Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Spy - Pole(s)

Are you ready to join in the I Spy movement?  What?  I.....can', oh there you are.  Lets get our groove on with my awesome co-host Christy with the Maddest of Minds and show what you've got in the way of POLE(S) and SOMETHING OF YOUR CHOICE.   Do it....till your satisfied.....take photo's....  
There are all sorts of poles around.  Sorry, I don't have a stripper pole.  But ummm, if you do, you should link on up.  That would be so freaking cool.   All of my Pole photo's were taken without even having to leave my house.  
You have the poles that hold up the swing set.

This pole is running between the satellite dish and the receivers.  

The street light pole on our property

Power poles across the way

Off the wall pole.  This is a pole that Mr. Dazee made up, that has "keep away the deer mesh, attached to it.  Those little dots you see are actually running from the pole, to the side of the house.  We had to save some of the flowers from being eaten by Bambi and his clan


I am thankful that I live in a State that has beautiful mountains.   They are so huge and majestic.  

Show us what you've got

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  1. well damn...I was hoping to see a stripper pole. with a hot guy. you know you have one, you just refuse to show it. LOL

  2. Why can't we have cool light poles like that? And I love those mountains! Great shots this week! As per usual.

  3. Oh my.... the stripper's pole was totally gonna be my shot for my blog but, as I mentioned in mine, I didn't make it there to get that photo! It would have been so cool but alas... other poles instead. I like your fancy light pole, the ones I found weren't quite as nice & those mountains... beautiful!

  4. Were I playing this on my naughty blog there are a few 'poles' I could place over there bwhahahaah.. Love the mountains gorgeous. I also like your street light. My driveway end is so far down the road we have reflectors lol.. no lights

  5. Isn't it interesting how we all thought of stripper pole's first? :D Of course if I had a crib like Akon's, I'd have a stripper pole in my bedroom, instead all I have are some poles to hang up my clothes. Oh I could have done that as an idea! Damn!

  6. Ahhhh...nice poles...not naughty poles!

  7. Nice deer netting. :) How's that working out?