Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Spy - Buttons

Do you remember being a kid and playing "button, button, whose got the button"?  Show of hands.  Aaahhh, the memories of an oldsters childhood.  Speaking of BUTTONS, that is our prompt for this weeks show offs.  The other being YOUR CHOICE.  
Please join my friend with the Mad Mind, Christy and myself in showing off what you got.  I know you all have some kind of buttons.  Don't you try to fool me with the old "but, I didn't know what I could take a picture of".  I'm sure you heard my whiny voice in there too, didn't you.

There are all sorts of buttons.
Here is the ones we usually think of. 

Next we have the buttons on our phones.  (yes its purple)

How about the buttons on the steering wheel of my car


There is a place that lets you store your boat close to where I live.  My daughter-in-law pointed it out to me.  I had to snap a photo.  Just so you know, the car was moving and I was shooting.  (and no, I wasn't driving, gosh)
The name of the boat is

Speaking of my daugther in law.  I went to a baby shower the other day for my niece.  At the shower there were 4 pregnant girls.  There are five babies on the way.
That means you have to suffer through enjoy another MY CHOICE photo.
Left to Right
Daughter in Law, due in October, boy
Niece, due in February, girl
Niece, due this month, boy
Niece, due in November, twin girls

Yeah, there's something in the water.....

Next Weeks Prompts
Sweet 9/13/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Space 9/20/12
Paint 9/27/12
Look Up 10/4/12

Now show us what you got!!!!


  1. Ha I have the PERFECT Button thing for this.. I will be up later. Umm I will take a baby if ya need some extra arms lol..

  2. I almost did the "buttons" on my phone and tablet then realized they don't have buttons. They're touch screens. And I love the name of the boat.

    They all look so cute with their round little bellies. You are just itching to get your hands on a baby aren't you?

  3. I am reminded of the "buttons" that my oldest daughter likes to push with her little sisters to rile them up. We're always saying, "Stop pushing people's buttons!"

    Ohhh, I'm not jealous of those pregnant days. But the babies, I'll take any time!

  4. love the pics ...and like Christy I tried to do the
    buttons on my phone and other gadgets DUH they are
    touch screen lol.

  5. I actually do have a button thing I could do, but it's not done yet, so it'll have to wait. Yay for babies!!

  6. Lots of buttons there and my favorite color is purple:-) Check out all those babies on their way into this world.... shoulda got the ladies to show their belly buttons;-)

  7. Let's have that set of twins show up on Nov 30, k? She can name them, Judy and Susan and we can all chase the sunshine!

  8. Sorry for being so late, but I got there in the end!

    Wow all those babies! I think I prefer the buttons. ;D

  9. Don't drink whatever they're having Miss Dazee.