Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Spy - Family Event

Ready for this weeks picture montage.  I know you have been waiting with bated breath for mine.  Please join in with Christy Mad Mind and Your's Truly photo challenge.  I know that a lot of you had family gatherings in the past week.  There were mega picture taking opportunities.  Show them off.  I triple dog dare you.......
This weeks prompts are FAMILY EVENT and YOUR CHOICE.   Easy, easy, easy.  

This was last Christmas's sibling get together.  Didn't I hide myself well.  But of course.
Last years 2011 Thanksgiving Dinner.  One of those, I'm sneaking a shot so they won't get mad at me kind.  Last year was our year that the kids didn't go to their spouses festivities.
Last year we took some of the grandkids to Thanksgiving Point to see their light show and see Santa's Reindeer.  It was a fun night.
The BFF's.  So cute.
I considered this a family event.  Usually we just see the doe's and their fawns.  Looks like daddy was in on the search.  (I think he was just trying to get on the good side of the doe's if you know what I mean, wink, wink)
This week instead of a photo, I'm going to show you a video I made last weekend of Miss O.  When her and her dad came over, she was "not herself".  She came in CHARACTER.  Of which her dad said she had been in all day.  

Make sure you turn the sound up on your computer.  She talks a smidge on the quiet side.

Next Weeks Prompts
Ridiculous 12/6/12
Your Choice
Future Prompts
Tracks 12/13/12
Historic 12/20/12
Tradition 12/27/12
Vessel 1/3/13


  1. 2 dinners one here and one at my nephews. tons of pics, many of which i later got cussed for bwhahaahh..I am ready to go to Southern lights. While i am not fond of the lights themselves I do love the petting zoo and the inside museum that is always decorated so beautifully

  2. Sorry I didn't join in this week but as we poor Brits don't celebrate Thanksgiving, there was no family event. No party, no food, no nothing!

    Miss O is damn cute!!

  3. Your family pictures crack me up. And Miss O is so adorable!!