Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Spy - Paint

Hello there my lovelies.  Are you ready for another fun and exciting round of I Spy?  I know I am.  

Christy with her Mad Mind and I have been trying and trying to get you all to join up.  Are you a little bit nervous of showing your work.  No need to be, because well, there is nothing professional about my photo's.  But I have a rip roaring good time taking them.  Go on, grab your camera, shoot some shots and join in.  This weeks prompts are Paint and Your Choice


This is a painting that I inherited from my mom.  She's giving away stuff now, instead of waiting till, well you know......  Anyway, here is the shot of the painting.

Here is a close up of the paint

Next we have the painted white line on the street

And the close up
No Dazee's were hurt by standing in the road to get this photo


Remember last week when I posted the photo of the little duck robots.  This week you get the whole look in the punch bowl.  Big freaking huge hit.

The baby's room is done in a Robot theme.  So I threw a robot baby shower.  My daughter-in-law made a pillow for Grayson.  She drew the robot and then pressed it onto a pillow she made.  Even the polka dots are painted on by her.  So, so cute.  

This next one is a drawing done my 6 year old granddaughter Miss O.  Her mom had her paint it, and then pressed in onto a onesie.  She watches her dad play Zelda and Scappers is a robot on one of them.  It's her favorite character.  So this is him
Love that girl.  

Last, but certainly not least, this is the card that my son designed for the gift basket.  
What a great idea for all the family to be involved.

Next Weeks Prompts
Look Up 10/4/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Change 10/11/12
Circles 10/18/12
Self Portrait 10/25/12
Halloween 11/1/12


  1. I love the shots of the painting. Those are awesome. The robots are just cool. And it's even better that Miss O got in on the fun.

  2. How adorable it is that the whole family is involved and in such an artsy way... there's some talent there for sure! The punch bowl is so awesome! I love the painting, the full view and the close up are fabulous:-)

  3. I love the baby shower theme. That is too adorable and the onesie is perfect.

  4. Did your mom paint that?? If so, she's talented!! All of those robots are adorable!! Miss O did a great job. :)