Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fracking Aggravating People

I'm back.  Took a little break last week from speaking my mind.  I know you all were worried.  I'm fine.  I just didn't have any fracking problems to discuss.  What?  Why are you laughing uncontrollably?  

Lets get this thing started, shall we.  

Dear Dude Sitting Behind Me At Red Lobster On Sunday

No, I'm nowhere in this crowd.  This was on google.
You were extremely loud while talking to your family.  I use the term talking loosely.  You were actually speaking loudly and not saying very nice things to your kids.   Please remember where you are in the future.  You were not in an outdoor park.  Or McDonalds.  You were in a nicer place.  I appreciate that you want your kids to do well in school.  I don't appreciate you telling them off about their grades and skipping school, and how they will not become anything good in life.  Yes, I heard e.v.e.r.y.f.r.a.c.k.i.n.g.w.o.r.d of mean things that sprouted out of your mouth, even tho you were sitting a bench and table behind me.  I was embarrassed for your kids.   You are very, very lucky that Mr. Dazee restrained me from turning around, snapping your picture, and telling you off.  

Now, for your viewing pleasure, another fine drawing from yours truly.  Yes, I pretty much suck at Draw Something, but hey, I try.

Dear Body Builder Dude In The Grocery Store Parking Lot
Listen, I understand that your muscles are probably tired from lifting weights all day.  You had two whole bags of groceries to put in your car.  YOUR CAR WAS RIGHT NEXT TO THE CART RETURN.  I was across the way and down a few cars and still made the journey to put my cart in the return.  I truly did not appreciate you putting your cart at the end of the return, facing the way in the drawing, and then getting in your car.  I had to move your cart for you just to get my cart in because the other side was blocked off for carts coming in from the other side.  I shouldn't have moved it.  I should have parked my cart right behind your sweet a.. car.  I would have laughed hysterically either watching you have to get out to move it, or backing out into both carts.  
By the way.  I asked Mr. Dazee if he thought I could take you.   He said I would have been the winner.  Oh Yeah.

Dear El Fatto Matto
You are becoming a frequent visitor to my dream world.  Please cess and desist doing so.  Every time I get a rejection letter from a company that I have applied to, or had a bad interview, there you are, coming into my subconscious world and firing me again.  I'm tired of it.  You are the biggest rat bastard around.  I'm sorry I can't be nice, but you have played a number on my soul.  Especially when learning that you STILL keep a drug addict who leaves work and comes back high around, because he is "valuable", but I HATED MY JOB, so I'm fired.  I was a valuable employee.  Every interview I have had has told me I have great skills and personality.  But, because someone tells you I hate my job, (not true) which believe it or not, a lot of people don't love their jobs every day of their lives, I'm fired. 

PS:  I know some of you are thinking I just need to get over it.  I've been without a job for 9 months.  I could have grown a baby and delivered by now.  I'm trying to get over it.  But I tell you what.  Whoever decides that I am the employee for them is going to get the best darn employee they have ever had.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Phew, I must have had some built up anger over that one.  

So, how was your week?


  1. I think I would've pushed Mr.Muscles cart out of my way behind his car. Because I can be slightly passive aggressive like that sometimes. (^_^)

    Lobster Dad needs a good smack upside the head. Scolding someone in a public place is NOT a good way to discipline anyone of any age.

    Ah, when the crappy exBoss shows up in a dream or your thoughts it's very cathartic to imagine them getting nickelodeon slimed, or shot point blank with an automatic paint ball gun (haha I almost wrote 'pain ball' instead)

  2. Sweetie you have had a helluva week haven't ya? I hear ya loud and clear. I think I would have approached loudmouth at the restaurant. Something like well despite all of your slams on your kids apparently they have learned the value of INSIDE VOICE. Perhaps they could teach you as well.. ahem.
    Yeah I would have put the cart behind his car along with mine and walked away. The ex boss, sweetie slam them to the wall. Contact corporate and let them in on high boy and others.. or realize you deserve better and use that in your next application. Don't let his ignorance hold you back or slow you down.

  3. At first, I thought you were going to say that the man behind you, in the restaurant, was talking on his cell phone. That drives me completely nuts! Almost as bad as verbally abusing one's kids in public.
    And sorry about your haunted dreams. Remember, there is always Karma!
    p.s. I don't smoke a pipe!

  4. I learned from working in a school, that blasting your kids (whether publicly or privately) is a form of bullying, which walks a fine line with harrassment, which can be reported to authorities. Nobody wants to tell another parent how to parent, but just know that he will get his in one form or another...

    I probably would have tripped over Muscle Man's cart being in the way and scraped the skin on my face causing my contract with multiple modelling agencies to be null and void. (I'm not really a model, but I am a bonafide Klutz)

    As far as Mr. with his head! (metaphorically). He's nobody and you are somebody special. I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time finding work. I'm looking, too, and finding it so very frustrating. Hang in there!

  5. You should have SO left your cart behind his car! THAT would have been a video moment!

  6. I know how you feel on the work front... I have interviewed twice in the last two weeks and didn't get the job either time. Grrrr...

  7. Good thing you like me. Hate to be on your bad side.

  8. I love it! Thanks for the laugh this morning.I thought the dog slobbering in my coffee had ruined my start this morning until I read your post! LOL

  9. I do love it when you have a rant. You know I'm British and we aren't suppose to rant about anything, just tut under our breath. :D Until it all builds up, and builds up and then do something really nasty!

    I really hope you find a great job soon!

  10. This is why people get dings in their cars. Lazy people who cant walk thei cart to the cart corral. And loud people in restaraunts really chap my you know what.

  11. People and their shopping carts sooooo drive me crazy. Especially now that we have shopping carts at work and I have to collect them. So not cool. I really hope you find a job soon!!