Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Thinking Of Fracking Hurting Her

Do you like my new What The Frack button?  My friend Judy at Running Towards the Light without Spilling My Drink, designed it for me.  Phanks Judy.
In my never ending service to you concerning things that really should be thrown in a garbage can, that started HERE, and continued on HERE, I continue with the latest I found when walking from the parking lot to the door of Dollar Tree.
A used diaper. 
 Yup, didn't want to get too close for fear there was poop in it.  What in the hell is up with people lately.   Is it just too much of a pain to walk it to the garbage can.  I'm getting a little bit leery of what is going to be on the ground next.  Just fracken ick.

Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other, have a thing about inanimate objects getting the better of them?  
I give you,
I'm sure the poor little bowl was screaming in pain as it was being torn apart by Mr. Dazee The Incredible Hulk, the other day.  It really cracks me up watching said massacre of things.  Because I'm sure the offendee's body gets hurt worse than the item being sent to it's final resting place.   Temper, temper.

Speaking of fracking inanimate objects that I want to fracking hurt. The perp lady that lives behind us has the hots for Mr. Dazee.  Whenever he is outside working, she comes out.  Usually she is well covered and not right about where he is working.  I've actually teased with him calling her his girlfriend and such.  She's usually in long pants or capri length shorts.  Today, well, take a look.
Every time I looked outside, that was the position she was in.  Oh and notice where that man of mine is working.  Today I wanted to run out there and kick her as she was bent over.  Honestly, I'm going to borrow Miss L's bow and arrow and take a shot.  I'm a woman.  I know when women are flirting.  Today she took it to a whole new level.  Hold me fracking back!!!!!!!
***deep breath***
How was your week?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Spy - Paint

Hello there my lovelies.  Are you ready for another fun and exciting round of I Spy?  I know I am.  

Christy with her Mad Mind and I have been trying and trying to get you all to join up.  Are you a little bit nervous of showing your work.  No need to be, because well, there is nothing professional about my photo's.  But I have a rip roaring good time taking them.  Go on, grab your camera, shoot some shots and join in.  This weeks prompts are Paint and Your Choice


This is a painting that I inherited from my mom.  She's giving away stuff now, instead of waiting till, well you know......  Anyway, here is the shot of the painting.

Here is a close up of the paint

Next we have the painted white line on the street

And the close up
No Dazee's were hurt by standing in the road to get this photo


Remember last week when I posted the photo of the little duck robots.  This week you get the whole look in the punch bowl.  Big freaking huge hit.

The baby's room is done in a Robot theme.  So I threw a robot baby shower.  My daughter-in-law made a pillow for Grayson.  She drew the robot and then pressed it onto a pillow she made.  Even the polka dots are painted on by her.  So, so cute.  

This next one is a drawing done my 6 year old granddaughter Miss O.  Her mom had her paint it, and then pressed in onto a onesie.  She watches her dad play Zelda and Scappers is a robot on one of them.  It's her favorite character.  So this is him
Love that girl.  

Last, but certainly not least, this is the card that my son designed for the gift basket.  
What a great idea for all the family to be involved.

Next Weeks Prompts
Look Up 10/4/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Change 10/11/12
Circles 10/18/12
Self Portrait 10/25/12
Halloween 11/1/12

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out - Rejected

Today is the first time I have ever linked up with Shell at Things I Can't Say.   I have been down in the dumps lately, trying to claw my way out.  Maybe if I can pour my heart out, I can reach a higher place.

As many of you know, last November I was fired from my job, for the best reason in the world, and in the words of the owner of the company, YOU HATE YOUR JOB.  Uh huh.  Because being that I live in a right to work State, he can do that.

AnyIwanttohurthimbadlylater, I have been applying for jobs since then.  It is depressing me.  

You see, in the olden days, when life was beautiful all the time, and I can see the men with the little white coat, oh wait, I was digressing there for a minute.  Back when I was in my 20's, there was a thing called, looking up a job through the newspaper, or going to the local unemployment office, selecting a job that looked good, and you would call them.  I know,  close your jaws, it's true.  They set you up an appointment right there and then.  You went to your appointment, talked with whomever was going to hire you, and then they would either hire you right on the spot, or gave you a call in a day or two and give you the good/bad news.  They also loved to see on your application that you stayed a jobs for a long time.  Heaven forbid if you had more than 2 jobs a year.  They nolikey.

Nowadays, you have to email in your resume.  Said resume shouldn't include the amount of years experience, say in my case 30 plus years (hello, can you say age discrimination).  I was actually told to put 7+ years in my experience.   

Now, if you are lucky, they won't just throw your resume into file 13.  After they narrow down how well you did on your resume, IF you are even luckier, you will be given an assessment.  In my case, in the last 10 months, I have had 2.  Yup, two whole assessments.  One I didn't even go in for.  Just had to do it all online, because you know, they don't have time to see you.  The other I went in, only to be sitting there when the next applicant came in telling the receptionist, oh I talked to so-and-so yesterday at church blah, blah, blah.  I knew right there and then my assessment was going to go the way of file 13.  Leading me to my next knowledge of, it's not what you do, it's who you do.  What?

If, and this is huge, if you do extremely well on your assessment, you might be the lucky candidate who will be called in for an interview.  How many interviews have I been called into.  Zero, Nada, Ziltch.  Which is really kind of bad for the company doing the hiring, because, I am dependable, In the last 10 years I took a total of maybe 4 sick days.  And three of them I went in to do things that had to be done, and then went home.  I am personable.  But you see, these companies will never know, because the newfangled way of hiring is all on paper.  If they like your "paper", then you get the job.  

For the record, I didn't hate my job.  I might not have liked it some days, but who likes every single minute, of every single day, at their job?   Who has the right to fire you because of that reason?  Apparently the owner, that lives in a small town, has even smaller ways then the big city guys.  But, he has a nice new house in another city, but nobody gets a raise, because they can't afford it.   Hmmm, interesting.

I need a job.  I will be the best darn employee you have ever had.  I will make you laugh, get your stuff done on time, and be there when you need a shoulder to cry on.  

I will be a decision that you will never regret.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Fracking Week Gone

How are you all doing this fine and beautiful first day of Fall (or Spring if you are in that part of the world)?  I am doing fracking wonderful.  Thanks so much for asking.
This is the spaghetti stomach acid that was churning away in my stomach during the night
This is the red stomach acid spewing into my mouth at 2:30 am, filling my mouth, making me awaken forcefully, stumbling out of my bed, running to the toilet, and spitting it out.
These are the antacids I downed after gagging to get rid of the acid.
Any Fracking Questions???????

Not to mention, I just sliced my fracken finger trying to open a box of brownie mix.

How was your week?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Spy - Space

How many of your remember Lost In Space.  The TV show, not the new fangled movie.
I remember playing on the playground, climbing on top of the hand over hand bars, and we would play Lost In Space.  I'm thinking even my co-host Miss Mad Mind herself, might just remember this show.  Man, kids these day, just don't know what they are missing.
Why do I bring this up.  Because our prompt this week is SPACE, oh and YOUR CHOICE.  Now, remember, think outside of the box.  You don't have to be flying around earth in the space shuttle to get photo's of this weeks prompt.  
This is a photo taken from the top of the mountain that holds
 Kennecott Copper Mine.   I love how you can see into space but also see down into the valley.

This is a close up of looking into the mine from the top.  If you look really close you can see all the dump trucks on the dirt road.  Why did I include this photo?  Because this can be seen from the space shuttles as they zoom by.   It is that huge and deep.

This is my space.  After watching the news, I will sit in this chair in my office and read or play games on my Ipad, until I just can't keep my eyes open any more.  Space, thinking outside the box.


This is kind of sticking with the space theme.  I am giving a baby shower for my daughter-in-law on Saturday.  It is a robot themed party.  His room is decorated in robot.  I was trying to find anything that was related to robots and look what I found,
the cutest freaking little robot rubber duckies.  They will be swimming around in the punch bowl.  

Now come on, link on up.  Pretty please.  

Next Weeks Prompt
Paint 9/27/12
Your Choice

Monday, September 17, 2012

Duh.....What Should We Do For Our Date?

On Saturday afternoon, the Walmart that I shop at had a hazmat situation.
A 20 year old boyfriend and girlfriend were bored.  I kind of imagine their conversation went something like this.  

"Hey Thelma Lou, what should we do tonight"
"Oh I don't know Cletus, I have some pepper spray in my purse, lets go to Walmart and spray it"
"Golly gee Thelma Lou, that sounds like a rip roaring good time".

And so they did.  You can read the story here.  Unless you don't want to, then I will give you my own spin on it.

Stupid dumb asses went in, started walking between the food and clothing aisles, spraying said pepper spray.  All of the sudden, people were coughing and gagging.  They evacuated the store.  Over 80 people were treated, got to try out the cool Hazmat shower you off system, and were released.  All but 2 people that ended up in the hospital for an over night visit.

Being that they are not so smart on the brain scale, they didn't realize that Walmart has a pretty good security system.  Camera's all over the store.  And in the parking lot.  They got a rather good photo of them.
Too bad, so sad for them, Cletus's, in the cowboy hat, parents were watching the news that night.  Being the responsible souls that they are, they called the police.  Oh yes, they were at home with his folks when the police showed up.  "But occifers, we were just bored, we just did it as a joke"  

Guess they weren't laughing  on the way to jail that night.
Cletus is charged with one count of second degree felony terroristic threats and causing a catastrophe, three counts of third degree felony aggravated assault, 81 counts of class B misdemeanor assault and one count of third degree felony obstructing justice. He’s in the Salt Lake County Jail on $75,000 bail.
Thelma Lou  is charged with one count each of class B misdemeanor assault and third degree felony obstructing justice. She is out of the Salt Lake County Jail on pre-trial release.
I just have one question for them.
Was it worth it?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh My......Frackin Dream

Ok, ok, so I didn't post a What the Frack last week.  I'm sorry.  I was under the weather.  Yeah, that sounds like a good excuse.  Naaaa, I can't lie to you.  I just didn't have anything for ya.  Remember, I've been in blah blah land for a while.  But today my dear sweet friends, you are in for a treat.

Some of my dreams are F.R.E.A.K.Y....
The other day I was texting away to my friend and mentioned that I really needed to shave my legs.  Apparently, my subconscious had a problem resolving this issue.  That night I dreamed that instead of hair growing on my legs, I had pieces of grass, as in the picture below,  growing in places on my legs.  I'll give you a second to go throw up.
Anygrosshair, the razor was not working on getting them off of my legs, so I asked Mr. Dazee if he would cut them off.  He tried cutting them with scissors, but they wouldn't cut.  He finally had to just pull them out, one by one.  Some came out short.  Some of them he was pulling out like the hankies that a magician pulls out of his sleeve, you know where there is no end in sight of the hankies.  But by far the grossest one he pulled out looked like....
Bread.  Rolled up in like a tootsie roll shape, and was kind of mushy, like there was milk in it.  And it was a good quarter size around.   What in the fracken heck.  What was my brain trying to resolve with that one?

Of course, in the flavor of all things weird that happen when Dazee's around, look at what was in front of the automatic door on my way out of the Smiths Grocery Story last Sunday
Why of course I had to stop and take a picture.  This is the very reason my camera goes everywhere I go.  Well that and I'm really hoping to catch a Walmart person at Walmart someday.   I'm thinking the really good thing is that it wasn't a used tampon.  SORRY, SORRY.  It had to be fracking said.  

Now, on to a much needed diversion.  The other day I mentioned a few blogs that I read.  YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK OUT THE NEWEST ONE I FOUND!  It's a hoot.  
It's called


I bet you can't fracking figure out what its all about.  

So, what's your week been like?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Spy - Sweet

Did you know that today is my co-host in crime, Miss Christy and her Mad Mind's, birthday?  You didn't, well surprise her and bop on over and give her some birthday loving.  I know, how SWEET am I to even bring that up.  

I am sure without a shadow of a doubt that you all have some kind of SWEET photos to show off today.  You also have that one special show off that is YOUR CHOICE.  Get those camera's out and going crazy so you can join in our fun.  Let your hair down, I triple dog dare you.  


Hold on one sec, I'm having a F.O.  just by looking at this photo.  

I went to Hobby Lobby today whilst shopping with my daughter and just look what I saw.  A red keyboard, mouse and tape holder.  And they are covered in rhinestones.  How freaking sweet is that!!!
Honestly, if they would have had one in purple I would have been all over that.  Believe me, I would have been sweet-talking Mr. Dazee's ear off, when I turned over the charge card receipt.  He's probably glad they didn't.


In sticking with the sweet category, here is a photo I took a few years ago of my grandkids.  And only one more month till Grayson joins us.  Can.....Not.......Wait

Now listen up, show us what you got.  We are counting on you, and holding our breath.  Yeah, you don't want that hanging over your heads, do you?


Next Weeks Prompts
Space 9/20/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Paint 9/27/12
Look Up 10/4/12

Now, show us what you got

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh The Places I Go.....The People I Read

You know, I have been such a bad blogger lately.  I haven't written much, I don't get to reading all the people I follow in a timely matter.  But I promise, I'm going to start doing better.  That is my September resolution.  

I'm going to let you know of a few bloggers that I love to go visit.  If you go check them out, you will not be sorry.  They will crack you up, or having you saying, "aaaahhhh", and have you waiting anxiously for their next post.  

Lets start with a little blog known as 
Let me tell you, this woman has had quite the life.  It hasn't been a bed of roses at all.  But she holds her head high, and tries to make the world a better place.  She lets us know that there is always sunshine, we just need to see it in all things.  She is a must read.

Next we have 
Oh my gosh.  I found this blog because one of my favorite bloggers had her do a guest post on his blog.  (Thanks Mark).  Can I just say, she is so freaking funny.  Her humor will have you laughing till your stomach hurts.  Go check her out.

Now I introduce you to
I love her.  She took the words from a little ditty I did on a post and sang it on her blog.  Now if that doesn't show blogger love right there, I don't know what does.  Her and her military husband live in the United States, but most of her family is in Europe.  She is off the wall, and quirky and isn't afraid to show it.  She could use some more followers, because we all know, we want to be loved.  

K.  You have your assignment for the day.   And my promise to you, more blog posts, because I know you are just dying to read more of me.  Ok, maybe not, but I can hope. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Spy - Buttons

Do you remember being a kid and playing "button, button, whose got the button"?  Show of hands.  Aaahhh, the memories of an oldsters childhood.  Speaking of BUTTONS, that is our prompt for this weeks show offs.  The other being YOUR CHOICE.  
Please join my friend with the Mad Mind, Christy and myself in showing off what you got.  I know you all have some kind of buttons.  Don't you try to fool me with the old "but, I didn't know what I could take a picture of".  I'm sure you heard my whiny voice in there too, didn't you.

There are all sorts of buttons.
Here is the ones we usually think of. 

Next we have the buttons on our phones.  (yes its purple)

How about the buttons on the steering wheel of my car


There is a place that lets you store your boat close to where I live.  My daughter-in-law pointed it out to me.  I had to snap a photo.  Just so you know, the car was moving and I was shooting.  (and no, I wasn't driving, gosh)
The name of the boat is

Speaking of my daugther in law.  I went to a baby shower the other day for my niece.  At the shower there were 4 pregnant girls.  There are five babies on the way.
That means you have to suffer through enjoy another MY CHOICE photo.
Left to Right
Daughter in Law, due in October, boy
Niece, due in February, girl
Niece, due this month, boy
Niece, due in November, twin girls

Yeah, there's something in the water.....

Next Weeks Prompts
Sweet 9/13/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Space 9/20/12
Paint 9/27/12
Look Up 10/4/12

Now show us what you got!!!!