Sunday, March 28, 2010

Was I Dreaming?

This is my grandson. He can fall asleep anywhere. The picture that you see is him falling asleep, on my lap, at the Circus. You read that right, the circus. Now, if you have been to the circus lately, it is not a quiet place. Very lively and loud.

Last night his parents went on a date. They wanted to sleep in Grammie's water bed. Now before you think that my waterbed is some old fashioned 1970 waterbed, it's not. It's a really awesome looking soft side waterbed of the 2000's. And I love it. But I digress.

Him and his older sister fell asleep around 10:00 pm. Him on the couch so I moved him to the bed. His sister, she went in and got in bed with him. Meanwhile, their 2-1/2 year old little sister was missing her mom and dad big time. So for the next 2 hours, off and on, she would cry for her mommy. "mmmyyyy mmmoooommmmmmyyy wwwiiilll hhhuuuggg mmmeee". I said, grammie will hug you. No, she didn't want to have anything to do with that. So her and I stayed up and watched Nick Jr. She finally fell asleep around midnight. I carried her to the bed, did all my nighttime routine, and went to dreamland.

A little while later I'm awaken by my son-in-law, carrying my oldest granddaughter out of the room. He has already made one trip with the little one. He comes back to get my grandson. I should have just texted them that I told the kids they could sleep with me. Oh well. Sidebar, we have a basement apartment where my daughter and her family live. It makes it really easy to babysit them. :)

Being that I am an oldie but goodie, I had to wake up at about 3 to take care of my need of the toilet. When I wake up, I feel some feet down by my feet. Shock, who is it. Did they not take all the kids downstairs? I get out of bed, go take care of business, go to move "the body", which turns out to be my grandson. I move him next to me in the bed. That kid. I'm still wondering if he was just not taken downstairs. Bright and early, ok, not too bright, but like 7:30 am, he says, "grammie, is it time to wake up?" I'm trying to open my eyes, and I say yes. Then I said, I thought your dad took you downstairs. Another sidebar: he says that he sleepwalks and gets into bed with mom and dad everynight, but remember, he just sleepwalks. hehe. He said, "grammie, I remembered that you said we could sleep with you so I came back upstairs." But this time he didn't blame it on sleepwalking. What a cute little guy.

That is one of the sweetest "dreams" I've had in a while.


  1. hahahah! My little man. He sure loves his Grammie! I'm so happy they are comfortable with you! Even little Ava who is going through a total faze. Someday she won't want me around so much! haha! Thanks for watching them!