Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

How ya'll doing today?  Me?  I'm doing just fine and dandy.  Thanks so much for asking.  I've been taking note of things that are going on around me lately.  Lucky for you, I am going to talk about a few of them with you today.

Disposable razors.  Once upon a time, in a bathroom not so far away, you could use a brand, new razor, and it would ever so nicely just wipe away the hair on your legs, or face, if you are of that persuasion.  I have to say, not so much anymore.  Used a new one the other day, and it acted like it was old and not sharp.  Now, they do have a mind of their own, when they want to cut the crap out of you, they will.  I think they are living things.  

Other than the fact that I so want to have a race with someone else in one of these electric grocery carts, some people should NOT be allowed to drive them.  Especially on the morning of the Superbowl, at Walmart, when all the Johnny come lately's decide to get their last minute goodies.  Yeah, good times.

This is ONE of the fine deer that find their way into our backyard.  As you can see, Priscilla is right at the end of our deck.  I am actually outside, on said deck, looking at her, through my camera.  When I first spotted her, it was when I was opening the blinds and she was at the bottom of the stairs, all 5 of them, right in front of me.  She kept giving me the "who you looking at" look.  She mosied over to the side and continued to give me the stare down.  Then I scared her.  hahahahahah, cuz I'm mean like that.

This is Pinky.  Miss A. brought her up to me the other day and asked if I would do surgery on her little foot.  She is losing her innards.  I should go into the stuffed animal surgery business.  With all the time I've spent in the orthopedic section of the hospital and care center in the last 2 months, I think I would be a fine surgeon/physical therapist on these little critters.  (Yeah, and then I woke up)

Mr. G.  He is almost 4 months old.  I just threw him on here because, well, I'm a grandma, and you have heard all the horror stories about how we are.  Yes, I am one of those grandma's.  

One last thought of the day.  

If a train left California at 7:45 am, traveling 300 mph, and a semi-truck left New York at 9:45 am, traveling 70 mph, how many banana's would be left on both of them when the purple unicorns made it to the center of the earth?

In the fine words of Linda Richman
"Talk Amongst Yourselves"


  1. I see a reality show soon featuring rednecks racing in those grocery scooters.

    The answer to the question is 4 oranges and 1 mango, no bananas.

  2. I can't help but feel that a great many people that use those electric shopping carts aren't disabled but just too lazy to walk around the shop. Okay I know some are genuine but some less so. :D

  3. GEne's mom was allowed in the electric cart one time. She wiped out a cigarette display rack because she couldn't 'stop' when all she had to do was let go of the handles.. ahem.. we forbade her usage of them from that point on.

  4. I hate disposable razors. And I have to agree with LL Cool Joe about people on these things. I know most are genuine, but some I just have a hard time believing.
    As for your story problem, 3 purple bananas after the unicorns were done with them. :)

  5. Love Linda Richman! As for the razors, I'm with you. You might as well try to shave your legs with a credit card.

  6. Mr. G is mighty adorable!

    And I've always wanted to race one of those carts, too!

    It's on, girl!