Monday, November 5, 2012

And The Answers Are.................

Oh My Gosh, look at how young Betty White was once upon a time.  She was so excited when I asked her to sing a little ditty for my post today.  She was beyond herself with excitement.  But, at one point in the song she calls me FREE AND EASY.  What the?  I am neither free or easy.  Just ask my friends.

Let take these true and false questions that you all, ok, some of you brave souls guessed and I will answer them one by one.

My Favorite Soda Is Pepsi
5 of you said True
5 of you said False
The answer is

I will drink pepsi IF it is the only thing the restaurant serves, but not without moaning about it to them.  My favorite drink is......drum roll please
And yes, I have emailed MickeyDee's about them needing to have it as one of their options of drink, because, well, I'm cool like that.

I Just Got A New Tattoo
6 of you said true
2 of you said false
The answer is

I had baby G's butterfly added to my grandchildren garden.  I also had Amanda, my cool and awesome artist, add my grandkids initials because they are always asking me "which one is me again grammie".  I love those kids

I Am Afraid Of Heights
4 of you said true
1 of you said false
The answer is

I am extremely afraid of heights, but not if there is a safety cage or something.  My heart starts pounding and I hyperventilate.  Now, I can fly in planes, no problem, I'm enclosed.  Stand me on the edge of the Grand Canyon, have the paramedics on standby

TIME OUT:  Were some of you afraid to guess some of these.  I only ask because of the how many answered each individual question.  Moving on.

I Once Had The Police Looking For Me
5 of you said true
0 of you said false
The answer is

I was in a baton twirling group as a kid.  We would march in parades in the summertime.  I never got told where my parents were going to pick me up one time, so I ended up lost.  I wrote about it a long time ago, which you can read here.  Scary times. 

I Am Extremely Quiet
2 of you said true
4 of you said false
The answer is

Bwaaa-haaaa-haaaaa.  I am so the opposite of quiet.  If it is too quiet in a room, I will start joking around, because I can't stand it.  Or, I'm afraid that they are sitting there thinking I'm a dork and I have to do something.  I can be very quiet if I want to prove a point, of which my 11th grade math teacher found out.  Oh yeah, good times.

I've Never Been On A Train
3 of you said true
3 of you said false
The answer is

I went to Elementary School in Colorado Springs.  We had some cool field trips.  But when you got to the 6th grade, oh boy.  The BEST EVER FIELD TRIPS were that year.  You looked forward to being in 6th grade just for that.  One time we went to the US Mint in Denver.  I will never ever forget that.  But the field trip that was by far the best, we got to ride a REAL LIVE TRAIN from Colorado Springs to Pueblo.   I would love to take another trip someday on a train.  Maybe through wine country in California.

There you go.  All in all, you did good.  I'm a little bit sad that I didn't have very many people play along.  But then, someday, when I'm extremely rich and famous, those of you that did answer will be able to say, 
I knew her when.....


  1. YES! I think I got all of them right! We must be long lost sisters. You quiet? BUAHAHAH that was an easy one.

    1. Yea amy.. and the one about pepsi.. lol.. yea right.. She's coked up most the time! Buahhahahaha

  2. I got to the middle and couldn't answer them all, I got some right and some wrong. :D

    Nice tat!

  3. Um, I can't remember what I said for the Pepsi/Coke one but I'm thinking I may have been almost all right:-) It was fun, I like that you included the little stories too for each.

  4. Too bad I missed this, I would have passed with flying colors. :)