Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life of a Diabetic

Diabetes. It's the joy of my existence.

Take a look at the picture. This is like the needle that I get to stick into my belly, 3 to 4 times a day. Notice the length of the needle. Keep this in mind while I let you in on the dream of the night.

I was getting ready to eat my dinner. Before every meal, I check how my blood glucose levels are. So I prick my finger, test and it looks ok. I calculate how many units of insulin I need to take. Turn the dial, yes, I have one of those handy dandy prefilled "insulin pens" that all I have to do is dial the amount. Then, "stab" into the belly it goes.

Imagine my surprise when after I pump the insulin into my body, I pull out the needle, and out with it comes, are you ready.............

Shredded roast beef!!!!! WTF. It is stuck to the needle and is being pulled out of my stomach area holding on for dear life to the needle. (if you have forgotten the length of the needle, scroll back up and look). It does not go into your belly far enough to get into your stomach to bring out any food contents. Needless to say, as it is coming out of my stomach, the blood starts flowing. Oh my, I tell this man standing by me, because, you know, in dreamland, one minute you are standing in your kitchen shooting insulin into you belly, and the next minute you are at some deli counter type place. I tell the man, I'm bleeding to death, could you please take me to the hospital.

Instead of taking me to the hospital, he takes me to an old warehouse, where he has stashed other woman. Yes, he has kidnapped me. Me, have you seen me? again, WTH!! Time to wake up.

First of all, I found the whole roast beef in my stomach too funny, because I had eaten pancakes for dinner the night I dreamed this. Second, I think I watch and read too many murder/suspense book
Dreams, it's like your own movie theater.


  1. Now you know how cows feel! ;P

  2. "I had pancakes for dinner that night." He he he he he he he he he. I love it! :) :)

  3. Um, I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat shredded beef again. And I do loves me a bbq beef sandwich every now and then. Maybe I'll switch to pork.

    Your dreams...well, you know what I think about them. Keep on dreaming!

  4. You're hysterical! Loving your dreams but will most likely never eat roast beef again!

  5. Brandy, go ahead, eat roast beef. Unless you too are a diabetic and are constantly sticking needles in your stomach.