Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whilst On My Travels

I have come to realize that I have been a hermit the last year.  No really, don't be shocked.  But I have.  

You may need to sit down for a minute while I make my next announcement.  Ok, here it is.......  I went out and about this week.  I know, right.   So unlike me.  The good thing is, I had time to pull out my camera and snap some pics of things that make me go, ooh, aaah and WTF.  

Here, in no particular order, are my findings

The Little Leaf That Could
This little leaf on the tree behind our house (well, it's the perp's tree), will not give up it's hold of the tree.  It sprouted last spring, lived all summer, lost it's color along with it's roommates, but didn't want to leave home.  It has lived through 60 MPH winds, so many snow storms I have lost count, and still just keeps holding on.  Talk about perseverance.

How Is My Driving?
At first when I got behind this car, I was thinking to myself, "I feel sorry for kids that have the kind of parents that would put this on their car".  As I got closer, and sat behind said car at a red light, I noticed that it was a little old lady, (you can barely see the top of her head), smoking like a chimney.   Her driving was horrible by the way.  Wonder if the number still was valid.  :)

Coolest Egg Timers
While waiting for an interview at Primary Children's Hospital, I stopped in the gift shop to see what I couldn't live without.  When to my wondering eyes did appear, these egg timers.  Are they so cute or what.  No I didn't buy them, but the volunteer there was nice enough to let me take a picture and even showed me all the colors they came in.  Me want.

Aaah, To Be Thin.....
My mom asked me to stop at a place called Asian City to pick her up a calendar.  I have never been in this store before.  Oh my, I will be going back just to walk around the whole store.  I spotted this little jewel and dreamed of once again being young, and thin, and.........

And The Oscar Goes To....
This blue gown was so beautiful.  The bodice was elastic or roused or whatever they call it.  (You would think I would know after watching ever season of Project Runway).  I decided then and there that when I am called up to the stage to accept my Oscar, this is the gown I will be wearing.  I can hear it now, "Dazee,  who are you wearing".  Why, Asian City, of course.  

Rocket Man
At one of the many places I needed to stop this week, I came upon this rocket.
It is a bicycle.  I asked the two ladies that were talking outside if they thought the owner would be ok with me taking pictures.  They said that a lot of people do.  Apparently the owner and traveler of said bike is a cardiologist.  Go figure.  He even had it chained to the bike rack.  It has turn signals and everything.  I myself would be scared to death to ride that thing in traffic.  


  1. You need to get out more often!

  2. Ok that bike is pretty bad ass. I have a few leaves like that here. I cannot wait till warmer weather to be able to really work on my yard and flowers and get stuff moved from mom's beds to mine.. aaachhhh

  3. Maybe on your next adventure, you could focus on know the weirdos are out there, just waiting for you.

    You could do what I did - at a wine tasting, I "interviewed" folks (said I was a freelance writer), and I took pictures of their matching tattoos...I may have been tipsy at the time (the only plausible reason that I'd do something like that).

  4. those egg timers, are pretty sweet. wish I could actually handle one. And the blue would be perfect or you!

  5. Go leaf, go!! That blue dress is beautiful, and that bike is awesome...but I don't think I could ride it in traffic either...