Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Didn't Start The Fire.....

Or How We Started Our Summer Vacation

If you are my friend on facebook you already know that on Friday, June 29th, there was a fire that was started on the mountain by my house.  We were in the mandatory evacuation zone, but Mr. Dazee and I are rebels.   Our power went off at 9:00 pm that night, and didn't return on until last night, Saturday June 30th at 10:00 pm.  

I need to mention that it was also 99 degrees outside during the fire.  A cool 91 inside the house.  Yeah, good times.

And, the battery on my cell phone died.  *uncontrollable crying*

Oh, and our internet did not work until this morning, Sunday July 1st, at 10 am.   I'm just letting  you right now, there is no way I could have lived in the days of non air conditioning, outhouses, no internet, and my Keurig.  Just sayin.  

Did I just hear a collective, "show us photo's woman!!"  

Well alrighty then, here ya go.

Here is the very first picture when the fire started.  Taken from my back patio

The helicopters came to the fishing pond across the street from my house. This is taken from the west side door of my home.

Holding the camera in the air from the same place I actually got a photo of the copter grabbing the water (and probably a bunch of fish) 

Flying towards the fire

This guy had a longer line.  Friday night they were lined up 4 deep to get the water.  It was quite mesmerizing watching it go on.

After the evacuation was lifted at 6:00 pm Saturday Night, I went over to the park to snap some photo's.  

Here is the pond.  The water level went down quite a bit

From the same exact spot, here is a photo of my house
If you look at the mountain behind the house, that is the one that burned two years ago which  I posted about in this post.

Here is a photo of the mountain that was involved in this fire.  Where I have put the arrow there is a subdivision of homes, the fire went all the way around them, but they saved those houses.

Apparently I was a television star friday night.  My daughter and her family that live with us were not home when it happened and couldn't get home because of the evacuation.  They went to my youngest sons house and were watching the news.  They were filming the helicopters getting the water and they saw me standing in the doorway taking photo's.  Aren't you glad you can now say you know someone famous.  hehehehe

Now for your viewing enjoyment, I took a video of the copter getting the water and flying off.  

Stay tuned for the adventures after dark from the patio.  It's a page turner


  1. You are a rebel! Those are very cool shots too. And now I know someone who has actually been on television. Bully for me!

  2. Some fish fry they had, huh? Just glad you're ok and the camera worked:)

  3. Wow. You have guts! I am glad your house is still standing.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you are ok! It's cool that you are a rebel, but it made me worry about you more!

  5. Why did you decide to rebel? Is it some weird pioneer spirit - you wanted to see IF you could survive in the wilds of UT without electricity, cut off from the world?

  6. So how did the fire start? I'm glad all the houses were saved and that you are okay too.

    Fame at last!!

  7. That sounded too much like are a braver woman than me!

  8. So scary. I'm glad you guys were okay!!