Monday, September 17, 2012

Duh.....What Should We Do For Our Date?

On Saturday afternoon, the Walmart that I shop at had a hazmat situation.
A 20 year old boyfriend and girlfriend were bored.  I kind of imagine their conversation went something like this.  

"Hey Thelma Lou, what should we do tonight"
"Oh I don't know Cletus, I have some pepper spray in my purse, lets go to Walmart and spray it"
"Golly gee Thelma Lou, that sounds like a rip roaring good time".

And so they did.  You can read the story here.  Unless you don't want to, then I will give you my own spin on it.

Stupid dumb asses went in, started walking between the food and clothing aisles, spraying said pepper spray.  All of the sudden, people were coughing and gagging.  They evacuated the store.  Over 80 people were treated, got to try out the cool Hazmat shower you off system, and were released.  All but 2 people that ended up in the hospital for an over night visit.

Being that they are not so smart on the brain scale, they didn't realize that Walmart has a pretty good security system.  Camera's all over the store.  And in the parking lot.  They got a rather good photo of them.
Too bad, so sad for them, Cletus's, in the cowboy hat, parents were watching the news that night.  Being the responsible souls that they are, they called the police.  Oh yes, they were at home with his folks when the police showed up.  "But occifers, we were just bored, we just did it as a joke"  

Guess they weren't laughing  on the way to jail that night.
Cletus is charged with one count of second degree felony terroristic threats and causing a catastrophe, three counts of third degree felony aggravated assault, 81 counts of class B misdemeanor assault and one count of third degree felony obstructing justice. He’s in the Salt Lake County Jail on $75,000 bail.
Thelma Lou  is charged with one count each of class B misdemeanor assault and third degree felony obstructing justice. She is out of the Salt Lake County Jail on pre-trial release.
I just have one question for them.
Was it worth it?


  1. Wow! For one I didn't think that pepper spray was that noxious. For another, "we were bored" is the worst excuse EVER! Go play a video game, hang out with friends, get a fracking hobby, anything!
    I wish I saw more hope in Rocker's generation.

  2. Yeah, I did something that stupid once.

    Except the only person that got the brunt of it was me.

    And no, it wasn't worth it.

  3. The names Cletus and Thelma Lou shoulda been a tip off...

  4. WTH is wrong with today's youth?? At what point do you think hey let's spray a large store with a hazardous material meant to save our lives in a bad situation. If I had been a victim I would be bringing civil suit and making them pay all medical bills and therapy bills. Stupid kids. Oh and if they were my kids I would have beat the snot out of them BEFORE the cops got there, just sayin

  5. And they say our kids are in danger of not doing the right thing. All our kids ever did was help us take care of Harry!

  6. It always worries me when someone says they are bored. We all get bored but that's no excuse to act like a complete prat.

  7. Dude has about as much brains as he does a chin! Wow....

  8. Seriously?? Why don't people have common sense anymore??

  9. Oh my... I can't even believe that is a true story!