Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh No I Didn't! and Other Random Stuff


I didn't just burp when I answered the phone here at work!

And I have never, ever hiccuped while paging someone to the phone. Prove it!

I especially didn't totally screw up the name of the company when I answered the phone, and the owner of the company was on the other end.

I didn't go to a wedding reception, at a church, without wearing my bra. Ok, I didn't but I know someone that did. (and you know who you are too!)

And before you even accuse me of it, I have never, ever, ever, picked up a banana chair and thrown it when watching a Jazz Playoff Game. What? Who told you that? Was it one of my kids?

Note to self. Do not stab your insulin needle into your hand, where the thumb bone meets the wrist bone. There is no meat there to take the blow. Especially if you are going at a high rate of speed to get it into your stomach. Ouch.

Did I miss the chapter in the Driver's Exam Booklet, and on the test for that matter, about driving pickup trucks. Looks to me like people that drive them either drive really super fast, or really freaking slow. Oh and don't even get me started on the diesel pickup truck drivers!!!


  1. Geez.... how could ANYONE forget to put on their bra when leaving their house? That is really sad and I bet TOTALLY embarrassing! I bet the person who did it is a rock star of a gal and has a great personality. Oh and also is super nice, hot and is fun to be with. :) :)