Thursday, July 26, 2012

You Want To Fracking What??

Another week has gone by.   As I told the interviewer at our local unemployment center  today, when she asked how my day was, I so kindly replied, "another day, another NO dollar".  hahahaha, ok, maybe you had to be there, or be unemployed to get the humor in that one. 

What do you say I stop mumbling and get my frack on.  

Dear Google Reader

I sincerely appreciate the ease of reading the blogs that I follow.  Even tho, sometimes you do weird things that make it so I can't.  But I do have a little something I would like to bring up to you.  I LOVE COMMENTS.  I guess I just want to know that I'm not wasting my time by doing a post, and having someone not read it.  but most of all, I think because you have made it so easy to read, that people just read and don't go into the actual post to comment.  Honestly, if you want to make it a nicer place, add some code in your program that brings up the comment part of bloggers post too, so people can do it all in one shot.  capeesh?

Dear Mayor Bloomberg
Really?  You have brought up a law to ban the size of a soda that I want to buy?  Are you fracking kidding me!!!!!  You are treating people as if they are imbeciles.  What are you going to propose next.  The size of pillow I can sleep with at night?  The type of toilet paper I can use to wipe my butt?  Hey, how about how much vegetables I can have.  Yeah.  There ya go.  
 I remember the good ole days when we were able to make our own decisions.  If we wanted a real coke, we could have one.  Whatever size we wanted.  I do not like the taste of diet soda.  I am a Coke Zero fan.  
I understand that there is an obesity problem.  I am not a size zero.  Hell, I'm not even a size 12.  But I know what size of drink I want, and by damn, if I want a 20 oz size, I have the RIGHT to buy one.  At least by me having my 20 oz coke, I'm not taking away A LIFE by having the right to own a gun.  I am hurting myself, not other INNOCENT people. (and yes, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the senseless shooting in Colorado)
You can get whatever size milkshake you want.  hmmmm, no calories or sugar in that one.  Or the size of an alcoholic drink.   Yeah, give me a 20 oz strawberry daiquiri please.  No harm in that drink.  I'm pretty sure you might put water up there on your list next.  Because there are people that drink too much of that.  

Last I checked, I didn't live in North Korea.  Stop treating me like I do!!!!


  1. Well you know we can't make our decisions about the food or liquids we drink. Others know what is best for us. NOT!!! WHATEVER!!!

    As for gun laws...I have mixed feelings. But I do think AK47's should not be able to be purchased by citizens. And I do think that if someone decides they want to commit mass murder they will figure how to do it with or without assault weapons.

  2. So I've been drinking a bit so I may be incoherent. I just wanted to let you know I really, really miss the times I sat in Starbucks and chatted with you and Angela. I really miss that. I know that has nothing to do with your post, just wanted to tell you I love you.

  3. I have missed all of this week with blogging thanks to a new shift that is now changing AGAIN.. but I could not miss WTF. Yeah I think changing the size of pop we can drink is stepping a bit to much into some freedoms we hold. Ya know in AMERICA. Move to Ky I will be needing some major help on 3rd shift.. ahem coff coff.


  5. I am soooooo sick of laws. These are not laws to protect us. It is more like everyone is just on a power trip and they want to control us. And 'they' think that by making the stupid laws, we will not notice they aren't doing any of the things they should be. Plus? They don't enforce the laws that ARE passed.

  6. What do I care if they make your Coke smaller? They just better not fracking touch my Cookies and Cream McFlurry. Cuz then we'll fight!

  7. Interesting comment about Google Reader. I stopped using it because it no longer would give just the latest updated post for a blog, but the last month's worth as well.

    Anyways, I find if I post a ling to a blog post to my FB wall, I always have to do it prior to allowing any comments. If I do it after allowing comments, FB will post the link plus any comments made.

  8. I never realized it until recently that Ireland limits drink sizes. It wasn't until an Irish friend brought up how ridiculous the sizes of drinks were in the States that it dawned on me that I had not seen a 20 oz beverage here. You also don't get free refills. Since I've been living in it for almost 3 years (because they did the same thing when I lived in Scotland) I don't mind it at all. You really don't need the bigger sizes and you don't even consider needing a bigger size since it's not there.
    As for guns, well I own one back in the States and grew up around them so I would never have been considered a gun control person. But after living in 2 countries where guns are banned, even the police can't have them, I am amazed at the lack of gun crime and that I can actually watch the news! There is knife crime, but it's still not as bad as gun crimes and most people survive. I don't think you can go and take guns away from Americans though because there are already too many in the public hands so it wouldn't make things better. It just might have been nice if they had taken them away about 100 or so years ago so that the society today would not be so much of a gun culture.

  9. Stupid people make things hard for everyone. Be it owning a gun, or getting a 20oz soda. The rules are made to keep the less-sensical (not a word but I like it) from killing themselves. I say: Let Evolution take its course, dude.
    As much as I rankle at the thought of 'gun control' I understand why it would be a beneficial thing if done correctly.

    I know how you feel about comments. Dazee, you're the only reason I keep posting. Thanks for the encouragement; it means a ton to me. <3

  10. We all know the saying, now repeat after me:

    It only takes one bad apple to ruin it for us all.

  11. I have never used the Google reader. I guess I probably won't try it. The soda pop thing is insane. In downtown Seattle right before we left, they made a new law saying no one could use plastic bags at grocery stores anymore.

  12. You can make sure not all your post shows up in google reader so someone has to go to your blog to read it. That's how I have mine set, unfortunately it does mean that none of my photos show up in reader though.

  13. There's no law to prevent you from buying multiple smaller-sized drinks, so it's stupid to think that this law is going to help.

    And I've been a negligent blogger/reader/commenter lately. My bad.

  14. I would like to order an extra extra large gin and tonic, two AKA47's, three rolls of duct tape, a gallon of bleach and a mop, to go.. thanks..

    1. please add a family size order of French Fries to my order.. thanks again

  15. I agree with the whole google reader thing. I thought I would get a lot more comments on my engagement post than I did.

  16. He is causing more problems by restricting. I doubt they will see a drop in obesity/diabetes by taking these things away! They might actually see a rise in eating disorders!! If he wants to make a difference spend money on educating people about their choices, and leave it up to them to decide! I'm so looking forward to writing my essay on this subject next semester. :)