Friday, February 1, 2013

Things We Need To Discuss

Remember, back in the good ole days, when I would rant, and rave and take pictures while driving and stuff.   Yeah, me too.

So I have a few things to get off my chest.

Hips and Stuff

You all know how I've been helping with my mom.  Guess what happened last week?  Thursday to be exact.  She rolled over in bed wrong and POPPED that damn hip out of its socket.  Paramedics, one hospital trying to shove it back into socket.  Ambulance transfer to another hospital emergency room, another round of "lets beat the crap out of Dazee's mom's hip".  No dice.  Admitted to hospital, surgeon called, "lets put her under, see if we can get that sucker back in place, and then if we can't, we will cut her open again".  Oh joyous rapture, Dazee mutters.  Thank goodness they got that sucker back in without having to cut her open.  Phew.

Loud Freaking, Pull My Hair Out, I'm Gonna Hurt You Commercials.

I don't watch a lot of TV "live".  DVR most of my favorite shows and watch them when I want to, fast forward through commercials.  But, every night, you will find Mr Dazee and myself watching the 9 o'clock news (yeah, I said 9 o'clock news, we are old).  I would like to grab the makers of mostly the car commercials, by their ummmm, well, you know, their lower extremities heads and SCREAM into their ears, AS.....LOUD.....AS....I....CAN......  

Who told them that the only way people will buy a car is if it is obnoxiously loud.  Like the monster truck commercials.  SUPPOSEDLY they have made a law that the commercials can't be louder than the program it is on.  I think it is not being enforced.

Those fun and exciting job Interviews

I've been on a few job interviews lately.  Clue word there, FEW.  I think I do well.  I'm personable, extremely beautiful, outgoing and do not chew gum.  I wish I knew what they were looking for me to be like in an interview.  Do they want SERIOUS, SHY, OUTGOING, DON'T TALK UNLESS WE ASK YOU A QUESTION.  Or what?  Last week I had a group interview.  S.C.A.R.Y.  There was 20 of us in the room.  They had all types to choose from.  I would really like that job, but again, I probably answered one of the questions wrong.  Like, what is the lowest amount of salary you would take.  Maybe I should have just said I would work for free.  How about that all you companies out there.  Oh well, SOMEDAY, the job that is meant to be for me will come along.  Or so all my friends tell me.

Last but certainly not least


With much discussion with my good friend and partner, Christy and her Maddest of Mad Minds , we have decided that it is time to bring this fun and exciting photo meme to a close.  It's not that we haven't enjoyed it, but we haven't really had a lot of people linking up.  So, let us bid Adieu.  So long my dear froggy friend.  We will miss you.  

But don't worry, I will still post photo's that I take.  Because, well, you can't stop me.  :)


  1. I can't do Ispy with no camera.. long story.. just can't wait till taxes get here. You and your mom have really had a go of it haven't ya.. Now don't make me yell at you to blog again young lady do ya hear me..

  2. The lowest salary you would be willing to work for is 2 lbs a bacon per week.

  3. Sorry I didn't join in with I Spy more. I loved the idea of it but just often couldn't find the time to do the photos or be creative with it. My time is a bit limited at the moment. I will miss it though as I Spy often inspired me to add stuff to my Coolness blog.

  4. You have been through the wringer that's for sure. It's been a long couple of months. I Spy may live again some day when both of us have more energy. Don't get too down about anything. You know I'm still working on some things. We will survive.

  5. I'm sorry about your mom's hip. I hope it heals up soon. :( And I hate loud commercials too. And I'm sorry you haven't found a job yet. I'll keep praying that you will!! And...I'm sorry I never linked up for your link up. :\ I was just never on top of it enough...