Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a Vacation!!

Imagine, you are a 52 year old woman. But you are on vacation with your mom and dad, 2 of your brothers (who shall remain nameless), and a sister.

You are at a nice hotel where you have booked a suite type room for you all to stay in. We are at the hotel, just hanging out in the nice suite. When, out of the blue, dad decides that he is leaving mom. Yup, the woman he has been married to for, oh, over 50 years. What the? I run out of the room screaming. But wait. I'm naked. How in the hell did that happen. I run to the apartment complex next door, where my son and his fiance just happen to be living.

I'm standing there naked, on their doorstep, ringing the bell. ringing, ringing ringing. Where in the heck are they. I'm NAKED!!!!!! Finally, they open the door. "Please, I need a bathrobe". They give me one. The phone is ringing. Oh, but it's not the regular one line coming into the house type. No, it is more like a business phone. Four lines. I answer it. They ask for my dad. Oh yes, he is in the other room. (why, I have no idea). I put the caller on hold and say, "dad, the phone is for you". He says, "which line", I meanly say back, "the only freaking one that is blinking". I need to get out of there.

I leave, all bundled up nicely in the bathrobe, when I see my brothers. I'm so embarrassed, I'm like, I need to get back to the room. We are running through halls, which now seems like we are at some kind of arena. I'm headed through back halls so the masses won't see me naked. (ok, most of my nakedness is covered, but you know). I can't find the room. Where is it? Uh oh, here come the brothers. "We have been put in a new room, but we are going to the game". I finally find the room, and once again, I'm standing outside the door, pounding, pounding. Why in the hell aren't people answering their doors!!!!!

My sister finally opens the door, she has just gotten out of the shower. We have had to be moved to a regular, run of the mill, hotel room, because of dad and his declaration. I say, "I need to take a shower". My sister informs me that I can't. What? Why not. Because, one of the guys that used to work at my place of employment, which shall also remain nameless, but was gross, sick and wrong, has slipped into the room and is in the shower. YIKES!!!!!! This is going from bad to worse!!!!!!!

And then, I woke up.

Oh, dreams. What would I do without you?


  1. We all thought you were a little nutty - now we know! :)

  2. I think I heard somewhere that nakedness in dreams is supposed to stand for vulnerability or the fear of something causing the vulnerability. I'm glad you found a bathrobe-some of my naked dreams I am just running around in the buff the whole time. He he.

  3. I also love the picture with the saying!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Awesome!