Friday, June 29, 2012

Really? You Fracking Did That?

Have you ever witnessed something so stupid that you just want to cause a scene and yell at stupid people?  No?  OK, maybe its just me.

The other day while my cousin and I were out to dinner, a young family came in.  Mom, dad, girl about 6, boy about 4.  They were seated kitty-corner by us.  I, being the lucky one, was able to see the coming and going to the restroom
I was eating and talking, because, well, I can multitask, and see the little boy go off to the restroom BY HIMSELF.  WTH!!!  Do these dumb parents not know that there can be trouble in the restrooms!!!  Oh, they will say, "I didn't see a scary looking person go in".
Really, maybe he/she is already in there.  Waiting.   Besides of which, some of these freaks, Jerry Sandusky, don't look all that scary.   Get some fracking brains and take your young child to the restroom.  PLEASE.

Dear Person That Is Interrupting The Person I Am Having A Phone Call With
We are on the phone.  We are in the middle of a conversation.  You do not own the world or the people in it.  Take your insecurity and get out of the room.  I'm getting mighty tired of you interrupting the conversation I am having with your wife.  Apparently you were raised by inconsiderate monkeys.  Once or twice doing this is ok.  Maybe it's an emergency.  BUT EVERY FRACKING TIME I'M ON THE PHONE WITH HER, is starting to look like a well planned control tactic.  I don't like you.

Have some things that are bothering you?  Grab the little button and have at it.  Inquiring minds want to hear about them.


  1. I too wish that I could make a scene when stupidity assails my eyes and/or ears. Ugh, but I'd probably get sued, or blogged about in an unsavory manner. (^_^)

    I've asked to hand to phone to the person interrupting before and talk to them for a little bit as nicely as I could muster. Maybe remind them that it's rude in mature society to interrupt a conversation.

    1. Oh and while Jex and I were driving I saw this and really wanted to share it with you.


  3. The phone thing my kids will do it every time.. literally never have a word to do with me till I have phone in hand.. yeah.. hate that. I would have said that to the parents period.. told them what danger they put their child in ..

  4. I saw something in a bathroom that made me want to scream; a woman had her toddler son straddling the sink in the ladies room at Target, peeing in it!


  5. Those kids should not b going to the bathroom by themselves! And I know who you're talking about!

  6. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't let a kid so young go off by himself....

  7. The bathroom situation is scary - not cool. Hey, I've been worried about you. Did your power come back on? Are you safe from the fires?

  8. Or the kid could be emptying all the liquid soap into the sinks and turning on the water and causing a super soapy, wet mess on the floor!

    No, wait, that was my kid, when he was seven. You'd think he'd have known better (and he did)...brat.

    The Mister and I went to lunch where a lady was talking to her lunch companion SO LOUDLY I couldn't even hear what The Mister was saying to me across the table. Geesh lady, get a muffler on that mouth.

  9. A union steward.

    The dumbass has been effectively undermining my ability to do my job and has attempted to do my job for me. Also has been doing selective bullying by cc'ing the union rep (higher up the food chain) whenever she talks to me via the e-mail.

    Soon the table will turn as I've made a complaint against her, and more will surely pop down the road.