Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Spy - Space

How many of your remember Lost In Space.  The TV show, not the new fangled movie.
I remember playing on the playground, climbing on top of the hand over hand bars, and we would play Lost In Space.  I'm thinking even my co-host Miss Mad Mind herself, might just remember this show.  Man, kids these day, just don't know what they are missing.
Why do I bring this up.  Because our prompt this week is SPACE, oh and YOUR CHOICE.  Now, remember, think outside of the box.  You don't have to be flying around earth in the space shuttle to get photo's of this weeks prompt.  
This is a photo taken from the top of the mountain that holds
 Kennecott Copper Mine.   I love how you can see into space but also see down into the valley.

This is a close up of looking into the mine from the top.  If you look really close you can see all the dump trucks on the dirt road.  Why did I include this photo?  Because this can be seen from the space shuttles as they zoom by.   It is that huge and deep.

This is my space.  After watching the news, I will sit in this chair in my office and read or play games on my Ipad, until I just can't keep my eyes open any more.  Space, thinking outside the box.


This is kind of sticking with the space theme.  I am giving a baby shower for my daughter-in-law on Saturday.  It is a robot themed party.  His room is decorated in robot.  I was trying to find anything that was related to robots and look what I found,
the cutest freaking little robot rubber duckies.  They will be swimming around in the punch bowl.  

Now come on, link on up.  Pretty please.  

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  1. I love love love the mine shots!!! And those robots are adorable!

  2. Excellent mine shots! I love the personal space too, looks nice and cozy. Those robot duckies are too cute... the baby will definitely love those and it will be a little while before he can truly enjoy them so I'd have to play with them for a while and break them in if I were you:-)

  3. The ducks!!!! THE DUCKS!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD THE DUCKS!

    I really need to get a new camera. Maybe Jex will get me one for my birthday. *CrossesFingers*