you doing?", she innocently asks.  "Oh I'm on the way to see you".  I tell her that dad has already called.

Apparently, the paramedics decide that they will NOT take her to the hospital that her surgeon is at, even tho she has already talked to him.   They have taken her to the new Intermountain Medical Center.  My first visit to the emergency room there.  Luckily I get there before the emergency rush.

The ER doc comes in.  He hands me this picture of her x-ray.
Yikes, yup, that sucker is out of it's socket.  He told us that he U.S.U.A.L.L.Y has no problem getting them back in.  (famous last words).  He says he needs to get a group of people together including the anesthesiologist.  They have to put her out just long enough to whip that baby back where it belongs.

In walks my new boyfriend.  
I told him I would be texting Shemar and letting him know that his constant ignoring me has now made him number 2 on my list.  This gorgeous piece of manhood, was so shy he wouldn't let me take his picture.  I asked.  I caught this while I was out in the hall before they shut me out of the room.  I did catch one of his face, but I had already promised him I wouldn't put him on FB.  So alas, you only get to see his muscular arms.  le sigh.

Guess what?  Hurry.  You give up?  It didn't go in.  I know, big shocker.  The ER doc says he will be calling in the orthopedic surgeon of the hospital.  We wait, he comes in, says, "well, I'm not really a hip guy, but we are going to try to get it in".  Goody gumdrops, I'm thinking to myself.  In comes the team, including my new boyfriend, and they try it again.  Nope, nada, nein.   We are going to have to put her in an ambulance and ship her to THE HOSPITAL SHE SHOULD HAVE GONE TO IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!  

My sister and I go back into her room, waiting for her to wake up.  They have given her Propofol.  I said to the nurse, "isn't that the stuff that Michael Jackson OD'd on?"  Yippers.  She says, "didn't work out to well for him, did it".  lol

We head up to the hospital while mom is traveling in the ambulance.  We get to the floor that is her home away from home.  You know you have been there one to many times, when they know you by name and are giving you hugs.  

It was late afternoon by now, and her surgeon and his PA come in to the room.  Yeah, we are all on first name basis too.  They say that they are going to take her down to ICU, because they don't want to open a surgery suite.  She will be down there just long enough for them to try to get it back in.  If not, she will have to be taken into surgery the next day, where they will have to open her up.  

While we are waiting for word, they wheel  a woman in to the room next door.  The nurse is getting her all situated  when we hear him calling her name.  Over and over and over.  We hear him say into the little thing around his neck, "call a code blue".  The code is called and can I just say, it was like a herd of elephants.  So many people started running to the room.  They all had different things they were in charge of.  Security even show up.  I did ask the CNA why they came.  He said it was because if they have to get the patient somewhere else, they have the key to the elevator that shuts it down and only they can get on.  I love learning new things.  She came out of it.  Thank goodness.  

The best news was, they got mom's hip back in to it's socket.  If it pops out again, they will have to open her up, and do something else.  He is going to go over that with us on Thursday when we take her in for a checkup.  

So, how was your week?


  1. Why does it keep popping out of place to begin with. I think I would have been furious if mom had endured all that with her replacements good grief.

  2. Oh man.

    This is terrible.

    It's got to be incredibly hard to keep going through the same thing with your poor Mom.

    Hope she's feeling a little better now.

    And you, too!

    Cute fella, btw.

  3. So your new muscley armed bf couldn't pop that sucker back in?

  4. That is horrible! Hope your mom is better and that joint stays put.

    Maybe she should lay off the jumping jacks for a while!

  5. And the saga continues...

    BTW- If you're concerned about the Propofol, ask them to use Versed. It's what they used on me during my hand fiasco. No side effects at all. I hope she's up and about soon (with her hip securly in its socket).

  6. Ouch, I wondered why you were quiet, too busy taking photos of hot guys, I mean, looking after your mom. I hope she feels better soon, and that joint stays in it's socket!

  7. Ok, three days after the fact...at least I came:) And now you're in Twin with April...WTF woman! Are your wings getting a little tattered? I just need to talk to you, we need a lunch day again... a little YOU time..IF you have a little free time. Hang in there Dazee... xoxox

  8. Ugh, I'm sorry Dazee...I hope the hip behaves and stays in this time...at least you got a new boyfriend out of it, right? :)