Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Thinking Of Fracking Hurting Her

Do you like my new What The Frack button?  My friend Judy at Running Towards the Light without Spilling My Drink, designed it for me.  Phanks Judy.
In my never ending service to you concerning things that really should be thrown in a garbage can, that started HERE, and continued on HERE, I continue with the latest I found when walking from the parking lot to the door of Dollar Tree.
A used diaper. 
 Yup, didn't want to get too close for fear there was poop in it.  What in the hell is up with people lately.   Is it just too much of a pain to walk it to the garbage can.  I'm getting a little bit leery of what is going to be on the ground next.  Just fracken ick.

Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other, have a thing about inanimate objects getting the better of them?  
I give you,
I'm sure the poor little bowl was screaming in pain as it was being torn apart by Mr. Dazee The Incredible Hulk, the other day.  It really cracks me up watching said massacre of things.  Because I'm sure the offendee's body gets hurt worse than the item being sent to it's final resting place.   Temper, temper.

Speaking of fracking inanimate objects that I want to fracking hurt. The perp lady that lives behind us has the hots for Mr. Dazee.  Whenever he is outside working, she comes out.  Usually she is well covered and not right about where he is working.  I've actually teased with him calling her his girlfriend and such.  She's usually in long pants or capri length shorts.  Today, well, take a look.
Every time I looked outside, that was the position she was in.  Oh and notice where that man of mine is working.  Today I wanted to run out there and kick her as she was bent over.  Honestly, I'm going to borrow Miss L's bow and arrow and take a shot.  I'm a woman.  I know when women are flirting.  Today she took it to a whole new level.  Hold me fracking back!!!!!!!
***deep breath***
How was your week?


  1. OMG that last photo cracked me up! Thank god we dont have neighbors like that but once while camping this drunk slut kept coming onto my hubby non freaking stop! At one point she comes over (with me sitting there) in a bikini asking him if he can help her fix her tent!

    I couldnt help it, I started laughing and told him to go... he was HORRIFIED and kept telling her to go away! She could care less that me AND OUR kids were all there while she did this.

    We finally had a talk with a ranger and she was evicted later that evening.


  2. Ms Dazee - Are you sure that is a lady bending over? It looks like a man. Don't think you have anything to worry about :) But, if it is a lady - she ain't no lady bending over like that!

  3. People simply have no respect in today's society. A generation of people who have been raised to think they hold no responsibility that is what that is. I would be putting my foot in that hoochies ass. Period.

  4. I'm not sure that is a woman either Dazee.. Are you sure.. cause no man I ever met would be turned on by that ass.. or those legs.. wtf? and exactly where is mr.dazee? Like down below where he can't even see her?

  5. Once, my man was propositioned in a hotel parking lot by another man. Another time he was propositioned by a hooker--while I was with him!! Laguna Beach the first time, San Francisco, the second time. We laughed at it then, and we laugh at it now. Makes me wonder though.

  6. Might I add what a beautiful landscaping job in the middle of that tooshie!

  7. I'm sure he was looking at the grass not the ass.

  8. I hate what litter bugs people are. Especially when said litter is something nasty. And I hate, hate, hate when girls flirt with Aaron. Ticks me off.