Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wished This Was A Dream

Answering the phones at work. What can I say. Not my favorite thing in the world, but I honestly try to be really nice when I'm talking to people. I have to admit, I've had a few phones calls that really put me over the edge.

On fine phone called happened while my boss was out of town. It went something like this. "XYZ Company". The Man on the other end of the line says. "may I speak to Derek please". I say, I'm sorry, we don't have anyone here by that name. He says, "yes you do, I just talked to him, and he was supposed to send me a PO". I said, are you sure he worked here at XYZ Company. "Yes". By this time he is starting to get the whole "men are so much better than woman" attitude. I said, could he work at another location? "No, he is there". I said again, well, I'm not really sure that any of the locations have someone named Derek, but maybe you could call one of the other locations. He got all pissed off and hung up.

Started to do my work again, the phone rings. (what can I say, they are constantly ringing, which is good for business). I answer yet again. Joyous Rapture, he is on the other line. "May I speak to Derek". I'm sorry, but we have no one here by that name. By now, this man is starting to be a big prick. "I know that you have someone there named Derek". I'm thinking to myself, ummm I have the first sit downs with the new employees, doing their paperwork, telling them the "this and thats" of the place. Sir, I say, we have no one here by that name. "well, (speaking in that male chauvinist way), let me talk to the manager". I'm sorry, he is out of town for the rest of the week. "great", and hangs up.

By this time I'm a little bit pissed. Phone rings again, yippy, its him again. "Since your manager is gone, can I talk to the next person in charge". I say, I'm the next person in charge. He says, very indignant, "YOU ARE!!!". Yes, I say, so if you are going to complain about me, you might as well tell me off because I'm the next in charge. Blah, Blah, Blah. I can't even remember what he said after that, because I had fire coming out of my ears.

Apparently, he has finally called another one of our locations, and has talked to the manager there. (who by the way is the brother to my manager). I get a call from said manager. "I just got off this phone with this guy, and he said you were really rude to him". I let go with some lovely language on the manager. Told him the whole story. Thank god he said, "well, I know that you are usually really nice to people so I wanted to get your side of the story". He then told me that they did have a Derek at that location. Dear Derek, freak, next time would you please give people THE PHONE NUMBER to call. errrrrrr

Don't think I better ever be a customer service rep!

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