Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Spy - Creepy Crawlies

Time for the I Spy challenge, that must be a very hard challenge as people are not clamouring to join in the fun.  Christy's Mad Mind is running rampid right now with thoughts of traveling the nation and hooking you all up.  Ok, I lied a little bit there, but yeah, it's a thought.

This weeks yukky fun photo prompts are CREEPY CRAWLIES and YOUR CHOICE.  I'll have you know, that I swallowed my fear of big huge gross things, just to show them off to you.  Yeah.  because I'm cool like that.


This is a wonderful Wolf Spider.  It was on the outside wall by my daughters apartment door.  I know it doesn't look big and scary here, but in reality, it was as big as my hand.  

Just another LARGE crawler.  

Imagine my shock when I was walking down the stairs into my garage at 11:30 at night to almost put my hand on this wolf guy.  And yes, I took time out from taking my cousin back to her in-laws house to capture the moment, while she stood on the landing shaking in fear.  I think I had a moment of temporary insanity.

Just ick

This is a moth.  I was shocked.  I've only ever seen moths that are maybe a 1/2" in length.    Mr. Dazee found him in front of the garage door.  As you can see, his right wing is injured.   He was huge.  And pretty.  Never thought I would say that about a moth.

Remember when I was doing the rain dance in the video I posted a week ago.  This cute little newborn tiny pony was at the petting zoo.  So freaking cute.  The tiny ponies are little anyway, but their babies are no bigger than a medium size dog.  

Mom looking over to her baby.  

This little one was even more of a newborn.  I had to keep looking to make sure he was breathing.

Next Weeks Prompts
Eye Candy 8/2/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Favorite Food 8/9/12
Plants 8/16/12

Anything can be eye candy.  Something that gets your heart beating.  I might have to fly to California and look up boyfriend.  Ok, I won't.  Now, I also could go to a bakery.  hmmmm, now that is eye candy right there.


  1. Wow, those wolf spiders are chilling. The thing I'm trying to get used to here in St. George is all the cockroaches - YUCK! Super cute ponies :)

  2. Spiders do not really bother me, snakes on the other hand...I will hit the hills running if I see one. I love the ponies. So sweet.

  3. I'm trying to think about this weeks prompt. It may have to be completely out the box as I have no insect shots at all! I can't say I love your spider shots coz I'm not that keen on spiders! :D

  4. Why are the spiders where you live so big?! My friend found a black widow whose body was the size of a dime, and now you with the big creepy jumpy icky spidery things!
    I like the moth though. I think they can be just a gorgeous as butterflies.

  5. Fred would scream like a little girl if he saw that spider. He's such a big sis!

  6. These are awesome shots! Much better than I got. Love the pony shots too. The old farm girl in me misses those times of new life on the farm.

  7. Just to let you know I joined in this week. :)

  8. Oh my gosh, I seriously think my heart would stop beating if I saw those spiders. Seriously. Nast.