Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Spy - Eye Candy

Another day, another employment rejection letter.  Don't these places know what they are missing out on.  I guess not.  Losers.
One thing that is always going to be a constant is Christy's Mad Mind and my crazy one, doing our little I Spy photo challenge.  This week the prompts are EYE CANDY and YOUR CHOICE.  Get those photo's linked up.  I want to see what you think Eye Candy is.  
Once upon a time, when I was "hating" my job, I was the candy supplier.  See what they are missing out on.  

Feast your eyes on my very first attempt at monkey bread.  Must.....make.....soon..... 

We all know that I love shoes, they just don't love me.  Besides, I don't want people laughing their heads off watching me walk around in anything that has a heel.  Yikes.  I took a little trip to Kohls,  wandered over to their shoe department and got my fix for Eye Candy Shoes.

Oh, my......

Dear Weight Genie, I want to be a size 6 and be able to wear these shoes.   Do you hear that?  She's over in the corner laughing hysterically.

What can I say about these.  They kind of make me want to hurt someone. 
Mr. Eye Candy Himself.......Mr. Dazee.   After 35 years of being together, this man still makes my heart all twitterpated.  I was at the Park that is by our house the other day for a family party.  We can see our house from the park.  I was talking to my sisters and he came outside to, make my heart go pitter-patter,  do something in the yard, and I said to them, oh my, that man, he makes my heart and soul so happy.  Yeah, I'm a goonball, but I love that man of mine.  (I know you just heard that line in Beetlejuice)

Ok, calming down.  

You so thought I was going to put a picture of Shemar, didn't you.  Fooled you!

Next Weeks Prompts
Favorite Food 8/9/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Plants 8/16/12
Water 8/23/12
Heat 8/30/12


  1. I love the hooker heels! You know there is a girl in me somewhere. She just hides a lot.

    And I am happy you have Mr. Dazee. Awesome photo!

  2. I've never made monkey bread; you should post your recipe!

  3. I'm torn between those first pair of shoes and Mr. Dazee. Let me know when you dump him for Shemar. That's when I'll make my move!

  4. I'll go with the Candy, that's the safe option. Mind you that's why I'm about a stone over weight.

  5. TOTALLY saw Shemar making an appearance. Imagine my surprise when I see the wonderful Mr. Dazee. I think it is awesome he still makes you feel that way..LOVE the shoes but like you could never wear them. Ever.

  6. When I saw eye candy I was expecting to see you know who here.

    Still Mr. Dazee is a hottie too.

  7. I've missed your shoe posts. :) I think it's awesome that you feel twitterpated over your husband. Good for you guys!!