Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Fracking Week Gone

How are you all doing this fine and beautiful first day of Fall (or Spring if you are in that part of the world)?  I am doing fracking wonderful.  Thanks so much for asking.
This is the spaghetti stomach acid that was churning away in my stomach during the night
This is the red stomach acid spewing into my mouth at 2:30 am, filling my mouth, making me awaken forcefully, stumbling out of my bed, running to the toilet, and spitting it out.
These are the antacids I downed after gagging to get rid of the acid.
Any Fracking Questions???????

Not to mention, I just sliced my fracken finger trying to open a box of brownie mix.

How was your week?


  1. it is a horrible thing! waking up with a mouth full of shite... happens to me often.

    the worst for me is trying to get it out of my nose because for some reason it has to go there too

  2. I buy those fruit flavored tums by the case. Oh, no, I don't get heartburn, I just like candy a lot.

  3. Oh man...
    That sucks Dazee.
    Those brownies you're making better pray to Jesus because you're going to eff them up for slicing your finger.
    Eat em like a boss.

  4. :( I'm sorry you had such a bad week!! I hope next week is better...

  5. OUCH. Why do the tums have to be different colours, do you think?

  6. Oh dear, sounds nasty, are you better now?

  7. Hope you're all better by now kiddo. Last week I got my ta-tas squished and Doug blew the engine in our car; but other than that it was a good week.