Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh Dear....We Done Did It Again

Yesterday, was election day.  Lucky for you, this post isn't about that.  My partner in crime  cwauson, April, was in town over the weekend to attend a funeral.  We all know what that means.  Keep your kids inside, because we are out and about.

First of all, I had an early morning doctors appointment.  Early as in 7:40 am.  I know right. How many of your doctors are in that early?  I invited April to go with me since, my doctor rocks, and it would give us more time together.  (method to my madness)

It's a good thing she was with me.  After Mary, the coolest nurse ever, took my blood pressure, she told me to sign this paper, and she would be back to SHOOT ME.  What the?  I turned to April and asked if she just heard my life threatened.   I wanted a picture of the villain, but she wouldn't let me take a picture with her face.  She must be related to me or something.  Oh well, I have the hands.  The horrible, mean hands that held the weapon. 
Ok, she was just going to give me my flu shot, but that didn't sound as cool

After the fun and exciting quarterly appointment, we sped on over to the restaurant that my sister Kathy works at.  We were going to meet Amber, coolest cutter of hair ever, (I hang out with a bunch of cool people, get over it), for breakfast.
From left to right, Sister Kathy, (no, she's not a nun, ummm, nevermind), next to her is Amber.  Across from her is Dazee, with her gratuitous cleavage shot, you're welcome, and then April.   My sister is so nice.  She is an assistant manager, so she takes people's money.  A lot of her customers adore her.  At the table behind April and I was one such customer.  Since he can never do anything for my sister, he bought our breakfast.  Can you believe it.  What a freaking nice guy.  

After breakfast, April and I went on our pilgrimage to Pier One.  Oh we love that place.   Every time we are together we get us a new coffee cup.  Amber is part of our "sassy group", so we picked one up for her too.  These are the ones we got this time around.  
I know, you are shocked, a cup with a purple butterfly on it.  squeeeee

Here is one of the cute aprons they are selling there right now.  Love
Don't worry.  On another post will be all the cool salt and pepper shakers and other neat things we found this time around.  

We stopped in to give Amber her cup, and afterwards, we stopped to get us a Carmel Frappe, and took it to Beyond Glaze, the awesome gourmet doughnut shop, and had a little treat.  On the left is her peanut butter chocolate donut, and mine is the carmel apple.   Num-O-La

And as always, we had to do our favorite scene from the movie Bridesmaids, "I don't need dental work", "you are so beautiful", "will you marry me". 
She's such a sport

Now, for your viewing pleasure, we made another video.  A big shout out to Amber, for doing the camera work.


  1. Very funny.

    Oh...and you can never have enough gratuitous clevage shots!


  2. very funny thank you for the laugh, sorry for the loss of your (friend, fmaily)

    glad you all had a great time

  3. Ha ha you two are totally nuts!! You didn't mention that you have your hand on April's butt in the restaurant shot. Not that I notice that kind of thing of course.

  4. LMAO! Double the hilarious in this blog!

  5. HAHA sounds like lots of fun.. oh and that frappe and those doughnuts.. come on now Im trying to lose more weight thats depressing me LOL

  6. My boobs are jealous. They miss having cleavage. Of course now I am running out to get me a doughnut so my ass can have better cleavage.

    Glad you had a good time hon!

  7. I'm still laughing! I want to hang out with her too! Oh yeah, and you. :) She's the one who should be named Crazy. She's nuts! I love it!

  8. I am telling you if I were to join the group we would be arrested period.. but we would have sore sides from laughing so hard

  9. Lol. You guys are hilarious when you're together!!