Monday, July 16, 2012

People Watching At The Chevron

I love to people watch.  I admit, I do it.  At airports, on the trax train, at Chevron.  Not that I'm usually just hanging out in my car at The Chevron.  That would be wrong.  But, when you have to wait for over an hour for someone to meet you there (April), you can get a lot of stuff done.  

Of course, I don't know about you, but I have little conversations about what is going on in THEIR heads at the time.   My part of the conversation is in the red.
It is going to reach 100 degrees today.  Right now it is close to 90.  Here comes a gal in her car with her beanie on.  I'm sure this was what she was thinking
"gonna be a hot one today, better wear my beanie"

Big man comes in driving a little car.  I'm talking huge head, little car. 
Honestly, what are they thinking while buying a car  
"why yes, my head is too big for my car, they will never notice"

Another man comes out of the store.  Puts his purchases in the drivers seat.  Walks around and opens his trunk.  Looks in and closes it back up.  OMG, I'm sure this is what he was thinking
"better make sure that dead girl is still dead.  Yup, she is"

Now we are going to move on to the fashion statements.  

"What?  My clothes don't match.  

Speaking of which

Some men shouldn't be allowed to wear shorts.  Ever!!!!!!
Just sayin

I wonder where that lady bought her shirt.  I really like it.  
I almost got out of my car to ask her.

I am totally going to have to design some decent bike shorts.

Ick, throwing up, washing my eyes out.  Moving on, hurry, hurry.
Dear bike riding dudes.  I DO NOT ever, ever, in a million years, want to see your packagea.  Its bad enough some of you decide that you want to wear a speedo whilst swimming.

Now, feast your eyes on the best thing that happened while I was sweltering in the heat waiting.
My Dream Car
Oh my, the only thing that would have made this car any better looking would be if boyfriend was sitting in the drivers seat.  aaaaahhhhhh
Red Convertible Mercedes.  
Jim Croce has it right
"Moving me down the highway, moving me down the high-a-way, moving ahead so life won't pass me by"


  1. Most men should NEVER wear bike shorts. I agree. I would think that would be embarrassing. They take all the mystery out of it.

    Love the car! Of course, my dream car would be some in 4WD territory. Or an old muscle car. Ok, maybe I'd be happy with Lamborghini.

  2. Even I'm grossed out by those shorts. And that's really saying something!

  3. Yeah the shorts always did bother me.. nylon on plastic or rubber does not mix well, ass in tight shorts and chaffing is bound to occur..

  4. I hope those shorts breathe, or it's literally gonna be a hot mess "down there".

    I people watch all the time. I make up stories about them in my head. I especially like to go through the express lane of the grocery store and make up a story about the person in front of me, based on the items they purchased.

  5. a big definite NO to the bike shorts and a hella big yes to the red Mercedes!

  6. OMG. and I are a lot alike. LOVE to people watch. Second...dream car...great taste..although I would prefer it in black or gun metal grey. riding dudes...spit my coffee. Did you notice, their packages are also all facing a little different. Just an observation. Now excuse me while I go throw up.

  7. People watching is so fun! I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes up things for them to be thinking about as their going about their lives.
    It makes me wonder what you would think I was thinking if I ever happened to be some one who caught your eye. Hmmmmm...

    I didn't even notice the cycler willies till I read what you wrote under the picture. Then I just about died laughing. Thanks for that. (^_^)

  8. OK, I have no idea how long it's going to take to get that image of the bike shorts out of my brain!
    People watching I have often said, is the best game in town. I would gladly pay the price of admission to theme parks just to spend the day sitting in the shade while taking mental notes :)
    And the lovely red converable...OH HELL YEAH!

  9. My brothers and I used to people watch when we were camping. Randy would always do little voices -- so funny. Ok, BLECH to the biking shorts!

  10. Lol. You crack me up. That convertible is beautiful!!