Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Spy - Wish

Time once again for the ever popular I Spy with Christy's Mad Mind and my crazy one.  Every week we beg for people to follow along.  Some of you are very loyal and we love you for it.  It is such a fun way to show off the photo's that you take.  We are just asking you to show off what you take pictures of.  It is so easy.  Our rules are even easier.  We give you 2 whole prompts.  One of them is always the same, YOUR CHOICE.  The other one changes weekly with this weeks being WISH.  Don't boggle down your brain with "what the heck am I going to do".  Boggle it with, "this is going to be a great interpretation of the prompt".  
Are you ready to see my interpretations?  Well, hopefully you are, because, ummmm, you are here and stuff.  :)

My first and second photo's are my wish that I could design and decorate cakes like my daughter.  She sure didn't take this skill from me, because I never had it.  
Makes you want a piece of cake and for you milk lovers like me, a huge ole glass of milk on ice (well, maybe minus the ice if you are a wuss)

I wish that I could draw more than a bath.  My sister actually painted this on the wall where she works.  I love how she put the night light as the light on the lighthouse.  Yeah, I wish I had a talent.


Yesterday I caught this buck in my neighbors yard, using his antlers to dig the plant out of the snow.  I know, I'm usually complaining about them, but I was at least happy it was happening at their house and not ours.  

Ok, your turn.  Can't wait to see what you've got.

Next Weeks Prompts
Music 11/22/12
Your Choice

Future Prompts
Family Event 11/29/12
Ridiculous 12/6/12
Tracks 12/13/12
Historic 12/20/12


  1. I am lucky if the cake batter actually makes it to the pan to bake! I always want a taste which turns into a full on stomach ache. So, if it has frosting on it after actually making it to that step, you are lucky.
    Beautiful cakes.
    And that lighthouse sign is gorgeous! I used to be crafty, but then I had three kids. They don't let me craft. I can't even claim a crayon because they hoard them for themselves.

  2. I want your beautiful backyard. It's a wonderland.

  3. Wow you have snow! Your daughter is very talented, but I'm sure you are just as talented in different ways.

    Okay I have no ideas for Wish yet, I better give it some thought!

  4. Those cakes are awesome! Tell her I said so.

  5. love those cakes, I bet the kids did too... so bright & cheery & they look yummy! The art is great & so creative that she used the nightlight to her advange to sort of bring it to life. Love that... I'm drawn to art of all types! I always say those that can't do just love to view:-) Of course I'm also loving the deer pic cause it's nature and I have a soft spot for that also, plus I think it would have been fun to watch him digging away!

  6. Oh wow, those cakes are awesome!! She does an amazing job!! And that painting is awesome too!!