Thursday, July 5, 2012

What The Frack - I didn't Start The Fire - Part 3

What a week it has been.   If you aren't aware of what has gone on check out
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And now, in the words of Paul Harvey
The Rest Of The Story

Friday Night, June 29, 2012, after our power was shutoff,  went off because someone dug up some buried electrical wire, at exactly 9:00 PM when it starts getting dark, **wink wink**, Mr. Dazee and I decided to go sit out on our deck to catch the smoke filled breeze.  

We are sitting out there, chatting, when Mr. Dazee gets very quiet.  "What's that?"  He asks me.  I told him I didn't hear anything.  He jumps up from his chair and goes and stands by the stairs.  He shines his flashlight around the back yard.  All of the sudden he is yelling out, "Whose There?".  Again, I don't hear anything.  "Who Are You?", he says, shining the flashlight in somebodies face.  "What are you doing?"

There is a younger man, in the scrub oak at the side of our yard.  The side of the yard where there is no gate.   To say he was a smidge drunk would be an understatement.  He told us that he was evacuated, by the cops, that didn't even knock on his door and just came inside his home.  He became a little belligerent with them and they said he could evacuate by himself or they would evacuate him in handcuffs.  I don't know about you, but if the cops knew he was drinking, do you think they would have just let him DRIVE HIS TRUCK OUT OF HERE, or would they maybe have driven him to the evacuation center.  

He said he was parked at the Park across the street, but was trying to sneak back into his house.  Apparently he made it home, and realized he had left his keys in the truck.  (Yeah, I'm not believing it either).  He just wanted to jump over our fence and get back over there to get them.  We told him to go to the side of the house where there was a gate.  "I can't do that, they will see me".  He'll just jump the fence, thank you very much.

After we decided to go to bed, Mr. Dazee was doing his walk around the house, to make sure all was well, when he spotted a group of people talking at the side of our house.  There were about a dozen of them.  He went out our back door and did the whole "shine the flashlight in the leaders face" thing.  They were yet another group of people that were trying to sneak back into their homes.  They had their pets with them, and since we had all gone through this 2 years earlier, they just wanted to be in their homes.  They just wanted to sneak up to the neighbors behind us house, and get onto the next street.  They even sent a few scouts to make sure there weren't any cops on that street.  One lady even asked if we could watch her Ferret.  No thanks.  

Saturday night comes, and we are still without power.  The evacuation order has been lifted, so we can come and go.  We wait until 9 PM, then decide we better go pick up some ice to put our food in.  We go to Walmart, WHICH I WILL NEVER, EVER, IN MY LIFE DO AGAIN ON A SATURDAY NIGHT, grab 7 bags of ice and some flashlights.  We head to the cashiers and this is what we see
Only there are 10 lines open and every single one of them is this long.  We pick the 20 items or less line, thinking it will move faster.  Oh, joyous rapture, there are 2 guys in front of us, that are of the "we are going to talk to each other and pretend we don't see the line moving forward"  Talk about tunnel vision.  

I was in no fracking mood for their little game.  I was getting irate.  Mr. Dazee was warning me to be nice.  It got to the point where the person in front of them was paying for their stuff, and these guys still hadn't moved up to the thing you put your items on, and were still talking.  Finally I couldn't stand it any longer.  

In my not so very nice Dazee voice, I said
"Are you guys going to move up or what??"

For a minute they ignored me, then, as if a little bird flew over their heads and told them to look, they looked ahead and said, sorry.  

Sorry?  I've been without power and air conditioning for well over 24 hours, I'm tired, I smell like I've been sitting around a camp fire all week, I don't want to be around a bunch of nincompoops, I want to get home, get out of my bra, and relax.   Just move your fracken butts and get out of my way!!!!!!

Then, in all things Murphy's Law, the power came on just as we were unloading our fridge into the coolers.  

I might just need to hurt someone!


  1. You poor girl! Im just glad you are safe. You would think that the neighbors would have more consideration than to expect you are okay with them climbing your fence. Sheez!

  2. Hahaha. That's so not funny, but in a way it is. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, though. Wal*Mart peeps drive me crazy sometimes.

  3. Oy. I feel your pain. Here I sit in a bad storm and our electricity is sure to go out. I hope all that subsides and the fires get put out. Very scary.

  4. I am glad you all are okay.. I would have smacked the line stallers or went in front of them and if they said something say, "Oh I am sorry you kept standing THERE when the line was clearly up HERE so I thought you were not in it...

  5. I got your comment definitely can be a brat.... I'll show you break.... LOL!

  6. One of the perks of chronic bra in the house, for long periods of time.

    I think you showed great restraint...I'd have been tempted to rip open a bag of ice and start pelting them with cubes.

  7. So what did you do with all of the ice? I can't believe you had all those people in your yard; complete craziness!

  8. I'd love it if Walmart and its peeps came to SA. Would give us something fun to do on a Sunday.

    Get a tazer for those misc. yard peeps.

  9. Am I the only one who loves Wal-Mart and has never had a problem with anyone in the store. Mind you I probably only go there 12 times a year. :D